15 Best FREE Software Download Sites For Windows (2024)

Even though you may download free software from a lot of sites online, not all of them are secure. Many websites prey on users searching for free downloads by showing you bogus virus alerts, dangerous advertisements, or even corrupted files. When you’re downloading freeware for Windows, stay away from dubious download sites and use these reliable sources instead.

Prior to delving into the websites that provide a wide variety of Windows software, keep in mind that the official website of the majority of famous software is frequently the safest location to download it. There isn’t much more secure than its webpage, whether you want to download a media app, security suite, browser, or anything similar.

Software downloads are now a necessary aspect of our everyday existence. It’s critical to locate reliable software download sites, whether we require a new app for our phones, a practical computer program, or a specialised tool for our jobs. However, given the abundance of websites, it might be challenging to determine which are safe and legitimate to use.

This blog post will cover the best websites for downloading software in 2024, including both free and paid alternatives. Following extensive investigation, we have determined the best 20 websites that provide a broad range of software options while guaranteeing their security, usability, and legality. We vehemently oppose using websites that sell cracked software.

Best Websites To Download Free Software

If you need to know which free software download website offers you a software file with fast servers in only a few clicks, downloading Windows software might be a stressful procedure. These are some excellent websites where you can get free Windows software downloads.

1. The Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store, where programs are found on Windows 10 and Windows 11, is easy to overlook. Although the Store doesn’t have many excellent apps, there are still some good ones available.

Comparing Store apps to their classic equivalents offers additional advantages. Apps in the store update automatically. More significantly, they are sandboxed, which prevents them from accessing other parts of your system. Check the Microsoft Store to see if your favourite programs are available there; you could be pleasantly surprised by what else you find.

2. SnapFiles

Although SnapFiles looks similar to many of the other download sites we’ve highlighted, it’s still worth a look because of a few neat features. One of these is the homepage’s Freeware Pick, which showcases a programme you might need to become more familiar with. Additionally, you may find a Random Pick at the top of the page under More, which is a terrific place to find new software to download.

Additionally, if you want to run programmes without installing them, there is a page specifically for portable apps, which is helpful. SnapFiles warns about apps that attempt to install bundled software and provides user reviews on software download pages.

3. FilePuma

FilePuma emphasises simplicity and offers a simple UI. To discover something new, look through its categories or search for the software you’re interested in. It’s simple to see what’s available because the most popular tools for each category are displayed directly on the homepage.

The product download website has very little information other than screenshots and older versions of the software. The only other noteworthy feature is FilePuma’s Update Detector, which simplifies the process of finding and installing software updates on your computer.

4. Download Crew

Each software page on the Download Crew website has a brief but informative explanation, which makes it stand out. Rather than being merely copied and pasted from the vendor’s website, these are written by actual people. Each app’s functions, benefits, and drawbacks are covered, along with a Verdict that provides an overview.

Featured Downloads are located in the top section, which is a fantastic place to start. Additionally, a wide range of software licence choices are available, such as trial software and open source. This allows you to specifically drill down into the type of free software you’re receiving.


The FossHub website offers many apps and programmes. However, not all of them come from public sources.

You can use the cracker or replace the file after installation to execute software that has been cracked. Furthermore, employing cracked software puts your computer or network in danger of virus infection.


Are you trying to find a secure website from which to get cracked software? If so, may be something to think about. On the main menu of this software, in addition to providing you with the best-cracked software, there are various giveaways available. This software’s primary benefit is that you can use it without having to register on their website.

7. Crackzoom

Crackzoom is another website where you can get cracked PC software. Microsoft Office 365, AutoCAD, Adobe CC, and MS Office may all be downloaded. However, it would help if you were cautious when using this software because it is not particularly secure, and thus, you risk losing your data.

8. Softonic

Founded in June 1997 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Softonic is a free website that offers programs for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Avast free antivirus, VLC media player, Microsoft Word, WhatsApp, and Adobe Photoshop CC are a few of the well-known programs that may be downloaded.

9. Softpedia

Softpedia software is a Romanian tech-news website that also offers other software on issues linked to science and technology. Depending on your preference, you can get this software via a developer link or in its original format.

10. Google Play store

Google owns and runs the Google Play Store, an online digital distribution marketplace. For Android tablets, smartphones, and other approved Android devices, it acts as the official app store. There is an enormous selection of games, apps, books, music, TV series, movies, and more available on the Play Store. It serves a broad spectrum of interests and requirements, with over 3.95 million apps spread over more than 50 categories, including games, education, productivity, business tools, lifestyle, and entertainment. The Play Store offers a safe and reliable environment for browsing, downloading, and buying content. Users may easily access their purchased apps, media, and material across various Android devices thanks to its seamless integration with other Google services.

11. Steam

Steam is a digital distribution service and storefront developed by Valve Corporation, primarily focused on video games. Launched in 2003 as a software client for automatic game updates, Steam has since evolved into a comprehensive platform offering nearly 30,000 games from various publishers and developers. In addition to game distribution, Steam provides features like server matchmaking, anti-cheat measures, social networking, game streaming, and cloud storage for game progress. The Steam client also includes community features such as direct messaging, in-game overlays, and a virtual marketplace for collectables catering to the needs of gamers worldwide.

12. SourceForge

One of the top websites for hosting and sharing open-source software is SourceForge. Because of its extensive collection of free software, it is a preferred option for both enthusiasts and developers. SourceForge offers more than 500,000 projects in a variety of categories, including games, business apps, instructional software, and development tools. By enabling users to rate and evaluate software programmes, the platform promotes active community participation and aids in decision-making. A wide range of developer tools are also available on SourceForge, which promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange among programmers and software enthusiasts.

13. Itch

A portal called was created to host, sell, and download independent comics, zines, video games, indie role-playing games, and game components. Since its 2013 launch, has grown to become a central location for over 800,000 items made by independent authors and developers. The platform gives developers an excellent level of flexibility, which makes it the perfect place for inexperienced game developers and makers of tabletop role-playing games to hone their skills, share their work, and begin generating money. facilitates developer collaboration and assistance by enabling developers to organise game jams and sell their goods in “bundles” to one another.

14. Ninite

One of the most reliable websites for downloading free Windows software is Ninite. An extensive array of software options is available. You can get a customised downloader from this website as well.

This downloader makes it easy to download specific applications. Ninite is renowned for its security features, which protect your PC from harmful infections and have an easy-to-use UI.

15. MajorGeeks

This website is another torrent site with a standard interface. On the other hand, MajorGeeks is among the fastest websites for downloading free software.

This website has developed a stellar reputation in the last 15 years for software downloads. Go to the website and choose the programme you wish to download.

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