Best Solar Companies In 2024

Solar panels are still expensive, but their prices are starting to go down, and their quality is improving. However, this is a job for a specialist because the average building contractor could be better at installing or fixing solar panels.

Many homeowners have a concept of what they hope to achieve by building a solar array, but without guidance through the technical aspects of going solar, they may never realize their goals. The best solar companies can help with that.

They can give homeowners accurate estimates of how much the installation will cost, how much power the new panels will produce, and even how much a solar array is likely to lower their utility bills. Find out what to look for in a solar company and why the companies below made it into this lineup.

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Solar Companies

We looked at many solar companies to determine which ones were the best. We looked at several things, like the company’s coverage area, whether it offered a full warranty, and how happy its customers were.

The monocrystalline panels sold by each of the listed businesses are the most efficient on the market and will provide consumers with the highest possible return on investment. We also looked for companies that had a variety of ways to pay for this investment.

Best Solar Panels Companies in the USA

The following are the best solar panel companies in the USA:

Best Solar Panels Companies in Ohio

1) Ecohouse Solar

Ecohouse Solar is one of the best places in Central Ohio to get solar energy. In the 614 area, the company has put solar panels on hundreds of homes and businesses. On the other hand, Solar has a lot of benefits that are hard to beat. You will save money and raise the value of your home while doing your part to slow climate change.

Also, they promise to give their customers the best service possible and only use high-quality solar materials in all of their installations. Overall, choosing Ecohouse Solar will help you cut your energy bills without giving you any trouble. You can also feel good about making a difference in the fight against climate change.


  • Solar panels for homes and businesses, how to pay for them,


  • Address: 809 O’Brien Road, Columbus, OH 43228, United States
  • Phone: (614) 456 7641

2) Solar Is Freedom

Solar Is Freedom is owned and run by a residential solar company in Cincinnati. Since 2011, they have worked with people in Ohio, Columbus, Kentucky, and Indiana, putting up more than 1 million watts of Residential Solar. They also make custom solutions that take all the guesswork of buying Solar for your home.

Also, they give you a firm price for the project and payment options made just for you. Overall, their goal is to make the transition to a renewable future as easy and comfortable as possible and to be a reliable partner for their clients for the whole life of their products.


  • Solar for homes and businesses, free solar estimate


  • Address: 1201 Dublin Rd, Suite 197, Columbus, OH 43215, USA
  • Phone: (614) 219 3434

3) Modern Energy

Modern Energy is a technology company that focuses on energy. They offer solar P.V. Systems, Live Energy Monitoring, and Energy Security. Also, their team focuses on all your home or business’s energy needs. Without a doubt, they only hire the best professionals to make sure you get an energy solution that is good for the environment and saves you as much money as possible.

They can also put an intelligent computer in your electrical panel. Lastly, the P.V. systems of today don’t need batteries. Because of this, the project’s total cost goes down, making solar panel systems cheaper than ever.


  • Live energy monitoring for home and business installations


  • Address: 6262 Eiterman Rd, Dublin, OH 43016, USA
  • Phone: (614) 526 9458

4) Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar is the company to call if you want to have solar panels put in. They install efficient photovoltaic (P.V.) solar panels, inverters, and other equipment to help you save money in the long run. Also, if you ever want to sell your house, this upgrade will make it worth more. Your solar panel system is made to fit your home, your budget, and how you live.

Also, the solar company uses high-quality solar panels that are black on black and blend in with your roof. Overall, they also offer a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer, a guarantee of production, a warranty on craftsmanship, and a warranty that covers roof penetration.


  • Solar Panels for Homes, Smart Solar


  • Address: 2029 Riverside Drive, Suite 102, Columbus, OH 43221, USA
  • Phone: (800) 377 4480


POWERHOME SOLAR is a company whose primary goal is to save energy. It gives customers high-quality solar panels made in the U.S. as part of a complete package of ways to save energy. They came in at number one hundred on Inc.’s annual 500|5000 list of the most successful private companies in America. This is the second time in three years that the company has made this prestigious list.

Also, their company hires fully trained electricians and GAF Master Elite roofers. In 3 easy steps, you can finally have a professional install your solar panels. Fill out a form, meet with one of their solar experts, and let them build a solar panel system for your home that is just right for you.


  • Panels for homes and businesses, backup batteries, solar farms, and a discount for the military


  • Address: 5747 Perimeter Dr., Suite 245, Dublin, OH 43017, USA
  • Phone: (614) 412 1170

Best Solar Panel Companies in Nevada

1) American Energy And Solar

American Energy and Solar is a company that helps people find and pay for renewable energy solutions. They want to offer their clients equipment and installations that are up-to-date. The whole process of installation and financing is made to be precise. They give you A-level equipment backed by the best warranties and certifications in the industry. You can add energy storage to your system through American Energy and Solar. This technology keeps the power on in case of an emergency blackout, so your family is safe when you need it most.

