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The word PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”. PDF is a file format that was developed by Adobe for the purpose of presenting files, formats and images in such a way that it is easy to open without using complicated software or an operating system. This extension is usually helpful in distribution of read-only documents. Now it has become easy to read and transfer user manuals, application forms, notes, articles, e-books or other scanned documents through PDF.

Now we explain for our readers that what is the purpose of PDF editing or why do we need the best PDF editing software? As we have stated above that PDF chiefly includes the display of official and private files or documents, these documents are sometimes needed to be edited. For example we have got a script in PDF that is supposed to be modified in our own way so that we can present it to our boss or teacher. For that purpose we will need a best tool to edit PDF. As this format typically displays read-only documents so if we want make some changes in a particular document we must have a PDF editor tool to modify the script.

Best PDF editors available in the market:

There is a common saying “necessity is the mother of invention”. As the need to edit and modify PDF files increased, many software developers came forward and introduced different tools that allow the editing of a PDF file.A lot of students and professionals who need to edit PDF documents want best PDF editor to accomplish their tasks. Now, a large number of PDF editing tools are available in the markets that are helping many people in their tasks; to list a few best PDF editors:

  • PDFelement Pro
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • PDF Expert
  • HiPDF

These all PDF editor tools are uniquely beneficial to use. Every ‘PDF editing software’ has different features that make it top PDF editor. Let us discuss some of them in detail.


1. Affordable and Easy to use PDF Editor-PDFelement Pro:


PDFelement Pro is one of the most liked and best PDF editors available so far. The most attractive feature of this PDF editing tool is that it is available at affordable price and secondly, it is very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about learning how to use it. You get familiar very quickly. Some prominent aspects of this top PDF editor:

  • You can create a new PDF document
  • Any PDF documented can be edited. You can add new lines or delete or modify the previous ones.
  • Other files can be converted into a PDF file and a PDF document can also be converted into other formats like e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, HTML, Power Point etc. through PDF element pro.
  • It has page manager from where you can manage your document
  • You can mark and annotate in it
  • You can merge two files to make one
  • One PDF document can be split into two
  • Your PDF files are secure at PDFelement pro.

If you want to know how to edit PDF with this PDF Editor, you can check PDFelement website articles: Edit PDF

2. Professional and Complete PDF editor-Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe acrobat is considered the best PDF editor by a large number of workers and professionals. This is a complete PDF editor that offers almost all features needed by any person working with PDF. Adobe acrobat is admired due to its following beneficial features:

  • You can convert other formats to PDF through adobe acrobat. For example MS Word, Excel, Power point etc.
  • Take a picture from camera and go direct to PDF
  • One can merge two or more than two files into one PDF file through this PDF editor
  • We can also apply PDF passwords and permissions to secure your files.
  • You can edit the entered data in scanned tables and paragraphs.
  • HTML pages can also be converted to PDF through Adobe acrobat.
  • Adobe acrobat is also used to compare two PDF files
  • Adobe Acrobat allows to share files online.

Adobe acrobat has not limited features. This PDF editor upgrades with time, new versions are introduced to offer better services.

3. Best PDF Editor for Mac-PDF Expert:

PDF expert is also one of the best tools for PDF editing.  This is the best PDF editor tool to be used by MAC users. If a student or a business man has a MACBook and is supposed to do work with different files and documents in PDF format then PDF Expert is the best option for him/her.  It supports its user by following services:

  • Enter and edit text

Merge files

  • Add images into the documents
  • Number the pages to evaluate your work
  • If you are using PDF Expert, you can also change the size of your file as per your requirement.
  • Documents can be cropped and modified easily.
  • MAC users can easily share, fill, read, edit and combine PDF files through PDF Expert.
  • This PDF editor tool is secure to use.
  • You can add passwords to protest your private documents and sensitive information from unknown people.
  • PDF Expert has made the signing of legal documents or contracts much easier.
  • Links can also be attached to PDF files through this editing tool.

    4. Best Free PDF Editor-HiPDF:

HiPDF is a very good quality free online PDF editor. This is considered to be an all-in-one PDF editor. It provides almost all functions that are required by the users of PDF editing tools. The most prominent quality of this PDF editing tool is that you can get it free. No matter what device you are using, a desktop, mobile phone or MACBOOK, you can use HiPDF

You can get following features by this free PDF editing:

  • Compress PDF documents
  • Compose and Edit
  • Convert images to PDF file and a PDF file to image
  • Convert Word, Excel or Power point to PDF
  • Merge and split PDF files
  • Protect and secure sensitive documents by passwords or locks
  • Convert PDF to PPT files
  • Crop and resize the documents

Overall Benefits:

PDF editing tool is very important software that is greatly helpful in managing the documents, assignments, articles, application forms and user manuals used in education, business or any official working. Online working has become quite easy due to such software.

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