Best Read It Later apps of 2021

At many times when you are using the net or potentially experiencing the famous stories of the day, you go over energizing and eye-getting stories and news. However, you cannot read it further because of a deficiency of time. For those fascinating stories and for you to save them on the circle for a later intensive read, here are the Best Read It Later apps of 2021.

What things make these apps incredible? 

These apps do a certain thing: store articles for you. This is not quite the same as bookmarking apps, which means to save those articles links, and not the same as note-taking apps, which can be utilized for clipping articles yet aren’t basically designed in light of perusing. 

So, the following are the things that make an incredible app for peruse later.

  • Allow you to save articles just in a single tick:  In a perfect world there’s a browser extension or a portable app, however, bookmarklets work in one click.
  • Download that content for offline reading: on your mobile, tablet, eReader, and PC for off later reading.
  • Custom typography or shading schemes:  In any event, there ought to be both a dark and a light mode, but options should as much as possible. 
  • Make it simple to arrange your document of articles: Tags or folders are both incredible, and in a perfect world you can likewise highlight things for future reference. 
  • Work on however many stages as could reasonably be expected: You should have the option to save an article on one device and read it on another, flawlessly. 

Most Popular Read It Later Apps

There are many apps accessible these days for you to helpfully store the articles and read them later at your perusal. A little portion of the huge apps from them incorporate the accompanying:


Pocket app adequately allows you to save the most loved articles, online journals, stories, videos or links for you to peruse later. You can read them at your available time and spot. There are additional customization choices where you can set things according to your needs. With the customization option, you can rapidly look at the article or the link that intrigues you the most. Pocket offers limitless storage capacity, and you can save the same number of articles/links as you need. You can likewise listen to the things utilizing its text to –speech highlight.

Price overview: Free; $4.99/month subscription for a permanent backup of the articles you’ve saved, suggested tags, full-text search, and so more.


With this app, one can undoubtedly save stories and utilize the various tools to make the reading experience an excellent and magnificent one. You can likewise customize themes, textual styles, and add spaces to the writings according to our decision. It is a method of editing the articles according to your benefit to read. Sort the things you like dependent on the prevalence, publishing date just as long. You can likewise make folders or save the material according to the sections. This app likewise has a text-to-speech highlight to have the option to listen to the articles.

Price overview: Free; Instapaper Premium for $2.99/month giving full features of your articles, limitless notes etc

This app is very simple in use or gives choices for overseeing bookmarks. With this app, anyone can save anything to read or observe later-be it articles, online journals, videos and links. There are likewise options or folder to keep the articles perfect. Anyone can likewise bookmark the materials to get to them quicker and better sometime later. With its connecting feature, you can welcome your loved ones to team up and read together. application likewise encourages synchronizing of the folders and the substance. This app likewise has the support of different languages such as Finnish, French, English, Armenian, Danish, Dutch, and so more.

Price overview: The basic functionality of this app is free. However, you can get features by subscribing to Pro. Notably, PRO users can also get 1 GB of image storage.


The issue with these apps is that you need to make sure to open the application and read things. EmailThis takes care of this issue by placing articles in a spot you already look consistently just like your email inbox. 

Introduce the browse expansion or utilize the bookmarklet to save articles. There’s no site or app you can use to read things you’ve to save, instead, the articles are shipped off your email address. 

There are not many custom font options and there’s no built-in choice for arranging your articles after you’ve read them, despite the fact that you could utilize devoted folders or marks in your inbox to sort articles after you’re finished reading them. However, these disadvantages are conceivably exceeded by straightforwardness—you can monitor things you need to read without making sure to check one more app. That is significant. 

Price overview: Free; Premium for $19/year 

Safari Reading List

Safari is the default program on Apple, and it accompanies a built-in reading list that automatically matches up between the entire ties of your devices. It’s not the most developed service, but you can utilize it right now without introducing any software. 

Articles are listed sequentially, and there’s not actually any approach to arrange them other than archiving. It has also a search feature, to have the option to find old articles easily. It’s not the heartiest device, but rather it works. 

Price overview: Free on all Apple devices 

Last thoughts – Other apps you can use to read later

The above apps aren’t the only tools for the work—they’re simply the ones that are worked considering reading. Some different categories of apps could work for you. Here are a couple of worth pondering. 

  • Note-taking apps like OneNote and Evernote offer web clippers, which concentrate articles and save them for future reference. The disadvantage: they’re not designed considering the reading experience. Still, they may work for you.
  • Many Bookmarking apps like Pinboard and Google Bookmarks can likewise be utilized to monitor articles you need to peruse. They don’t extract your articles for offline later reading or offer custom text styles and shading designs, however they compensate for that with organizational highlights. 
  • Amazon offers a free Send to kindle device, which sends articles to the mainstream eInk gadgets just as the Kindle app. We think Kindle clients are in an ideal situation utilizing Instapaper for this, yet Amazon’s offering is easier if sending articles to your Kindle is all you care about. It is not a good service but it actually works.
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