7 Horrifying eCommerce Website Design Sins that you Must Avoid at all Costs

I am in the business of selling goods online from quite some time. It is my experience, and upon contemplating mistakes of other website owners, there are certain eCommerce website design sins that every business owner make once in their lifetime.

The good news is that you are willing to get rid of it, which is why you’re here reading the blog in the first place.


  • Sin: Low-Quality Product Photo


They say that the photos are the gateway to souls. If you are planning to get into the soul of your user, traditional images will not be enough.

Your competitors are smart. Your users are smart. It is up to you to meet the needs of your hungry customers. These customers are hungry for great products.

Using stock photos or low-quality photos won’t attract potential customers to your website.

Real life product photos will make a good impression on the users. Customers will consider buying from you if they see a picture which is closer to the product.

Don’t use ‘the picture may differ.’

Come on, and everyone has a good camera these days. Buy one or rent one but use a high-quality camera to shoot photos for your brand.


  • Sin 2: Complex Navigation 


Do you know what the best type of torture is?

It keeps them waiting. Whether in real life or business if you are making customers expect, they will surely not appreciate it.

Most of the website owners are not developers, which is why they don’t understand the complexity of the website. This leads the developers on their own, making difficult website navigation.

Mostly, a professional web design company in Bahrain understands the importance of navigation.

If you have developed a website which is forcing users to think a couple a times before reaching the shopping cart, it means something is not quite right.

Ask a kid to navigate your website. If the kid is doing it, it means users will be able to do it too.

Do you know that most of the time, users leave off right from the shopping cart? That’s because it is a grand sin.


  • Sin 3: Overly Confusing Shopping Cart


The goal of the customer is to find a product that fits their needs. Once they find a product, they prefer to buy the product without causing any delays.

One grand sin that eCommerce website owners make is making things complex on the shopping cart page.

From additional shipping charges to hidden charges which are not displayed on the shopping cart page until the last step.

This is where users get angry and leave the page without even bothering to inform the brand about it.


  • Sin 4: Fussy Return Policies 


If you want to make, the users angrier leave them in the never-ending-return-policy spiral. In simple terms when an order gets messed up, eCommerce owners tend to push the users in an endless loop of fussy return policies.

As a modern-day entrepreneur, you cannot afford to ignore this sin.

Make simple, easy-to-understand, and user-centric return policy.

In the start, or even for well-established businesses, orders tend to mess-up, customers are bound to get angry. Moreover, when customers are mad, they need an easy return policy to comfort them.


  • Sin 5: Never-ending Registration process 


When a new customer visits your website, it is necessary to engage those customers. Once the customer is involved, they are willing to buy the product.

Usually, it is common to fill a long-haul form before a customer can place an order. In recent times customers don’t have enough time to go through your lengthy registration page.

They want a few steps which can help them to purchase the product. Giving users many data to fill will only drive new users. Once the user orders, you can then ask them nicely to fill out the rest of the information.

  • Sin 6: Bad Experience on mobile

Everything and everyone is going mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, now is an excellent chance to optimize it for mobile.

Just copying the whole website and replicate it on mobile will not benefit you. The user won’t accept it, and even Google will not rank such a site.

Just like a desktop – a website must be optimized for mobile.

Cut-down the extra content, optimize the images without affecting their quality, and simplify the shopping cart even more.

Sin 7: Not Showing Enough Credibility 

A lack of belief in your brand can cost a fortune to your marketing.

You can call this mother of all sins. When the customer lands on your website, you have eight seconds to make an impression.

The content, the design, and your logo will send a clear message to your potential customer. If you’re not able to build a strong bond with your users, they will surely feel lousy trusting your brand.

At times, customers are just looking for that one push. If a customer service rep can help them or encourage them to buy the product, they will gladly do so.

That’s why it is essential to keep your customer service department ready for every situation. Train everyone in your company to make the customers feel relaxed.

To wrap it all up 

The goal of every eCommerce business is to generate sales. If the website is not getting any orders, it means that you’re doing something wrong. Check with these sins and see if you’re making any such mistake. Please correct them and see your business blooming in no-time.

Author Bio:

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a SEO & social media marketing expert. His company, Branex AE, is based in Dubai and he has loads of experience in every aspect related to digital marketing, especially SEO and PPC. Being digital savvy, he has carved a niche for himself and has helped several companies and individuals in setting up their business. He likes to read about the latest happenings in social media and the world of digital marketing.


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