Current Photography Trends and Tech

Technology is rapidly advancing and the world of photography has more than kept up. Photography is everywhere and accessible to almost everyone- amateurs and pros alike. And while not everyone has the latest professional device, it’s safe to say the majority of Americans own smartphones, each one equipped with their own camera. This widespread accessibility was a catalyst for a boom in hundreds of new kinds of composition in photography. The rise of social media has also led to new developments and trends in the composition of photographs- everything from colors to orientation. This demand has been met through the creation of hundreds of new effects that all create unique photographs.

We interviewed Brandon Foster of to get his input on the current trends in photography. “In terms of technology, photography has gone from a grounded, time-consuming process to a system so versatile that a user may take it miles above the earth, under the water and almost everywhere they go. There is no doubt that photography will continue to change through new technology and transform current trends into new ones.”

Current Photography Trends

Be Bold

  • In this modern era, bold colors have become a symbol of confidence in one’s identity. Their unapologetic loudness has recently gained traction in the social media community, replacing the muted tones that evoke quiet minimalism. Because of this movement, the symbolism of bold colors cannot be overlooked. Thus, vibrant colors can be used to attract the eye so that it demands attention in an aesthetically pleasing way and can more easily allow your message to get across to your audience.

Less is More

  • While bold colors are all the rage on social media, make no mistake- minimalism is here to stay. Although it’s not as eye catching at first glance, minimalism, when done correctly, can allow for the production of meaningful photography. Along with being a great composition choice for capturing certain subjects, minimalism can also be used successfully to show off products. Minimalism allows either the subject or the product the ability to speak for itself, which is especially valuable if it is something small or can easily be obscured.
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A Blast from the Past

  • As we reach the centennial of the Roaring 20’s, the world has seen an increase in love for all things vintage. And while retro tech has certainly made a strong appearance, retro effects have become incredibly popular on social media. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see posts using black and white or sepia filters that mimic older photography. While it can appear fake on something as modern as a smartphone, the use of these filters, when done properly using professional equipment, can elevate a photograph in quality and symbolism. The trend of using ‘vintage’ filters, or enunciating more muted tones, is one that produces photographs that translate darker themes to viewers.

All Around You

  • As the internet becomes increasingly dependent on photography, the need for 360 degree photography has risen dramatically, found especially in the home buying industry, but present in any kind of online consumerism. This type of photography, while in itself an art, is incredibly useful to buyers who want the full picture of the product they wish to purchase.

Return to Nature

  • Like the return to vintage-style photography, this trend seems to show a resistance against the hold of modern technology. Photography of natural settings has become increasingly popular, especially in the climate change movement, which wishes to share the wonders of the nature around us. Furthermore, the innovation that the world of photography has experienced in the past few years has allowed for developments that are able to showcase this beauty. Cameras that are designed to withstand harsh environments give the public a glimpse at the amazing complexities of nature. On the contrary, this movement has also allowed photographers to find the beauty in everyday nature that bystanders often don’t appreciate. This trend, perhaps onset more vigorously by movements to save the planet, has overall given more focus to nature and allowed photographers to explore the hidden beauty of nature.
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Current Photography Tech


  • As mentioned previously, smartphones are practically usurping the role of the DSLR camera, or the digital single-lens reflex camera, despite its current popularity. While smartphone cameras may not always take the perfect shot, the technology is rapidly improving and is projected to take photos with a quality rivaling even the best DSLR cameras. Furthermore, smartphones are much easier to carry around and contain tools for a vast amount of activities. Thus, it is no wonder that as their camera quality improves, smartphones may begin to render other cameras obsolete.

Polaroid Cameras

  • Along with a desire to return to the past through vintage style photography comes a demand for vintage accessories. Polaroid cameras, especially those made by FujiFilm, have taken the millennial market by storm. Though they are expensive and generally produce a lower quality photograph, their cute appearance and printing technology have made them incredibly popular.


  • Just like drones, GoPros can be used to document moments that regular cameras can’t. But while drones rely on someone to pilot them from afar, GoPros see through your eyes on a much more personal level- in a sense, you become the camera. The ingenius of the GoPros’ design is that it allows one to capture images that can’t be caught using a standard DSLR – or most other cameras either – while not being burdensome due to weight or needing proper set-up.


  • Drones may seem like something out of a dystopian future, but in reality, they’ve become a useful tool in the world of photography. While not everyone can afford to take a helicopter ride every time a perfect opportunity for photography arises, drones present a much more wallet friendly option that will pay off in the form of amazing pictures. Furthermore, as the market widens, the average price of drones has gone down drastically. The opportunity for aerial photography that drones allow makes them a trend in photography not to miss out on.
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Current trends in technology and composition show not only a desire to connect to the past, but to explore regions and sights previously uncaptured. Vintage themes, like sepia, and technology, like the polaroid, as well as a newfound rigor for connecting to nature are all current trends that show a strong loyalty to preserving culture and love for the earth. On the other hand, modern devices like GoPros and Drones and movements like minimalism and vibrancy, make it known that the era we live in today is rapidly advancing. However slowly or quickly we progress, photography will always be around to document it, no matter the trend or technology of the age.


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