Role of Artificial Intelligence in daily life 2020

Introduction :

The 20th Century known as industrial revolution century but in the end of the 20th century we experienced boom in technological sector. Now 21st century is consider to be a century of Technology. And the term digitization is come from Artificial Intelligence which is broader term of technology. Now 21st century is known as Digital Signage. As the technology advances artificial intelligence is getting involve in our daily life routine.

We can say that replacement of manual work with automatic is called Artificial intelligence which makes our daily life more convenient and cost saving. Now life without digitization is out of question.It is not possible to discuss in single article to inform contribution of artificial intelligence in 2020. But somehow we will discuss role of  artificial intelligence is contributing in our daily life.PUBG PC Download Free Full Version

Communication :


Telecommunication companies have long term fight challenges just like cyber operations and other most repeated unsuitable problems and traffic overloading.which leads to the issue generate is to increasing the network. And transmission failures, and ever-increasing bandwidth requirements couldn’t be possible without use of Artificial intelligence.

Telecommunication applications of artificial intelligence are enable to gather heavy networking traffic with fast speed, make efficient data organization with cost efficient and more professional manners.Application like skyrocket,skype,inbox mails, hangon,we chat,viber are the most using artificial intelligence application which approve quality of telecommunication sector. so when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life 2020  life is easy

Social Media

Many social media websites like facebook, linkedin and twitter used artificial intelligence to increase deep learning capabilities.They are used to fetch innovation in different connected fields. Ai is a way to transform the social big data used for insight. So when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life  our daily life in 2020  life is easy


According to the research 2 bliion monthly users use facebook with Ai to post automatically that show the interests of human thoughts. Facebook use new techniques of Artificial intelligence advanced machine learning to identify Photos to target users in daily life. So when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life our daily life in 2020   life is easy


LinkedIn used machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in daily life for its every product. According to research 7 million user use the LinkedIn User use the LinkedIn to contact the job. Many Job company offer the jobs in LinkedIn because LinkedIn is the platform where job company. And user both contact in LinkedIn so when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life  our daily life in 2020  life is easy


According to the research 328 million user use twitter with ai techniques to identify th Photos to target users . Twitter’s ranking algorithm piles information,
It was processed by the deep nervous system and after a while it was found out which material would be appropriate for each individual.Like twitter is keeping on refining its algorithms. it is needed to adjust the speed like the algorithm’s review procedure to fulfill the requirement of the stage for ongoing updates

As twitter team use Artificial Intelligence in daily life to improve the over services and products Shared effort.Artificial intelligence among people help to complement each of the best when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life our daily life in 2020   life is easy and. latestgadget.


All people living in house just like helper mother sisters brothers and etc to works together so when artificial intelligence comes in our life.So life is easy artificial intelligence technology create robots to helps in our human life in home and office and restaurant .

For example restaurant use servant to serves eat etc and after use artificial intelligence use in our life so use robot to serves eat and etc.So works fast. so when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life  our daily life in 2020 life is easy


Education is concerning gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught. Its also help to learn how to talk people and etc. when artificial intelligence comes in our life so every study in online and new technology come.So physical study is less and child burden is low.Study online to take class online and etc.


This is an moving time for artificial intelligence in the media and entertainment space people watch movie in online and use smart tv in house through artificial intelligence. When come in our life so people save money and use technology and watch movies image etc in home.when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life our daily life in 2020  life is easy .


Introduction to game playing because human like game playing because use artificial intelligence , searching algorithm , natural mind and logic and We wish the partners lost the game so we use rules and ai in game and famous game use in artificial intelligence like PUBG , GTA and ludo star ,counter style when Artificial Intelligence in our daily life  our daily life in 2020 life is easy .

There are some game lisit use   artificial intelligence 2020

Mental Gear Solid (THE Phantom PAIn)

THE Last Of Us

Souls Borne Series


THE Last Guardian

Ludo Srar


Top 20 BEST Upcoming Games of 2020 use Artificial Intelligence


MicroSoft Flight Simulator

THE Last of us 2

Atomic Heart

Dying Light2

Project Car3



Rpg System

Ghost of Tsushima

Further scope of digitization will be discuss in further articles

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