How To Create Videos For YouTube Ads?

As we are brewing into the millennial era, we are developing our skills for impeccable digital marketing. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Google, YouTube are some of the examples where you can promote your products and services. The format for advertising may differ on different platforms, but the motive is one.

Converting a potential lead into a customer

In the case of YouTube, you have to subtly slip your ad into the YouTube videos for the viewer to get attracted. Also, you don’t need us to tell you that the ads should be in the form of videos or banners. We are here to tell you how you can make an ad for YouTube using an ad maker such as a quick video creator or a banner maker.

Heading 1. Advertising On YouTube With Ads

YouTube is not just a petty source to see cute baby videos anymore. It’s much more than that now. We all know that face full of groan when an ad pops up during the video. Everyone waits for those crucial 5 seconds to get over so that they can resume their video. If the viewer wants to go through your ad more than that, you are doing SOMETHING right.

If you want us to give you reasons to start YouTube marketing, then let us go by the numbers. YouTube gets approximately 2 billion views a day. If YouTube was a search engine, it would be on number two. If you combine the searches of Bing and Yahoo, the number of searches on YouTube are still double.

Hence, promoting on YouTube is indeed a good idea. Also, it’s not that simple. YouTube ads have different types; let’s break them into parts.

Sub Heading 1. In-Stream Video Ad

The ads that play between your YouTube video come under this category. You will have to pay only when the viewer watches the video for more than 30 seconds.

Sub Heading 2. In-Search Video Ad

These ads appear above or to the right of regular YouTube search results.

Sub Heading 3. In-Slate Video Ad

The ads that play just before the starting of the video and are longer than 10 minutes are called In-Search Video Ads.

Sub Heading 4. In-Display Video Ad

These ads are to promote the videos related to the videos you were watching at that moment. Do you remember that image that read, “If you liked that video, you’d absolutely love….”? Yes, that’s the one we are talking about.

Heading 2. Ad Makers In Action

By now, we know the two types of ads you need to make for promotional purposes. In case you didn’t realize, there is a video, and then there’s a banner.

For the video ad, you will need a video maker such as InVideo. They have abundant features, and you will be creating magic with the combination of InVideo, and you’re out of the box ideas. For the banners, you may opt for websites like and get your job done within a few minutes.

After you have figured out what is the format you want to use, you may start with the process of building the idea behind the ads.

Heading 3. Why Choose Video Ads?

Now that we think of it, we didn’t need video ads, did we? Well, according to psychology, videos leave a stronger impact than just reading a piece of information on a piece of paper or a screen. Hence, the videos are always better. So, along with YouTube video editor, you will need a quick video creator for the ad as well. We have already dropped a hint for the best ad maker for personal ads.

If you haven’t figured out yet, let us be direct! Did you check out the best ad maker- InVideo? The tool is very easy and available at discounted rates.

According to research, 81% of people are convinced to buy a product once they have seen the product’s video ad. Moreover, 76% of businesses agreed that their businesses boomed once they started video promotions.

Now, do we need to give you any more reasons to get into video marketing?

Heading 4. The Best Personal Ad Maker

Now that we have introduced you to InVideo let us give you the full insight into all the tools of the website.

With stunning designs and creative inspiration, you can head on a journey to make video ads with InVideo. There are thousands of templates, images, stickers, and text boxes to make a video of your choice. Videos are changing the world, and we help you in summarizing all your ideas in one video.

Creating a video is a creative process, and we give you complete freedom to play with all elements and make a moving picture for yourself and your business. It is not just about YouTube ads, and you can make personal ads, promo videos, YouTube movies, video ads, social media videos, outro videos, real estate marketing, Facebook ads, slideshow videos, intro videos, and whatnot. Doesn’t that make InVideo the best quick video creator?


So, after all the discussion, we can conclude that the video ads are another kind of influencers we have on social media. On YouTube, a highly interactive venue for a treasure of content, the video ads play a major role, and all you have to do is make an ad that doesn’t turn people into Grinch. Once you have done that successfully, your ad is a success.

Now that you have all the required information, why not try your hand at creating an ad with InVideo, let it be a personal ad. You might just excel in the skills and get the revenue out of it.

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