What Companies Store Data?

If you’re thriving in this modern world of infinite data flow every day, you must already realize how important storing that data is. Whether you’re a business, an office, or an institution, you need a proper data management and storage solution.

Several companies can store your data for you. Including tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM, other companies like Oracle and Dell hold a fair share of the data storage market. Google, Intel, and Alibaba are also companies that store data.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper to find what other companies can store your data for you and how data storage companies deliver stacked against each other.

What Makes A Data Storage Company Stand Out?

Data storage can be a complex array of methods and processes. Although numerous competing companies are fighting to hold a significant share in the data storage market, not all are worthy.

Most such companies have shifted to online cloud solutions by skipping the traditional HDD, SSD, or optical data storage servers. This offers a boost in performance, scalability, security, and automation. It’s better in terms of data management too. The cost and space requirements also come down significantly.

So, look for these features when looking for a data storage company that stands out.

Best Data Storage Companies

Now that you know what makes a data storage company stands out, you can judge for yourself after looking it up. Nonetheless, here’s our curated selection of the best companies that store data.

1. Microsoft Azure Data Lake

Favored as the go-to data storage company by Windows users, Azure Data Lake is a strong contender on the list. It’s versatile in terms of capacity, networking, and data development. Hooked up with IoT, the company now boasts application service management and data analytics as well.

Microsoft Azure Data Lake is situated in various US-based locations and was established in 2003.

2. Amazon Web Services

Holding a significant share of the market since the conceptualization of data storage companies, Amazon has always been a forerunner in the game.

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, specializes in data archival and compliance. It’s also a popular choice among users to store generic e-commerce data locally and manage cloud-migration access to it.

AWS operates from more than 40 locations worldwide and has been around since 1994.

3. Dell EMC

Employing one of the largest numbers of employees among competing companies, Dell EMC is also a reliable name in the industry.

Besides offering robust data security and storage solutions, the company features exquisite access to data virtualization and cloud storage compliance. Data deployment and management fall within Dell EMC’s domain too.

Headquartered in Hopkinton & Bangalore, Dell is the employer to more than 10 thousand employees worldwide since 1979.

4. IBM Cloud

Although a bit late to the cloud data storage game, IBM has been around for more than a century now as a leading tech company.

Their data storage services include analysis and management using unique algorithms. This makes them stand out from the competition by miles.

IBM Cloud Company is situated in Armonk, New York.

5. Google Cloud Platform

Focused on developing new code for data server configuration and working with big data analytics, Google is definitely creating new waves as a cloud platform. The company boasts strict data security and is rapidly evolving for data compliance in all forms of storage. 

Google Cloud Platform is based in the USA but works primarily via virtual networks distributed worldwide.

6. Intel

Emphasizing a bit more on the clinical data storage industry, Intel is a leading contender in the game for many reasons.

The company features unique data management workflows and boasts data care instead of traditional management. They have resources for data analytics and mobile access too.

Intel works mainly in joint-venture with numerous medical healthcare facilities and is a crucial player in generating clinical decision reports swiftly. 

7. Oracle Cloud

Specialized in content marketing, Oracle also supports real-time data analytics. This makes the company so loved among millennial clients. Their software is also standardized with data storage compliance using modern blockchain technology.

Oracle cloud functions from 175 countries around the world for fluent database management.

8. Alibaba Cloud

Last but not least, the Alibaba cloud holds a massive share in the data storage market. Although not as popular in the western hemisphere, their enormous userbase in China and Asia make up for that lacking.

The company features similar data security and analytics as its western counterparts in Silicon Valley.

The Alibaba cloud has also boasted about implementing AI in its data storage and management services based in China.

Final Words

Whether it’s a business or a professional institute, any establishment is bound to take service from data storage companies in this modern era. It’s simply efficient, timesaving, and the most reliable way to go.

So, it’s imperative to know about data storage companies. We hope this article was informative enough to help you in your quest to find the best data storage solution.

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