Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives in 2021

Nowadays, 10-Minute Mail has come in very handy to the individuals who want disposable email ids. This email stays up to 10 minutes and then wipes itself out of the internet. So, it is not enough for an average user. Most individuals want more functionality out of it. Well, maybe for some individuals, 10 Minute is not what they want, but much more than that and some individuals want to an email that they can give out to individuals that they were trustless.

This 10 minute email was invented just because of rising internet fraud and malicious activities using emails.

Why should anyone use a Temporary Email ID?

As you know, Most of the sites need an email address to authenticate a person. So, some people don’t want to share their real information with these websites since they are prone to online attacks. This is why temporary emails need to solve the issues of supplying the email I d and keeping your privacy and personal data intact. 

But, Temporary emails also help an individual to save themselves from spam emails or marketing emails. Using an email that can be disposable later is a choice that makes sense in these cases. Furthermore, when the email ID is disposed of, an individual does not have to stress about hacking the emails inside it because all the emails and the email information are deleted with the email expiry. 

Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives

As stated above, many individuals want more out of their temporary emails than just 10 minutes of usage. Therefore, here’s now a list of some of the best 10 Minute Mail alternatives.


MailDrop gives an open-source temporary email to which you can contribute to your project in Github. It gives an intuitive and pleasant design. It also gives you to choose the address and includes anti-spam filters.

On the other hand, the service also has some limitations like the emails that you receive in the address that you have created cannot more than 100kb, nor carry attachments. Each temporary mailbox can save a maximum of 10 messages and if a mailbox does not receive any messages in 24 hours, it is automatically deleted.

Guerrilla Email

Guerrilla Email is a temporary email that is the best alternative of 10 minute mail, keeps email addresses created permanently, with no expiry date. Yes, the messages you receive in this mail will disappear after an hour, you have read or not. The email address can be customized by choosing both the name and the domain.

Other tools in the mail allow us to encrypt the identifier of the email as well as to filter spam messages. It is also one of the few emails of its kind that will enable you to send messages, not just receive them.


Getairmail is one of the best temporary mail sites out on the internet. This is super easy to use. This process of having a temporary email is very minimal and time-saving, and through its recommendations, it can provide some of the coolest domain names. To be sure, here too, the domain name could be easily changed to something else than what was suggested by the site. If an individual makes an email ID here, they are taken to an inbox created randomly, and that an individual can change whatever he wants from here. 


The operation of Mailinator is a little different from the rest of the emails. Instead of asking you to make a temporary address or do it automatically upon entering the web. Mailinator makes the address as soon as a message arrives at it.

Such as, if you sign up for an online service and use the address “[email protected]”. The web will make this address if it does not already exist. Then you can go directly to Mailinator to see your email. It will be waiting for you and it will be deleted after a few hours. The addresses, on the other side, remain intact.

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is assuming as an essential temporary email address generator like 10 Minute Mail that fulfills your goal with which it was made. With the help of this best alternative of 10 Minute Mail, you are able to make a random email that has many domain names. If you don’t like an email generated then the service would automatically make another whenever you reach on its page. When you have a short time or you are in a hurry then the website would automatically yield an address and has copy button using which you can paste to the email forms. This means that using the Fake Mail Generator is very convenient and easy.  


Well, Dispostable is also a well known temporary email service which you can try. Its worth to note that Dispostable is not that much well known in peoples, but it gets the job done. It permits users to make random email address of their own choice as long as it ends with The great thing about Disposable is that the email addresses that you make usually lasts for three days.


This is safe to state that this website is a little different from other websites. In order to get access to build your temporary Mail, a person must first sign up with their real email address and then the site sends you a fake or disposable email in your email address where you have to Tap on the connection in the Mail. So, you can also use the link in the Mail to delete your temporary email address as well.


TempMail is yet another temporary email that is great and easy in use. This email can work right out of the box for any person attempting to use it. This will automatically make a temporary email address. Now, you will be able to get the temporary inbox right away as well. So, the right has a menu that permits the person to either copy the Mail or change the mail address or even delete it. Therefore, that is quite a handy and best Alternative of 10-Minute Mail.


AirMail is one of the best free alternatives of 10 Minute Mail which you can visit right now. The best thing about AirMail is that it gives users random email address with inbox which can be used to register or sign up access to new sites or online services. The site was speedy, and it automatically updated the inbox folder. So, AirMail is another best free temporary email which you can consider.

Mail Catch

Mail Catch is the last one on the list and the best disposable email service which you can try today. The best thing about Mail Catch is that it permits users to make temporary disposable emails and gives mailboxes in a completely anonymous way. The site is well known for its security, and the email addresses are fully untraceable. You can make your own email address, but it must have its domain name such as [email protected]

Wrapping Up

So here were the alternatives of 10 Minute Mail. We hope you have picked the one suitable for you.

No doubt 10 Minute Mail is an excellent service to rely on for Logging in at some websites that won’t permit you to use it without registering.

But sometimes, we require more than just an email with a validity of 10 Minutes. For those times, bookmark this article could be helpful to you in the future.

If you have any suggestions regarding the best alternatives of 10 Minute Mail then do let us know in the comment section below.

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