They have made a complete home energy package that turns traditional solar financing on its head to help the customer. American Energy and Solar’s Energy Freedom Program lets you put the cost of your solar equipment, energy storage, and installation into your mortgage.


  • Energy storage, equipment, installation, financing,


  • Address: 6 Sunset Way #106, Henderson, NV 89014
  • Phone: (800) 915-5482

2) Kayo Energy

Since its founding, Kayo Energy has assisted tens of thousands of homeowners in lowering their energy costs and improving the quality of life in their homes. They offer energy solutions for homes that are all-in-one. Their goal is to give customers a first-rate experience. It never gets old to see how happy their customers are when they see how their products have improved their lives. Kayo Energy gets a lot of satisfaction from knowing they helped their customers get some of their hard-earned money back.

They know what they’re doing and pay close attention to details, so your system will be set up to the highest standards. Kayo Energy will keep an eye on and protect your solar panels, so you don’t have to worry.


  • Consultation, Installation, and Solar Panels


  • Address: 7585 Commercial Way Suite B, Henderson, NV 89011
  • Phone: (855) 464-5296

3) SunPal Energy

SunPal Energy is committed to giving you the best price, service, and solar programs to lower your electric bill and charge you nothing upfront. They are trying to teach people about solar energy and how great it is. They hope you like the services as much as they like providing them. Solar panels for homes can be helpful for people who decide to switch.

You can save money on your monthly electricity bill, and you can also save the environment from the harmful toxins that fossil fuels use. Compared to regular electricity, solar panels need very little or no maintenance.


  • Home Solar Panels


  • Address: 2277 Bull Lake Dr, Henderson, NV 89052
  • Phone: (702) 979-4673

4) SunPower by Today’s Energy Store

SunPower by Today’s Energy Store has been a trusted solar company for residents of Henderson and the rest of southern Nevada, including Las Vegas, since 2008. As one of only a small number of solar companies with the title “SunPower Master Dealer,” they are committed to giving their customers products that last and services they can trust. Even though their panels are solid and reliable, they know that damage and flaws can happen over time.

SunPower offers the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty because of this. This warranty covers your whole system, so you can get repairs, replacements, and even money back if something goes wrong.


  • Solar Energy


  • Address: 137 N Gibson Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
  • Phone: (702) 558-1500

5) Solar Rx

Solar Rx was created to help people in Nevada keep their solar systems in good shape after their solar contractors had left. Solar Rx’s founders have been helping people in this area use solar power at home for more than ten years. They can’t wait to tell you that your solar system is working and that you can keep saving money by getting energy from the Sun. Get a system health check, and you can rest easy knowing that your solar panels are working at their best.

It could be months before you realize that half of your panels aren’t even working. Refrain from finding out the hard way or when it’s too late. Let Solar Rx tell you. Solar Rx has all of your maintenance and repair needs to be covered. Call them and ask for a free consultation on how to avoid it.


  • Maintenance, repair, and cleaning of solar panels


  • Address: 137 N Gibson Rd, Henderson, NV 89014
  • Phone: (702) 570-1497

Best Solar Panel Companies in California

1) SolarGuru Energy – Oakland Solar Installation Company

When it comes to solar energy, the experts at SolarGuru Energy – Oakland Solar Installation Company have what it takes to determine which system will serve your needs best. Their team is proud to have won the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” for their many years of hard work to speed up the use of clean energy. They are happy to work with Power Energy, a Public Benefit Corporation set up to have a noticeable positive effect on society. The company aims to help everyone benefit from the shift to a more sustainable world.


  • Solar Panels, Solar Installations


  • Phone: (858) 333-6500

2) Ogreena

Ogreena, a Solar Installation services company based in Oakland, California, wants to get the word out about how essential Solar is and why everyone in the available states should get Solar today. Ogreena’s plan aims to get people to pay more attention to the link between CO2 emissions and electricity. Their products and services help people live in a way that is better for the environment. Since 2011, Ogreena, which used to be called Green Carpet Cleaning, has been a real estate service company that focuses on green solutions.


  • Installation of solar panels, business services, and construction services


  • Address: 5600 Martin Luther King Jr Way #102, Oakland, CA 94609
  • Phone: (510) 472-9327

3) CivicSolar, Inc – West Coast Office

CivicSolar, Inc.’s West Coast Office is the best place in the country to get solar equipment. Their core values help shape their culture as they try to build genuine relationships with their customers. They are related to one of the biggest electrical wholesalers in North America, Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc. Since 1957, CED has done an excellent job with distribution. CED Greentech has a large selection of products from the top manufacturers in the solar and electrical industries. Whether for a home or a business, their goal is to give their customers the tools they need to design, finance, sell, and install solar P.V. and energy storage solutions quickly and affordably.

