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Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning with your Instagram or you just need more help with growth, there is unquestionably no deficiency of Instagram growth tools to help you arrive at your objectives. 

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service, yet it adopts a different strategy than many of its competitors. We’re taking a closer look at the tool and its highlights.

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool for both businesses and casual users alike to produce more organic, real followers on Instagram. They stand out since they don’t utilize spam, fake followers, or bots, as opposed to other growth services. They guarantee genuine growth that is controlled by artificial intelligence. Numerous individuals value quality over quantity, yet that is not generally the situation via social-based media. Acquiring genuine Instagram followers may be more difficult and time consuming as opposed to just buying fake followers in bulk, it’s worth it in the long run. 

Kicksta wipes out all that by working with their customers to target crowds, follow accounts, and gain interest from genuine individuals.

Why should we use Kicksta?

Kicksta utilizes a speedy sign-up process which allows you to simply provide accounts you want them to target. They don’t follow those accounts, but instead focus on the clients who are following those accounts. 

This process differs from other growth services since they are not promising a certain number of followers which would most likely be bots, but instead try to reach real followers who would engage with your content.

Kicksta’s Key Features

Kicksta has an assortment of highlights that are intended to assist you with developing your account quicker and simpler. 

    • 24/7 Follower Growth: Kicksta permits you to invest your Instagram efforts on autopilot and associate with different accounts 24 hours every day. This element is extraordinary for the advertiser, business visionary, or influencer in a hurry. Kicksta claims that it will save you up to 2.5 hours every day. 
  • Brilliant Targeting Algorithm: Kicksta’s uses AI to help you construct your crowd. This element interfaces you with clients who will be well on the way to follow and associate with your account. Having this capacity empowers you to capitalize on your automated collaborations. Kicksta vows to reach up to 60,000 accounts for your benefit.
  • Bank-Level Security: In case you’re stressed over the safety of your information while utilizing Instagram automation tool, at that point, you’ll be glad to realize that Kickstagram ensures your data. Kicksta claims that their security level is tantamount to bank-level security. 
  • Client Success Manager: At the point when you sign-up Kicksta, you’ll approach a client success manager. This is a genuine human account manager that will devote time to expanding the consciousness of your brand and assisting you with acquiring adherents. It gives Kicksta a human touch.
  • Development Reports: Kicksta has an examination dashboard that empowers you to monitor your follower count. These reports are consistently accessible. You can even get significant counsel about what turns out best for developing your brand.

Kicksta’s price:

There are two distinctive valuing plans to choose from, the standard plan for $49 or the premium plan for $99. On the standard plan, you can anticipate moderate development, video onboarding, and 10 targets. 

With the top-notch plan, you’ll get the most extreme development, video onboarding, 40 targets, VIP email uphold, live chat uphold, progress focusing on, and a blacklist.

Kicksta Pros and Cons


  • Simple to utilize 
  • Brisk setup 
  • Targets specialty hashtags and accounts 
  • Completely separates investigation 
  • Moderate  valuing 
  • Live chat
  • Permits you to target dependent on a few variables 
  • Can uphold many accounts
  • Doesn’t post or remark on your behalf
  • 14-day money-back assurance
  • No software to introduce


  • No free trial 
  • Just encourages development through likes 
  • Support is limited for those without the premium plan
  • Giving another person access to your account
  • Automated service
  • In the basic plan no live chat is present

Last thoughts – Is Kicksta Safe?

Kicksta is secure, but has a growth process slower than competitors due to the organic nature of the growth. Since they simply like one to two photographs from every one of the followers on your target account, you must be certain individuals on your target accounts are the exact audience you are trying to attract. 

In the event that the followers for your target accounts are spam accounts, it doesn’t do you much good to put time and energy into getting them to follow you. 

Final verdict: Generally speaking, Kicksta gave us precisely what we needed. We saw a great increase in our followers and realized they were genuine individuals intrigued by our posts. Since Kicksta never posts or remarks for your benefit, you can likewise sit back and relax realizing that your account will not get hailed as spam. They’re tied in with getting you genuine traffic in a solid, safe way.

Kicksta has a 4/5 star rating. Kicksta is here to save your time while growing your Instagram following. In fact, we’ve even helped users to grow their followers in just 2 months.

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