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The Best iPhone Apps Updated for iOS 13

iOS 13 comes with awesome new features that developers will want to jump on. First, there’s the system-wide dark mode, Sign in With Apple, voice control and more. Here are some of the best apps updated to support these new features in iOS 13.

The Best Apps Updated for iOS 13

Most apps featured here work with iOS 13’s new system-wide dark mode. You’ll find a setting in the app that will enable the automatic dark mode. When enabled, the app will automatically switch to dark mode when you enable the system-wide dark mode in iOS 13. Thankfully, most apps also offer an override switch. So you can always keep an app in dark mode, no matter if the iOS 13 dark mode is enabled or not (Twitter is a great example of this).

Entertainment Apps

  • Shazam: New dark mode.
  • Pandora: New dark mode and Siri integration.
  • Soor music player: Pure black theme, with system dark mode support.

Health & Fitness





Social Media




Your favorite iOS 13 Apps?


What are some of your favorite apps that have been updated for iOS 13 to support the system-wide dark mode and more? Share with us in the comments below.

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