Best wet mop for tile floors

You would think that moping is an easy task but it’s a cleaning necessity as well as a daunting task.

There are different types of mops available in the market. Once you find the right mops it becomes very easy to clean.

It can also help ensure that your floors will stay clean and shiny for a long time.

And it is important to buy mops according to the floor because every mop doesn’t work on every tile. So it is better to buy mops which are specifically designed for the tile floor.

This article will help you to find out which the best mop and which top-rated mops that suit your needs.

Things to consider

Floor type:

All floors will require different cleaning. But formalize yourself with the floor type and how to best clean it.

Before shopping, it is better to check with its manufacturer to know what cleaning method they will recommend.

Material of tile:

It is important to check the type and the material of the tile installed in your home.
The mop that suits ceramic tiles, would not suit the granite ones.

So it is better to check the material before buying it.

Consider its handle length:

First, consider your physical limitations and abilities. If you don’t want to bend then it’s better to use a mop that’s easy to use.
So look for a mop with a wringer on its handle to avoid bending down.
And also consider its handle length to ensure you’ll be comfortable when using it.
Different types of mops:

Dust mop:

A dust mop is basically for cleaning dust. A dust mop is a bit like a broom but very effective because it picks up a lot more dust but it doesn’t clean the floor it just removes dust and trash.


Collects a lot of dust

Good for schools or malls


Not effective in small spaces
Flat mop:

A flat mop doesn’t use too much water. A flat mop is easy to use and it’s a good type of mop for you. They can easily fit into small nooks and corners because they have a slender shape.


360-degree rotation.

Wet and dry cleaning

Good for small nooks


It’s not ideal for large areas
Sponge mop:

A sponge mop is the best option if you’re clumsy and spill juice or soup. It is highly absorbent, easy to use and it is very easy to scrub away a sport of dirt but at the same time, it gets heavier as it absorbs liquid.

A sponge mop is ideal for all types of spills.


It’s absorbent
Easy to use

Gets heavier as it absorbs liquid.

 Brush mop:

Brush mop is a combination of both broom and mop. It’s the same mop that you would do regularly, but the added bristles make it easy to scrub away a spot of dirt on the floor.
So brush mop is the best option to have in the kitchen to clean stains.


Very easy to use
Dry and wet cleaning
Indoor-outdoor use

Difficult to use in corners

Robot mop:

Robot mop will make your life a bit easier. Robot vacuums are still NEW.
They are still improving and it will move around your room, mopping your floors as it goes.


Hand-free mopping

Wet or dry mopping

Scrubs floor

Doesn’t clean carpets
Not effective to clean bigger stains.
Static mop:

It is another type of mop for dry cleaning. It collects dirt and dust using Microfiber. Microfiber is like a static.
These types of mops can gather up dust and small objects so that you can put them in the dustbin.


Collects dust and small objects
Absorbs dust
Good for use on floors and surfaces.


These types of mops are quite flimsy.

Best wet mop

After looking at different types of MOPS, the following are some names of the best mops.

Nellie’s wow Mop (it’s the best overall)

Professional microfiber stick Mop ( best mid-range option)

LINKYO Microfiber Floor Mop ( budget-friendly)

IRobot Braava jet 240 robot Mop (best mop)


Keeping your floors clean in the house it’s a never-ending process so MOPS is great for keeping floors and home clean. Read more

Mopping is an important task. It sanitizes your floor as it reduces allergies, dust, and other small particles.

If it’s been a while since you last mopped, you might have forgotten how a clean floor looks like and how it feels to be in a clean house. But frequent mopping has some common sense benefits so it’s good to mop regularly.

A clean mop and good mopping technique will effectively remove germs from the floor.

So do yourself a favor and do a good moping because a clean house means a healthier house!

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