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Why Is Everyone Talking About Wireless Car Charger?

There is a buzz in the market about wireless car charger issued by leading manufacturers called ‘Wireless Power Consortium’. Nowadays, every hand is over this advanced technology and the best part is newly launched car models have in-built charging pad to make your life happier.

How many of you daily struggle with wires and cables to get your phone charge? 

We guess almost every individual who depends on a wired charger for their Android and iPhone. Presently, everyone is talking of exclusive wireless car charger because of its extraordinary features such as:

Qi product

Quality speaks itself!!

Need not to climb any ladder to peep another brand. Qi sets the trend with its high-efficiency. It unveils an original wireless charger for the audience but recently, many fake chargers are secretly launched in the market. It’s important to keep a distance from duplicate chargers by looking at guidelines before purchasing a wireless charger.

  1. Identify the Qi logo over a charger
  2. Ask for manufacturers’ issued certificate

No mess of wires/cables

Who wants to mess with wires and cables when you have an urgent meeting to attend?

With wireless charging pad, you can ignore cable but it doesn’t mean cables are completely eradicated. Still, we need it to charger wireless charging pad.

Of course, while driving drop your phone on a mat and it will start charging. Another important key point you should notice is a single charging pad can work for all devices. Previously, we need to carry different wires if we were using more than one mobile phone.

 No over heating problem

The basic problem with chargers is over heating. It means you have to turn off the switch when phone battery gets charged. It is quite annoying.

Turn to wireless charging which automatically turns off when a battery is charged. Simply, there will be no over heating problem in this case and therefore, no damage!!

 No wear and tear

When there is no plugging and unplugging, it shows no wear and tear of the device.

Enjoy longer battery life to get the things in the right way without creating any trouble to you.

 What else you expect from wireless charging?

Usually, the phone battery gets charged with a wireless charger at 7.5W, 9W or even 15W. Let’s throw some light on how long it will take to fully charge the battery.

A 5W wireless charger takes 4 hours to fully charge phone battery and on another side, a wired charger performs it in 2.5 hours. The wireless chargers are available with the capability of 10W-15W and it can accomplish charging less than 4 hours.

The advancement makes your existence effortless and this charging technology does the same. Bring back the life of your phone battery when you have to capture incredible moments of your journey.

Adjustable charging mount can help you to manage any angle of your phone especially when you have to turn on GPS.

It is a convenient way to charge your phone!! 

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