How To Choose The Best Writing Topics in 4 Easy Steps

If you’ve been given a task to make an article about anything, what goes first into your mind? Is it about your daily life experiences or others’ experiences that struck you? Is it about your neighbor’s cat and the way it suspiciously looks at you while you eat? Do you first consider how many words you should write?

Choosing topics to write about is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is easy to think that you can come up with a topic, when in fact, even the brainstorming part can be overwhelming sometimes. Nonetheless, once you decide on a topic you want to write about, the rest will follow.

Before anything else, you should know that the highest priority in making an article is not solely dependent on your topic. For the effective write-up, you should also take into consideration the intent and the impact it would cause. There is nothing more effective than well-curated content. 

Now that you’re ready, here are ways on how to choose a topic to write:

1. Think of something relatable

If you want something very easy to write, then you can come up with topics that are relatable to many. These topics may be about trends around your campus, recent news in your state, everyday household problems that every family faces every day, or an online viral meme that makes everyone laugh. 

2. Think of something interesting and rare

This way of choosing a topic may require a little bit of research. If you want something that would make your readers raise their eyebrows, you might want to go online and get into the tempo in the likes of famous content writers and video bloggers. In this way, you may be able to generate an idea that is none of the others’ businesses, but it is just too interesting that it may be read. 

Topics may include featuring people whom you’ve never met but are intriguing, places that are weird to visit, reviews on a product brand that is seldom or usually bought, or anything under the sun that is not supposed to be under it.

3. Think of something that would affect your readers

This is where you will need the heart and the mind of others. Think of yourself as a reader, and ask yourself what kind of topics would you want to read. This will depend on your interests and favors but think of yourself as normative. This means that you are a citizen that has common concerns with others, and a human that has a personality like the others. 

It may sound like there are some comparisons about preferences, but this way of choosing a topic can help in the lens of the major population. Also, you might want to observe inside your campus and outside your community and find the thin line between that separation. This way, you will be able to identify which suits best in your subject.

4. Think of something that you want

If you do not like the aforementioned ways, you can always stick to your flavors. It is more genuine to write about what you love the most, and choosing a topic for yourself is the best way to give yourself more ideas – because no one has to do it for you. 

If you are into music and arts, sports, or any other aspects, weird or not, you can always write about it. Not only you get to write about yourself, but you also get to partake a piece of your life with the readers. And the more you are passionate about your writing, the more satisfaction that you will get compared to the ones who demand it.


There is just one warning that you may want to know whenever choosing a topic: keep in mind who is reading. If you are writing for yourself, that is way more than okay, but if it is a requirement, just make sure that they get to understand and interact with your content. The key is to deliver because at the end of those reading, you will be benefiting from it.

The goal of writing is to be read. So whatever it is that you have in your mind, always make sure that even you can read it properly before anyone else does. You are not doing this for them, true, but if the readers can understand your article, they will also understand you right away.


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