Ways to quiet your mind when going through stressful times

A sense of calm provides you with resilience and strength to face the chaos of life. 

Life will throw chaos at you daily, whether it’s your job, relationships, or health. At present, around 50% of people are burned out, and companies spend $300 billion daily on workplace-related stress. If you’re one of the burned-out people, you’re probably surviving on pure adrenaline because stress overwhelms you, and you forget how happiness feels. You overschedule yourself, drink tons of coffee, and work more than you need to. You think you’ll be able to get things done if you stay amped for a bit longer, but the truth is that you’ll exhaust your mind and body. Your current lifestyle is draining your productivity and triggers chronic exhaustion. 

There’s another way to live your life, a calmer one that allows you to enjoy every moment. But you need to cultivate a more relaxed and restful state of mind and stop your responsibilities from drowning you. Research suggests that your attention, creativity, and energy will boost if you manage you quiet your mind. Science even provides you with a couple of ways to calm your state of mind and deal with your chaotic lifestyle.

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What makes the difference between a stressed mind and a calm mind

Your body isn’t designed to deal with stress 24/7. You should feel stressed for a limited amount of time and only when your life is in danger. A stress response is meant to save your life because it mobilizes your immune system, muscles, and attention to get you to act quickly and get yourself out of danger. Other animals come right out of the fight-or-flight mode into the rest-and-digest mode. Still, humans perceive the world differently, and they cannot stop it from impacting their emotional intelligence and decision-making capacity. Stress can narrow your focus and prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. When you’re stressed, you’re less likely to notice important details like your partner being sad, your co-workers being irritated, and other similar aspects that can influence the way they respond to your actions or words. 

When you’re calm, you can easily manage your energy and focus on what you need to do to solve an issue. Calmness impacts your performance and creativity. Research shows that you get the most creative ideas when you’re actively focused. 

Ways to quiet your mind and alleviate stress

Everyone knows how to become stressed. Some are experts at activating the adrenal system and getting wound up. But very few know how to wind down and quiet their mind after they deal with a stress stimulus. 

Research suggests a couple of techniques that help you feel better and put you in a more relaxed state that allows you to deal with the chaos in your life. 


Your breathing is a powerful way to help you regulate your emotions, but you probably take it for granted. Through your breath, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system that triggers a calming response. 

People dealing with mental health issues like PTSD often turn to breathing techniques when their therapy and medication for trauma fail to help them. 

Using your breath can change the way you feel and evoke new emotions. The most effective calming breathing exercise is when you count to four, hold, and then breath out for up to twice as long. 


Meditation can also help you relax your mind and relieve stress. A meditation session can relax your mind, and in time, regulated meditation can even help you feel more confident and relaxed when you deal with a stressful situation. Meditation can help you become resilient to stress because it clears your mind from the thoughts that bother you. Mantra meditation is one of the most helpful meditation techniques. You can join a local class and learn how to meditate together with other people dealing with anxiety and stress. 

Talk to a friend

Social support from people who love you can help you process what you’re feeling and provide you with new ideas on dealing with your issues. Learning to manage your stressors can help you relax and unwind your mind. That’s why it’s essential to maintain a supportive circle of friends and loved ones whom you can call whenever you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed out. 

Your friends can provide you with pieces of advice from their experience because chances are, you’re not the only one who has a difficult time at the job, struggle in your relationship, or experience financial issues. 

Getting out of a rumination rut by talking with someone you love, and trust can help you quiet your mind and gain the clarity you need to take action. 

Use hemp supplements

CBD supplements are known for their stress-relieving properties. All cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system that regulated your memory, appetite, mood, immune system, and sleep. If you use hemp products, they can help you lower your anxiety and stress because it has more than 65 targets throughout your body. CBD stimulates the neurotransmitter system and neural regeneration. Your body naturally produces cannabinoids that can become dysregulated under episodes of chronic stress. But you can use hemp products to restore the balance in your endocannabinoid system and relieve your anxious and stressed out behaviors. You can find hemp flower for sale online if you want to try it and see if it helps with your stress.    


30 minutes of exercise like a run in the park or aerobics can help you calm your mind and relieve stress. Exercising releases endorphins (chemicals that make you feel good, and improve your sleep, focus, and mood). If you want to feel the full effects of exercising, you should engage in high-intensity interval training because it gives a big boost of endorphins that can impact your mood and calm down your mind. A training session should include warming up and exercises to push your body and help your mind detach from the stressors it experiences daily. 

Stress management is quite helpful these days because it helps you improve your performance and allows you to enjoy the beauty of life. 

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