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How to Use Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10?

For the beginners and the professionals both, the term Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder is not a new thing. The name has become a popular option among those who want to record and save future analysis onscreen happenings. This screen recording software makes things pleasing for those who want to record and then edit the videos. Keep track of all kinds of desktop activities without any problem. Add the voice when required.

With things going online rapidly, the digital times’ dwellers find it crucial to record the screens’ information. Besides the business-related activities, the screen recording is appreciated by the gamers and academicians also. Thus, screen recording becomes a popular choice to deliver the lectures, record presentations, keep track of gaming performance, and share the video-based lectures. To customize the recordings as per the personal needs there is an option of adding effects as well.

Use Screen recording in COVID-19

The task of screen recording gained immense popularity in the times of COVID-19. With the pandemic growing quickly and the activities going online, it became essential to keep a record of all the happening. The professional recording of the onscreen lectures, webinars, calls, and even games can help the individual and the businesses alike. The word can spread to a larger audience if the recorded videos after essential editing and amendments are shared through the social media platforms.

Wondershare DemoCreator is the Best Option for Windows 10

Are you a Windows 10 user? Do you want something extraordinary to record the happenings on your platform? Start using the Wondershare DemoCreator for all that you are doing on the Windows 10. Create an impressive demo in just a few minutes, even if you are a beginner. What else would you like to have if you are getting the fantastic features along with the perfect interface in one application?

Here we have collected all the information that you might need to explore the features.

Why Use Wondershare DemoCreator?

It is a popular screen recorder for any system including windows 10. It allows you to record the activities taking place on the screen and then present it the way you want when needed. The recorded desktop activity can be transformed into something personalized by using tools like cursors or strokes. There is an option to export the videos in different formats like essential MP4, MOV, AVI, and much. The same video can be used further for burning. The voice recording option permits to add voice to the video as well.

The unique interface is much liked by the users who are new to the world of screen recording and are confused about screen recorder for Windows 10 The graphical interface has a ribbon-like appearance. The interface has all that you are looking for to edit and improve the quality of the video. Capture the desktop, adjust the mouse, control the keystrokes, add special effects, and then export the video to the platform you like, by just accessing the interface.

Features of DemoCreator Screen Recorder

The users of Windows 10 have highly praised the performance of the DemoCreator screen recorder. The unique, essential features make it worth using. The features highlight two distinct areas:

  1. Recording
  2. Editing

Recording Related Features 

  • Select and Record 

Don’t worry about the size of the screen. You can record or capture the screen as per your individual needs. It is possible to choose a portion of the screen or a complete screen whatever suits him the most. The size-related editing can be done after completing the recording.

  • The Gamers’ Choice 

If you are a gaming lover and want to record the games you are playing on screen, then DemoCreator is the right choice. With the on-screen recording, it becomes possible to record the game session and then preview it whenever you like. Choose the frame rate. Decide for the audio and the synchronization and have fun with the game recording.

  • Adding Webcam If you want to add your video to the screen recording, then just switch on the webcam. DemoCreator will help you capture the personal video with the help of the webcam. The live streaming becomes possible, and so you can give a personalized touch to any video or presentation. This is highly useful when you are using the video for some lectures or presentations. This is a perfect choice for freelance tutors. It gives real-time experience to all the students.


  • The Voice Over 


Merely recording the screen would not help the viewers. It becomes crucial to add a related voice note when it is required. In this way, you can tell the viewer what you want to show. The teachers and even the business world can benefit from doing so. A personal voice note added to the video can describe the video quite well and tells the audience what you are trying to show through the video. Use the screen recorder and give a personalized touch to the video.

Editing Related Features

Once the recording is done, but you still feel that there is room for improvement, then the Wondershare DemoCreator can add the impact that you intend. The editing tools are significant enough to make the necessary changes as per your personal requirements. The popular editing options available are as follows:

  • Annotations 

The annotation means adding critical commentary to let the audience understand what is needed. Annotations make the videos really interesting. These tools can be explored to highlight certain sections of the videos. There are dialogue boxes, shapes, animations, and lines that can be used as the annotation tools. The video maker can either add text to the shape or shape to the text. The annotation helps in making an impressive demo.


  • The Green Screen 

If you are looking for a different background to the video, then use the unique green screen option. By adding the green screen option it becomes possible to get a new background. As there are no chances of mixing the normal skin tone with the green and blue background therefore the editing becomes easier. The same impact can be used to correct the human figures as well if they are distorted or damaged.


  • Expressing with Stickers 

Creativity rests with everything. Using Emojis and stickers is a common thing. There is a collection of impressive stickers that you can use to make the video look impressive.


  • Captive Captions 

The caption templates mean value for the video. These templates can be used according to personal needs and individual video requirements. The caption templates give a professional look to the video.

Our Recommendation

DemoCreator is a great way to get the screen recorded when you need it. Record and present the videos like a pro. The Windows 10 users now have a great choice of recording anything that is coming on the screen.

Final words

DemoCreator is perfect for:

  • Presentation Recording, team cooperation, and other various settings requiring screen recording.
  • Online learning: Editing recorded videos with interactive effects makes the teaching more vivid.
  • Video tutorials for YouTubers to share their knowledge and experience online.
  • Game recording for gamers to record game experiences and highlight important moments during the play.

After evaluating the software, we can say that, due to the rich features, DemoCreator will deliver stunning performance and offer awesome video recording and editing experience to both novice and experienced users.

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