Keep Your Best Workers with an Employee Time Clock App

There is nothing like opening a brand-new business. If you are small and only just starting, you may be doing the majority of the work by yourself. As your business grows and continues to see profits, you may want to start hiring people and expand your team. Creating a reliable team to depend on and work with day in and day out is an essential step to run a successful business and help you maintain your stress levels. You may even get a day off in the future!

However, when you add more people into the mix, things can get a little tricky. You have to be sure to adapt to their schedule, keep track of all their hours, record labor costs, and more. The larger your team grows, the more likely you will want to turn to an employee time clock app to help you manage a successful team and, in return, business. 

How This App Keeps Your Employees

Years ago, technology was not always a wonderful thing. Computers were new, we didn’t have tablets, and they weren’t considered essential for running a business. Why? Everyone could keep track by hand through massive spreadsheets and pay their employees based on that. This took so much time and effort, and with a larger team, it was easy to get numbers wrong or lose track of hours. 

Now we use computers every day to run businesses, and with that, researchers have developed software to go along with it. Adopting an employee time clock app is now essential to running a functional business where people want to work. It helps keep track of hours, pay, scheduling, time off, and more. 

What Happens When You Choose A Different Solution?

Not everyone will choose to use an employee timesheet software, but it does positively impact businesses that want to use this tool. There are a few things that can happen if you don’t invest in such software.

Lack of Accountability – An employee time clock app allows you to see who consistently arrives to work on time and who is punching in early or out late to get more hours. Without a time and attendance app, someone could easily lie about the hours they’ve worked or fudge the numbers to get more overtime. With manual time tracking processes, they are far less accountable for their actions. 

Mix-ups – Scheduling mishaps are more likely when the information is not clearly put together. If it is hard to read because you did it by hand, more of your employees will show up at the wrong time, or not come in at all. This can lead to you being frustrated as well as your team.

Online time clock software allows you to schedule days, weeks, and even months in advance. You can also send employees their schedule by email or push notification to ensure they have the information readily available. 

Wrong Numbers – Keeping track of employee hours by hand may seem like a good idea because you are in control. However, the truth is that it can lead to human error and mistakes. This can result in pay that is not accurate and can upset your employees.

With an employee time clock app, it does all regular and overtime hour calculations for you based on the specifications set. If you live in a state with strict overtime rules, you can enter this into the time keeper app and it will calculate hours to ensure you remain compliant.

Bad Reputation – If you start having lots of scheduling errors and hand out incorrect paychecks, word will spread quickly amongst your employees. You will not only have a high turnover rate, but they will spread the word to others. You may have a hard time hiring people after that. 

Though every company is different, and you may feel tracking employee hours by hand is acceptable for your business, it is highly recommended to use an employee time clock app. It’s accurate, easy to use, and can help you keep your best employees.

Accurate Records Will Help Employee Retention

When you find the best employee time clock app for your company, it will make life much easier. Every team time tracking app will have different features, and you will have to read carefully to make sure it is exactly what your business needs. If you aren’t already, start doing research today. Your employees and your business will be better off because of it.

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