Best Android Launchers in 2021 – Customize Your Android

If you are using Android, then you must know its operating system adaptable and feature-rich. In any case, things can always be improved, and the easiest way to extend the utility of your Android phone is by introducing third-party launchers accessible on the Google Play Store. 

These launchers bring major improvements to your Android and offer new highlights like upgraded home screen customization or inside gesture command editing and so more. If you need Android to look great and work efficiently, then a launcher truly is the most ideal way you can try. 

What is an Android launcher?

Android phones are inoperable without a launcher, which includes your home screen and the index of all the apps accessible on your gadget. That is the reason every gadget accompanies a default launcher pre-introduced. For example, a Google Pixel gadget comes pre-introduced with the Pixel Launcher.

What points you should see in a Launcher?

There are a couple of points you’ll need to use before pick up the best launchers. 

  • Special Features: the best launcher must offer you something new. The best launchers out there with great highlights or designs must convey something helpful while not totally tearing out what makes Android. 
  • Visual Customization: Whether you changing UI tones or the shape of the icons of your Android, some incredible customization options are constantly valued. For certain launchers, this is their main selling point, while others incorporate stuff like this as a pleasant reward. 
  • Dynamic Development: For many launchers that are present today, there are likewise bounties that are no longer in development for different reasons. Furthermore, with regards to an app that is influencing your phone at a profound level, you need to ensure it’s up-to-date. Hence, we limited our choices of apps that are still under active development and have been as of late refreshed.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher isn’t only the most famous launcher, but on the other hand, it’s been around for a long time, which implies you ought to have the option to depend on it to remain around. What’s more, on top of that added stability, Nova Launcher incorporates some incredible highlights and options without wandering much from the stock Android experience. 

Nova principally centers on the Android screen and app drawer. There are a ton of options accessible here, so we should simply go over the features. You can change the grid design (which is basically exactly the number of apps that will fit onto your home screen) and icon shapes, roll out considerable improvements to how the app drawer looks, and effectively swap between custom symbol packs—you can even blend and match specific icons from different packs together. 

The visual choices are more than appreciated and guarantee that you can make the app look precisely how you need with Nova Launcher. In case you’re keen on having more devices like gesture commands or folders inside the app drawer, at that point, you’ll have to get the paid variant of Nova Launcher, Nova Launcher Prime, for a one-time installment of $4.99.

Smart Launcher 5

The Smart Launcher 5 is another lightweight and quick Android launcher app that has been created, remembering clients. The app drawer comprises a sidebar that divides the app according to its category. Through the first setup, it asks you for the default apps that you use, so you will not be irritated later with default app pop-ups. 

It has a super vivid mode where you can shroud the navigation bar to get more space on the screen. Additionally, the ambient theme of the launcher app changes the shading based on the wallpaper. 

In spite of the fact that gesture support is accessible but it is limited. You should buy the pro version to open all the gestures. One drawback of utilizing the free form is that ads appear in the app drawer. However, it is one of the quickest Android launchers that you should attempt.

Microsoft Launcher

You’d feel that if Microsoft planned to bring a launcher to Android, it’d coordinate Windows 10 or possibly the old Windows Phone look — and you’d not be right. Microsoft Launcher is not only totally Android-native experience, yet it’s top-quality. It is a consistently refreshing launcher. It’s a Launcher that offers you edge-to-edge widgets and subgrid situating. 

Microsoft Launcher’s experience revolves around a spotless home screen and a smart page to one side took care of by your Microsoft account, your daily mobile use, and any Android gadgets you wish to add. Even if you’re not inundated in the Microsoft ecosystem, having a look over the page of widget beats having no space them out over 3-4 pages. While this launcher’s settings are to some degree awkward, it has all the launcher choices you’d need. 

While Microsoft Launcher is unquestionably not as oversimplified as Smart Launcher 5, it is still a genuinely lightweight launcher that is well-worth considering, particularly in the event that you have such a reliance on Microsoft’s ecosystem for work, school, or individual use.\4. Zenith Launcher 

Apex Launcher

Highlighting a basic and simple to-utilize design, Apex Launcher is incredible in case you’re new to utilizing an outsider launcher (or you simply need something clear) yet at the same time need a strong set of highlights. Apex Launcher allows you to choose different visual themes, permits you to change your Android screen grid, and awards you a fair measure of command over how the app drawer works. While Apex Launcher is free to download, it’s upheld by ads. You can go through $3.99 at regular intervals, but if you want some extra stuff like unread badges and double finger gesture commands then you can purchases its lifetime license at the cost of $8.99 without ads.

