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How hackers can hijack your WhatsApp account

In this article we know how hackers can hijack your WhatsApp account,

Facebook’s WhatsApp is already facing hassle over the entire pretend news issue. it’s conjointly unrolled some options to tackle the matter. however the moment courier currently looks to be facing another downside if a nation-wide security alert is to be believed.

Israel has reportedly issued the alert authored by Israel National Cyber Security Authority, mentioning that users of a replacement approach through that their WhatsApp accounts is hacked.

It has been explained that the new hacking system comes once victimisation the mobile service suppliers. The hack, as mentioned by ZD internet, targets people who have voicemail accounts.

they’re counseled to alter the positive identification of the service, a majority of that area unit aforesaid to be either 1234 or 0000. victimisation the flaw, the hacker will hijack your WhatsApp account by adding your variety to a replacement WhatsApp account on a unique smartphone.


How will it work?

As a security protocol, WhatsApp can send a security SMS code to the given telephone variety for authentication. however this layer is skipped if the user isn’t close to the smartphone, claims Bar-Zik, associate degree Israeli net developer.

It is aforesaid that when many unsuccessful makes an attempt to induce the SMS code, WhatsApp lets users verify the account employing a ‘voice verification’. For this, WhatsApp can invoke the user’s variety and speak the one-time code aloud.


If the user isn’t close to the telephone to attend the decision, the decision with the code goes to the voicemail account. to induce the code, the hacker would merely have to enter the proper PIN and obtain going. this can let the hacker use your WhatsApp account victimization your own variety with none permissions.


The hacker also can stop the initial user from obtaining back the account by sanctioning ballroom dancing verification.

What’s the solution?

Fortunately, the authority has additionally mentioned a pair of how that may forestall hackers from playacting the on top of task. you’ll merely amendment the positive identification of the voicemail account to one thing additional advanced.


The second answer is to modify ballroom dance verification system to create the account further secure.

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