How To Create A Lead Generation Website On Weblium

How To Create A Lead Generation Website On Weblium?

Generating leads means collecting specific contacts of potential customers and creating a customer base.

Lead is a person who has expressed a desire to make a purchase (for example, he subscribed to your mailing list, left his contacts in the lead form on the site (application form, callback, consultation, etc.), made a call, etc.).

The most important lead generation tool is your website. If you don’t already have a website, you can easily create a website for free using a modern website builder.

The main goal of lead generation is to turn website visitors into leads. 58% of business leaders indicate that lead generation is a key challenge they face.

But, even then, if your site is slow/ugly/inconvenient/does not use relevant keywords, it will never generate leads.

Now we will share with you 15 simple techniques for improving the lead generation of your site using as an example the progressive Weblium website builder. This small business website builder is very easy to use, yet it is an effective tool for increasing the brand’s online presence.

1.1. Make sure that your website is user-friendly and solves a specific user problem

Your site should:

  • have simple and clear navigation, convenient navigation menu;
  • display correctly and be easy to use from any device, including mobiles;
  • have easy-to-find contacts and offer the ability to contact you in one click;
  • include simple, capacious texts and clear descriptions;
  • have high-quality photos and videos to fully respond to the user’s request;
  • have no aggressive advertising like full-screen banners, pop-ups that are difficult to close, lots of warnings before closing a browser tab, еtс.

All Weblium templates are developed based on an in-depth analysis of the world’s top niche sites, therefore they have a trendy design, perfect structure and navigation, the required number of pages, and all design elements that are necessary for a certain type of website.

Moreover, all sites built with Weblium are responsive by default and display perfectly on all existing devices.

Advanced design customization options will allow you to edit any block and element “inside” the template, making the design of your website look truly unique.

1.2. Create a lead magnet

To make your visitors want to leave their contacts, you must offer something special in return.

No matter what it is — a book, a free audit, or a trial — offer them something, that they can use to get a positive experience from interacting with your company.

1.3. Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Within the first few seconds, the user decides to stay on your site or leave. A clear and well-formulated USP will help reduce the number of refusals.

You don’t have to create some kind of universal USP and show it to everyone: you can create multiple landing pages for different target audiences and offer each group something special that solves their specific problems.

1.4. Breathe new life into content marketing:

  • create and promote “evergreen” content;
  • focus on personalization;
  • don’t forget about classic storytelling;
  • create viral content that people want to share with all their friends.

1.5. Think through your calls to action

You should place a quick contact form next to the Unique Selling Proposition. You can place several of these forms with buttons on one page – this will help boost conversion.


  • make your CTAs stand out from other design elements and website background;
  • place CTAs on all pages of your site where appropriate;
  • alternate different types of CTAs (buttons, text, pop-ups, calls to action with images);
  • create short and succinct CTAs;
  • create different CTAs for different stages of the customer’s decision-making process;
  • A/B test your CTAs to see which of them are the most effective.

As easy as adding any block in the Weblium editor, you can select and add the ready-made CTA block you like. Then, you can easily customize it to your taste.

1.6. Be specific and precise in describing your goods/services

Be sure to indicate what is included in the cost of providing a specific service. For instance, if you:

  • have an online store then indicate the cost of delivery next to the price for the product;
  • sell online courses, then you need to show the details of your training program;
  • offer cars for rent, then specify if you deliver the car to the door, or does your customer need to visit the company’s office?

In the Weblium editor, Нou can easily add ready-made “process”, “pricing”, “numbers”, etc. blocks, and change their design to your liking — or create your own blocks from scratch!

1.7. Make more videos

Using informational videos, short tutorials, video instructions in a newsletter or chatbot is a great option for lead generation. When your potential customer just enters the sales funnel, he should see a short video, animation, or even a personal appeal: why should a visitor subscribe, what is the value and specific benefit.

In the Weblium editor, you can integrate a video into any block of your site in one click, you can add a video as a separate element, convert image placeholder into video, set up your videos, and many more.

1.8. Add different lead forms to every page of your website

Your visitors should have easy access to up-to-date lead generation forms from everywhere on your website. Note that the fewer fields a customer has to fill out, the better!

As easy as adding any block to your site, you can add a lead form in the Weblium editor. You can either add a contact/lead generation form or add a contact form as an element to the existing block.

1.9. Use trust seals

All major security certification providers claim that a trust seal added to your site can radically increase your conversion rate.

In fact, customers are 7.6% more likely to make an order after seeing the trust seal.

1.10. Create popups

Any pop-ups, if used correctly, help generate leads: when your pop-up is not annoying, it can make 20-70% of visitors give their contact details.

For example, sometimes an “exit popup” is the last chance to grab the attention of your potential buyer. Since this window appears only when a person is going to leave the page, it won’t annoy visitors — on the contrary, it will draw their attention to what they could have missed on the site.

To add a pop-up window in the website editor, open the Pop-ups tab in the control panel. Here, you can manage the list of all popups added to your site.

As always, you can easily customize the pop-up design, add animation, and set up the pop-up triggers.

1.11. Design your 404 page

“404 happens!”, but there’s a silver lining: if designed right, this page can help your visitors find them in the right place and even save the day.

Add to it some links to your most important pages… or a hot offer that’s hard to refuse!

By default, Weblium 404 page looks like this: 

However, you can customize it as you like and fill it with the content you want.

1.12. Check your website speed

Check the loading speed of your site and its performance using the Page Speed service by Google — you will also get some useful recommendations on improvements.

Note that all sites built with Weblium score 90-100 in Google PageSpeed Insights, so you don’t have to worry about the site’s speed when creating your website using Weblium.  

1.13. Start a blog

Having useful content will not only increase your site’s search engine rankings, but will also help attract users who prefer to first learn as much as possible about the options for solving their problem, and then make a decision.

If you are a blogger and this is your main lead generating instrument, then blog web design will be one of the determining factors that build trust in your brand.

To start your blog with Weblium, simply open the Settings of your site, navigate to the Blog tab, and click Start blogging:

Creating blog posts and managing them, editing the content, adding videos is very easy!

1.14. Use instant messengers

Not everyone is ready to make an order right away. Some people want to know more about the product or service you are offering.

You can invite the customer to Telegram, and delicately convince him that your offer is the best on the market.

1.15. Collect more data, analyze, and make tests!

Analytics helps you understand how your potential customers behave on your site, what they read before contacting you, what pages make them leave the website, what objections, preferences, interests they may have. Then, you can use this data in your advertising campaigns.

CRM tools help you work efficiently with thousands of customers, easily and quickly process all your orders, keep customer contacts in one place, and cut even more profitable deals!

Weblium offers a wide range of modern app integrations (Telegram, Zapier, MailChimp, Aweber,, Webhooks) and analytical tools (Google Analytics and Tag Manager, Yandex.Metrica, Hotjar, and Facebook Pixel, built-in Site Statistics tool).

For example, the system maintains synchronization with:

  •         Yclients, which will allow customers to book seats, make an appointment, etc.;
  •         Binotel is a virtual PBX that will help optimize the company’s telephone network;
  •        Mailchimp is a powerful marketing tool, a high-quality mailer that will help to retain attention and expand the audience;
  •         amoCRM is popular and perhaps the best system for processing customer data and interacting with the audience.

And so on a lot of useful things, the list is expanding. Recently, Weblium launched a built-in CRM tool, that will help you to easily organize your deals and automate the routine workflow.

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