Niagara Launcher

Niagra is for Android users who are searching for a moderate launcher. Niagra isn’t packaged with options and settings owing to which it is one of the quickest Android launchers on the Google Play Store. 

Since the launcher app is centered on cleaning up your Android space, the app confesses all with no bloatware or supported ads. The launcher app works easily on lower-end gadgets too. If you are searching for many customization choices, this app probably won’t be reasonable for you. Yet, given its dazzling design, I would propose you check it out. Generally speaking, it’s the best mobile launcher for individuals hoping to get a slick and tasteful home screen.

AIO Launcher

AIO changes things up significantly from stock Android, as it intensely adjusts how the home screen looks and works. Rather than a huge load of gadgets and app icons, everything from your apps, notices, messages, schedule occasions, and more are joined into a solitary, scrollable screen. There’s a great deal of information pressed in here, and you can customize what appears—there’s likewise an app sidebar accessible to go about as your app drawer. 

While this is a significant purge, if you invest the energy to conform to it, it can prove to be useful. Having the entirety of your significant data in one spot implies you don’t need to switch between apps as often and gives you a superior in general perspective on what’s happening at that point. You can likewise open the ability to utilize a custom app icon and considerably more visible information by buying the full version of AIO, which costs a one-time installment of $3.99.

Evie Launcher

The Evie Launcher is intended for execution and is one of the fastest Android launchers. Numerous people who switched to this launcher vouch for its perfection and absurd speed. 

Its Universal Search highlight allows you to look inside the app from one spot. It offers a great range of shortcuts and customizations like changing layouts, symbol sizes, app icons, and so forth the launcher app upholds Bing and Duck Go search engines, other than Google.

Total Launcher

With regards to visual customization, Total Launcher gives you as many tools as could be allowed. The app accompanies heaps of pre-introduced gadgets that can be profoundly modified and has a lot of options for customizing your screen—whether that are app icons or various formats. It might require a long time to appropriately get familiar with your way around the launcher; however, in the event that you’re into having genuine customization, that time will be great. 

Absolute Launcher is free to download, yet in the event that you need much more highlights, you’ll need to get Total Launcher Key from the Play Store for a one-time installment of $4.99.

Square Home

If you have at any point utilized a Windows 10 phone, you would cherish Square Home. The launcher app highlights Windows 10-like tiles on the Android screen. You can change their size, shading, straightforwardness level, and significantly more. If you are using a tablet, then it is without a doubt a standout amongst other free launchers for Android. 

It is additionally lovely valuable for individuals with week eyesight. You can resize the symbols, or even pick an icon pack from the Play Store. It additionally has an option to add a snappy contact page. Aside from that, you can see the notification counts on the tiles. Likewise, you can sort the app drawer with the most utilized apps coming in at the top. Generally speaking, Square Home is one of the extraordinary launcher apps that you should test.


BaldPhone is an open-source launcher that is explicitly made for old individuals, individuals with motoric issues, and individuals who need a visual guide. 

The launcher has greater symbols and vital functions right on the home screen. By using this launcher users can easily modify their Android according to their needs. 

Since the Android launcher is open-source, there are no ads, and developers guarantee, “it is absolutely a generosity item.” While the app asks a ton of authorizations, one can expect that there will be no damage to their information, given the open-source nature. 

Not at all like other Android apps here, this launcher app just accessible on the F-Droid store. BaldPhone is outstanding amongst other Android launchers of 2021 for individuals who experience issues utilizing the typical interface.

Last thoughts – Pick up the best Android Launcher in 2021

Most launchers nowadays look and feel excessively comparable. Notwithstanding, there are always some customization choices that are remarkable to a launcher app. At that point, there are a couple of launchers, for example, Niagara and Evie which center on the design, instead of overpowering clients with customization options. We suggest you evaluate all discussed above top Android launchers find what turns out best for you.

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