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How to view Saved WiFi Password on Android Device?

While Android has a great deal of one of a kind and helpful features, it frequently comes up short on some main function which other operating systems offer. One of them is the capacity to view the password of the saved WiFi networks on your device. It is at present impractical to view saved WiFi passwords without root access on your Android device. However, it is still great to realize that there is a workaround.

Despite the fact that there are different choices like using your laptop or directly reaching the dependable individuals to ask the password, using your Android phone to view saved WiFi passwords is probably the simplest way.

In this article we can learn 4 method for How to view Saved WiFi Password on Android Device?

1.ES File Explorer (No Root Required)

2.File Explorer App (Root Only)

3.Password Recovery App

4. Laptop and ADB Tools

Method 1 : ES File Explorer (No Root Required)

ES File Explorer gives the user privileged access to the system files. The app also comes with a lot of other useful features like taking backups and restoring your apps. It is also being able to restore your deleted files.

This method doesn’t require root access but, unfortunately, it is not guaranteed to work on all devices. You can still give it a try if you want, by following the below steps.



Open ES File Explorer app. Drag the left navigation bar and select the Local storage option. Now, click on Device from the drop-down list. Navigate to System->etc->WiFi and open wpa_supplicant.conf file. If the file manager app asks you how to open the selected configuration file, select the built-in HTML or the text file viewer. Once you open the file, you will be able to view all the passwords of the connected WiFi networks using your Android phone.

Method 2: File Explorer App (Root Only)

The steps are a little different if you have root access. With root access, the steps can be more easy and reliable. The simplest and the most straightforward way to view the saved WiFi passwords on the rooted Android device is to use, again, the ES File Explorer. This is because, unlike the default file manager app that might come with your phone, it allows you to view system level files if it has the superuser access to rooted devices.

Follow the below instructions to view your saved WiFi network passwords. Open the ES File Explorer app on your rooted Android device and navigate to the root folder. Now, from the root folder, go to data > misc > WiFi location. Inside the WiFi folder, search and open the same file that we mentioned before – wpa_supplicant.conf.

Navigate to the network section. By using the SSID of your WiFi network, you can find the corresponding WiFi password under the psk section which is the pre-shared key of each WiFi network you have connected to.

ssid=”WiFi Network Name”

This format of the file will be almost like above and you can grab the network password from the same spot, that we mentioned above.

Method 3: Password Recovery App

Even though the above method is easy and straightforward, it does involve some additional steps to find the right file and interpreting the password. If you want to view saved WiFi passwords directly without having to do anything, then using a password recovery app might be the ideal choice.

There are a lot of password recovery apps available for free on Google Play Store and most of them works as expected. Just for the demonstration purpose, we are using WiFi Passwords Recovery Pro app for this tutorial.


Download and install the app. Now, open the app and then grant superuser permission to function properly. The app will list all the WiFi networks you have connected with your device along with their security protocols. You can select any network you want and the app will simply display the password of that particular network. This app even allows you to copy the password and share it. There is another alternate app you can try from Google Play Store WiFi Password Recovery.

Method 4: Laptop and ADB Tools

There is one more way where you can view saved WiFi passwords on your device without having to use a file explorer or a password recovery app. But for this method, you will need your laptop and have to connect your phone with it using a USB cable.

Setup ADB Tools and Phone Connection

First, ensure that you have the USB drivers of your smartphone and ADB tools installed on the Windows Laptop or PC. If you don’t have the ADB tools and drivers installed on your PC yet, download and install.

Once you have downloaded the files, extract them to a folder on your desktop. Open the settings app on your Android phone and go to the About phone. There, tap on the build number of seven times to unlock the developer options.

Go back to the main settings page and then open the developer options settings from there and enable the USB debugging.

Extract WiFi Password File

Now, connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable. Then go to the folder on your desktop where you have extracted the ADB tools. Hold Shift and then Right-Click and select the “open command window here” option from the menu that pops up. Now copy and paste the below command to your command window and press enter.

adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

The command basically copies the contents of the file “wpa_supplicant.conf” from the mentioned directory above. It pastes the contents to a file in the folder where you have extracted the ADB tools.

Go back to the folder and you will find the file there. Open it and you can view all the saved WiFi passwords of connected networks in the file.

Since we are now using WiFi wherever we go, this is one of the essential hacks that you need to know and remember. This will make your life that much easier every day.

See WiFi Password on Android

Being able to find WiFi password on Android have a lot of benefits like connecting to networks you used a long time ago, and not having to ask passwords in public places again. It becomes a chore when you want to connect some of your other devices to the WiFi network or share it with someone when you don’t remember it.

Let us know which one of these above-mentioned 4 methods to see the WiFi password on Android, worked for you. Feel free to mention in the comments section below if you have any query or doubts regarding the method or if you are stuck at any step.

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