Different types of Selfie lights and how to use them

Who remembers the days of struggling with taking good pictures? The camera wasn’t all that great, there was no proper light anywhere, pictures turned out blurry or there was just no way to fit everyone in one picture. Those days are gone. Nowadays, every single phone has the best possible camera for recreational and professional use. And there are a lot of convenient tools available to make taking pictures even easier. Who would’ve thought that the selfie stick would be such a hit after all the jokes we made about them? And what about those selfie lights that everyone is using nowadays? That is a tool that we really can’t do without anymore.

What is a selfie light?

Influencers, photographers, and remote workers all swear by it: the selfie light. But what is it and what can it do for your pictures and videos? The selfie light is a ring light made up of LEDs. The ring is placed around the camera of your phone, laptop, tablet, or pc. It gives off a bright light that instantly creates the ultimate lighting for your picture. Selfie lights are adjustable. You can choose your own type of light and adjust the intensity of the light to best fit your needs.
The selfie light really changes the game. It makes it possible to take great pictures and make perfect videos at any given time or any location. You are no longer dependent on daylight and you no longer have to search for a well-lit location for your shoot or conference. Simply clip on the selfie ring light and you are good to go.

Types of selfie lights

There are different types of selfie lights that you can choose from. The biggest distinction is the device that they are meant for. There are selfie lights specifically for phones, tablets, personal computers, mac computers, and laptops. They mainly differ in size.

Selfie light for smartphone

The selfie light for smartphones is probably the most used ring light there is. It is a ring made up of LEDs that can easily be clipped onto your phone, around the camera. It provides you with excellent lighting for taking selfies, making videos, and working remotely through conference platforms. The ring light is very small and easy to use. You can take it with you wherever you go.

Selfie light for tablets and computers

The selfie lights for tablets, laptops, and computers are slightly bigger than the selfie lights for smartphones. They work the same, though. You simply place the ring of LEDs around your computer’s camera and turn it on. It instantly brightens the image of your photo, video, or conference call. The light is still quite small and easy to take along with you. This makes it a great solution for hybrid working.

Ring light on a stand

If you want a more professional set-up and you aren’t that interested in a ring light to take along with you, a ring light on a stand might be a good option. This ring light is ideal to create your own studio-like set-up at home or the office. The set consists of a light ring, a tripod, and a camera stand. With just these tools you can take beautiful and well-lit pictures and videos without needing reflectors or studio lights.

Which ring light should I use?

Since there is quite some choice when it comes to ring lights, the next question is: which ring light should I use? The answer to this is completely dependent on what you are going to be using the ring light for. If you are an influencer who is on the go a lot and needs to take great pictures and videos in the field, a selfie ring light for a smartphone is probably the best option. It gives you the freedom to move around and it is easy to always carry with you. If you are a professional photographer, you might benefit more from a ring light on a stand. It gives you less flexibility, but it provides a great setup for taking portraits. If you are looking for a ring light to create a better set-up for conference calls and online meetings, a ring light for your computer or laptop is by far the best option. Familiarize yourself with the ring light options and choose what fits your needs best.

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