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The Future of Innovation in Mobile Technology

The mobile movement has been quite recent in the world and the change has been gradual. From cell phones only good for the purpose of basic communication to smart phones and then smart phones that incorporate AI technology. Mobile App Designs technology has propagated so deep into the way we think and perform our daily tasks that it becomes safe to say that we cannot even imagine a world where there were no mobile phones.

Since the advent of smart phones change has not been drastic but incremental there are new tools and applications coming out every year with an added feature or technology that works better than the preceding versions. With more than 1billion cell phone users worldwide everything is connected and reaching out has never been more easy then it is now.

Businesses today are extracting the most out of the mixture of AI and certain tools that help automate entire production processes, they can even handle online consumer support and financial transactions with little to no human resource involved. But no journey is smooth, mobile technology researchers are always on their toes to make this compact technology come in even more compact versions and incorporate complex machine learning algorithms to bring fast information processing and decision making power to the palm of your hand. Here are a few innovative we can expect that can take mobile technology to even more heights.

Battery Life and Wireless Charging

When a person spends so much to get the best mobile out there, charging it again and again in the same day becomes a hassle. It is no secret that mobile batteries die really fast but researchers are now looking into ways in which a mobile through software or hardware optimization can get the audience the most effective battery life experience.

Researchers today are working on new electrolytes solutions that can power cellphones for longer periods of time and which actually reduce charging cycles. There are now smart phones coming out with the option of wireless charging but this technology has not propagated far enough. This technology works on electromagnetic induction by using the wireless signals present all around us. So imagine a future in which cellphones are simultaneously charging and discharging at the same time. In other words we can see that people would be free of conventional charging methods.

Robust Body Material

You drop your valet or your keys that’s all fine but if you drop your cellphone it’s a different story. Now big mobile companies are working on a material called “graphene” it is said that this material is 300 times stronger than stainless steel. In the future we can see cellphone that would be truly unbreakable and survive in rough conditions.

Screens in the near future will also get upgrades, cellphone companies are now working on screens made out of sapphire. This material can easily protect screen sensors can makes the cellphone lighter in weight. With the advent of Gorilla Glass 3 mobiles even now have gotten stronger screen wise but this can also go to another level in the near future.


Although they might be expensive but foldable technology is definitely coming in the near future. So we are talking about phones that can be spread to create tab like experiences but can be folded to be carried with ease. It is no secret that this technology is being looked into by huge mobile corporations.

There is also hype about stretchable screes instead of going foldable, phones will be incorporating two corners that can stretch like a rubber band in order to increase screen size when watching videos. Although however the screen is manipulated, this technology will give the ability to have multiple viewing experiences through one device only.

Psychological Artificial Intelligence

The employment of AI with mobile technology is not something new but the scope at which AI can go still cannot be ascertained and it is rising every year. Now researchers are working on giving mobile phones the ability to assess the user’s psychological profile by reading every action the user takes through a mobile and come up with experiences that suite the psyche of the user.

It’s like imagining Siri playing the role of a friend who guides you through your daily tasks and chores. This concept though relatively new is already been incorporated by marketing teams when the needs is to place products in a way that it suites the psyche of a consumer.

5G Capabilities

All of the big mobile companies have announced that they are working on the release of 5G phones, it is clear that 5G technology is its final stages of development and can be announced no earlier than next year. You might be struggling to get 4G and LTE speed internet in a region where you live but getting the next best thing regarding internet is not so farfetched.

When the phones and infrastructure is ready for it, 5G with the increase of downloading and uploading speed will also enable the user to increase the capacity on the network with the minimal amount of signal losses.

Depth Sensing

With camera lens capabilities increasing every year, now phone cameras are using sensor technologies that scan the environment for better photo taking and incorporation of technologies such as Augmented Reality. Imagine playing a game that scans the entire environment and makes challenges out of the obstacles included in the environment.

Integration with Wearables

Have are already experiencing wearable AI technology which in combination with smart phones that is helpful in the industry of sports and other entertainment industries by telling about the athletic abilities a player possesses. But we can see this technology penetrating more towards the common user.

This concept is under heavy research in the fashion industry as they are designing wearable technology that can tell about the physical detail of a person like muscle tension, stress points and joint aches that can help the user always be updated with the daily bodily ware and tear.

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