As a wholesaler of solar, electrical, and renewable energy products that offer various services, they are committed to giving the best service and support. They try to be the most modern solar distributor by offering installers and developers equipment and technical services that meet their specific needs.


  • Solar for homes, solar for businesses, and energy storage


  • Address: 304 12th St #3b, Oakland, CA 94607
  • Phone: (800) 409-2257

4) GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives is a national leader in helping communities with economic and environmental justice get clean, low-cost solar power and solar jobs all over the country. Our work on energy access is lighting up off-grid communities worldwide. GRID is the largest nonprofit installer of clean energy technologies in the United States. It develops and implements projects that help communities with economic and environmental justice. GRID makes and installs solar projects for low-income households and communities. This gives these communities various incentive programs for clean transportation and battery storage.

Through their unique model that puts people first, they are giving money back to families, making it easier for housing providers to pay for energy, and getting people started on careers in clean energy. They work with affordable housing groups, job training groups, government agencies, cities, utilities, tribes, and local communities to make clean energy a win for everyone.


  • Solar Panel, Solar Installation


  • Address: 1171 Ocean Ave UNIT 200, Oakland, CA 94608
  • Phone: (510) 731-1310

5) Sunnova Solar Oakland

Sunnova Solar Oakland is a local business that helps homeowners get cheap, renewable solar power. They do everything, from small rooftop arrays to big projects for businesses. Sunnova gives residential and business customers a chance to save money on their electricity bills by investing in solar panels with no upfront cost or out-of-pocket expenses. Their solar power program with no money is an excellent way to save money and, more importantly, do your part to reduce greenhouse gases.

With Sunnova, they give Oakland clean power. Contact them immediately to set up a time for one of their representatives to come to your home and tell you more about how they can help you save money by going green.


  • Solar Panel


  • Address: 1922 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Phone: (510) 343-5711

Best Solar Panel Companies in Colorado

1) Solarise Solar

Solarise Solar is one of the best companies in Colorado for putting in solar panels. They are based on a commitment to the business that helps the customer, the environment, and the employees’ happiness. Residential Solar is one of the few businesses where everyone wins. Solarise Solar also tries to ensure customer installations are out of the ordinary.

In their solar careers, their team of experts has been a part of more than 13,000 solar installations. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ grade. They work hard to be as professional as possible in everything they do.


  • Solar Panel Installation


  • Address: 2936 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • Phone: (719) 315-3034

2) Freedom Solar

Freedom Solar was started in 2007 and is the only SunPower Master Dealer in Colorado. They set up solar panels for homes and businesses in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. They are proud to help Coloradans become energy independent. They are very proud of designing and installing solar solutions of the highest quality, and they think of themselves as solar champions for the Olympic city.

They use the best available solar technology and work hard to ensure that every client gets the best return on their investment possible. From consultations to high-tech monitoring, they offer a complete solution for solar energy from start to finish.


  • Solar power for homes and businesses


  • Address: 5135 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
  • Phone: (719) 359-9603

3) Klick Solar – Colorado Springs

Klick Solar: Colorado Springs thinks that the world needs to improve. With all the damage and harm that fossil fuels have caused in the past, renewable energy is becoming the way of the future. Carbon emissions are caused by making electricity more than anything else. At the same time, the amount of energy the Sun sends to Earth every hour is more than what the world uses in a year. It’s about time they started to use this great tool.


  • Installing Solar, Consulting on Solar


  • Address: 5040 Corporate Plaza Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
  • Phone: (720) 465-9073

4) Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar’s goal is to improve the lives of homeowners by lowering their energy bills, getting them to use more clean, renewable energy, and giving them a great customer experience through a trustworthy sales process and a quick, high-quality installation. They make it easy and cheap for people all over the United States to get the best solar technology. You give them the house, and they do the rest. With Blue Raven Solar, you own the solar system installed on your home, not a third party or utility company.


  • Solar Panel Installation


  • Address: 3540 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
  • Phone: (800) 377-4480

5) Rocky Mountain Wind & Solar, Inc.

Since 1975, Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind, Inc. has designed, built, and fixed solar energy systems. Since 2002, they have also done the same for wind energy systems. In Colorado, they put in systems for homes, businesses, and factories in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Fairplay, and Caon City. Their sales and design staff are in constant contact with the rebate programs of Colorado Springs Utilities, Black Hills Energy, Mountain View Electric, and Xcel.

They are also members of the Colorado Springs Utilities Home Vantage Program. They have been licensed for over 32 years and know how to build many different things, such as sunrooms, new homes, and remodeling.


  • Putting up solar panels, putting up wind turbines


  • Address: 1120 N Circle Dr #160, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
  • Phone: (719) 330-3699


Any solar companies on this list are a good choice for installing solar panels. Still, SunPower is our top pick because it has a nationwide service area, financing options, and a full warranty that lasts for 25 years. Sunpro Solar, which came in second, is quickly growing across the country and is proud of its customer service and financing plans.

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