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Nostalgic Look Back on Classic PC Games in One Epic Video

It is interesting to see how computer games have evolved in just a few years’ time. Go back to the early days of the CD-ROMs and how excited you were to punch the disk inside the hard drive and play the hell out of a mini game you chose from a shop. Simpler days as the grown-ups would say.

Today, you still browse for games, but you no longer do it in a brick-and-mortar shop. Instead you log online and peruse through hordes and hordes of options. Downloads are the thing of today and probably for years to come.

The development of computer games was not overnight, and the path it took hasn’t exactly been linear. Concomitant to its rise were browser games. Flash and Java games increased in popularity because of accessibility to the internet. When broadband superseded dial-up connections, this upward trend even grew stronger.

From PCs and gaming laptops come the age of the smartphone. Take mobile phone technology and the power of the internet, and you carve a new space for browser games to inhibit. This evolution of PC games reflects a greater shift in the tech and entertainment industry.

Take Spotify or Netflix for example. They have made it possible to browse an expansive catalog of music and shows in one platform. Traditional PC games are also adapting in order to keep up with the times. While there are new games, a lot of the old ones are also making a comeback, but in a slightly different form.

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