Wondershare filmora: The best solution to edit videos

Editing videos is an activity that sometimes makes ordinary people confused and afraid to do it. Especially if you are faced with a variety of “heavy” and professional video editor applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects which have complicated appearance and tools.

Well, for those of you who want to learn to start editing videos, there are tons of video editor applications that offer a number of conveniences to use them. Simple, free appearance, various support themes and free effects are their main attraction.

One of the video editing applications that is lightweight and easy to learn is Wondershare filmora. When this article was written, Wondershare filmora has 2 versions according to user needs, namely the regular version which has reached the 9th generation and the Pro version for those who want more features and control. You can enjoy both versions for free and paid if you need access and more complete features.

This article itself discusses the advantages of the regular version of Wondershare filmora. Here are 8 reasons why the Wondershare filmora application is suitable for beginners in video editing.

1: Has the appearance and features according to your needs

For Wondershare filmora version 8, when you open the application, you will be presented with 4 choices of modes and video ratio sizes according to your needs. There are Full Feature Mode, Easy Mode, Instant Cutter Mode and Action Cam Tool. Of course, these four modes each have different looks and features according to their names. Meanwhile, for version 9, you will not find these 4 mode choices. You can get more info by visiting this. By visiting this link you can find various versions of Wondershare filmora, including Wondershare filmoraGo, a popular version of Wondershare filmora.

2: Simple appearance, various tools are easy to recognize

Wondershare filmora has a simple appearance and a variety of easily recognizable tools so that users can more freely and easily edit videos. You can customize the preview screen and timeline to your liking. Just like version 8, this latest version of Wondershare filmora (9) has a simple appearance that you can customize and is easy to use thanks to the easily recognizable tools menu. It’s just that the placement of these various features has changed when compared to the previous version (8).

3: Minimizes the risk of crashes

You can run the Wondershare filmora video editing application on devices that have low specifications. You can run this application on a laptop with an Intel Celeron processor without additional graphics processing and with only 2GB of RAM. Even though it sometimes crashes, it’s still tolerable and doesn’t make “force close”. 

4: All features you can access for free

One of the advantages of this application is that you can use all the features available without having to pay a dime. It’s just that, there is a watermark that is quite striking. If you want to remove the tag, you can switch to the paid version. There are options for individuals, businesses and students. This paid version apart from removing the watermark, you can also get free updates, support from the developer if there are problems and access to unlimited Standard Library downloads on the Filmstocks site. Wondershare filmora also provides a variety of great built-in plugins. However, you have to download some plugins before using them. Apart from the default plugins, you can still add to the collection from the Filmstock site which provides various free plugin packages that are also interesting. You can get samples of videos, music, audio effects, text to transitions without paying a dime.

5: Paid plugin packages are available at affordable prices

If you want a larger collection of plugins with even cooler quality, you can buy them on the Filmstock site at a relatively affordable price. In our opinion, both the built-in plugins and the free version on Filmstock are sufficient for editing good quality videos.

6: You can determine the video quality results according to your needs

After finishing editing the video, you can export your edits to the various options available, such as file format, video resolution, frame rate to bit rate. You can also instantly choose the video quality according to the device or social media you want. For example, for smartphones, game consoles, TV, Youtube, Vimeo, ipod or smart TV.

7: There are various official tutorials for free from Filmora

You can subscribe to the official Wondershare filmora channel on Youtube to get the latest information and various tutorials for editing your videos, such as how to use certain effects, add transitions or elements to more advanced levels such as color grading and green screen. Apart from the official Wondershare filmora channel, you can also learn tutorials from various posts on the internet and from other Youtube channels that discuss similar things.

So what do you think? Are you interested in using this video editor software?

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