Top 10 Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2024

Voice recording might be the fastest way to make sure you remember what you need for later use when you want to take notes right away.

You can record your voice more efficiently than ever before with smartphones. Putting in a good microphone and recording software on your phone is all it takes to start recording your voice.

Recording your voice is the best way to do things like make quick notes or do voiceovers. It does happen, though, that the recorded sound could be better to understand and of better quality.

When this happens, it’s common to think the mic is broken, but your microphone isn’t the only thing that could be making your voice sound bad.

The quality you get will also depend on the vocal recording program you use. A good audio recorder program will keep the sound quality high, while a bad one will lose quality over time. If you want to record your voice or audio, you should only use the best tools.

Following Is The List Of The Best Audio Recorder Software

#1) Trebble

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

This is the best for AI-based music engineering.

Trebble is an online audio editor that is run by an intelligent AI. As an audio editor, Trebble makes it easy to record high-quality recordings in a studio. It is easy to share your recording on the platform; you can put it on your website or in your email.

The tool not only lets you record audio, but it also lets you share the audio with just one click and hosts it for free forever. The tool’s great recording features make it perfect for podcasting, and it also makes it easy to make money and gives you detailed data.


  • licensed free music and sound library
  • AI Reduction of Noise
  • Free hosting for everyone
  • Distribution on multiple platforms
  • Simple to share records.

Verdict: Trebble is a powerful and easy-to-use audio tool that lets you record audio that sounds like it was recorded in a studio. It also has features like unlimited free hosting, an easy way to make money and valuable data. This makes the tool perfect for podcasters who want an online audio recording and affordable editing tool.

Price: The tool is always free to use. The pro plan costs $19.99 a month, while the starting plan costs $7.99 a month.

Website: Trebble

#2) Leawo Music Recorder

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

Leawo Music Recorder is the best way to record music from your computer or the internet.

Leawo Music Recorder is a program that lets you record music or sound from your computer or other sources. The tool has many features, such as an album cover finder, a job scheduler, and more.

Among other music sources, it works with YouTube, AOL Music, and many more. Also, you can record songs through the microphone or another built-in sound source.


  • Leawo Music Recorder can automatically split songs into separate parts based on a set time limit.
  • You can set the start time and length of the recording with its advanced task planner.
  • It can automatically improve music by doing things like adding and finishing music details.
  • It has recording controls that can be changed by the user, such as the ability to set the time between two music records.

Verdict: Leawo Music Recorder offers many features and functions that make recording music more accessible and more user-friendly. It gives you a one-click

option to add the recorded songs to iTunes. This tool lets you handle and change the recorder music files.

Price: A license for one year costs $19.99, and a license for life costs $29.99. You can get a free sample by downloading it.

Website: Leawo

#3) Audacity

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

It is best if you want open-source or free recording software.

Even though it is open source and free to use, Audacity is excellent software for recording music and has a lot of features. The tool works with a lot of different running systems, like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its design is simple, and it doesn’t flood users with pictures and looks that aren’t needed.

It looks simple, but it has so many great functions that it’s truly unique. Setting up external equipment to record is easy, and then you can use the program to record, edit, and mix audio as you please. You can change the high and bass with this tool, and it also lets you look at frequencies.


  • It’s free and open source.
  • Change and mix sound
  • Analysis of Frequency
  • Simple UI

Verdict: There is a lot of buzzes about Audacity, and a lot of that is because it has a simple interface and a lot of complicated features that you can use for free. You can record sound, mix it, or even change it to your liking.

Price: Free

Website: Audacity

#4) WavePad

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

It has a lot of special effects and filters and is best for recording audio.

If you want speech recording software that is easy to use, WavePad is right up there. Even though it has a clean and straightforward interface, it has a lot of intelligent features that put it on this list. WavePad lets you record sound, mix it, cut out silences, and get rid of background noise.

The tool has a menu that can be changed in many ways, so users can add, remove, and rearrange tools as they see fit. This gives people the chance to make their experience more unique.

WavePad also has a lot of filters and effects that you can use to improve the sound of your recording. These can be done by hand or automatically. You can change the volume and balance of the sound and add effects like distortion, echo, amplify, and fade out.


  • Mix and split sound files
  • There are over 20 filters and a lot of effects.
  • Toolbar that can be changed
  • Remove silences

Verdict: The bottom line is that WavePad has a lot of excellent tools that work together to make recording awesome. You can make the movie better by adding filters and effects, and the tool looks unique because you can change how the toolbar looks.

Price: Free, $250 for commercial license.

Website: WavePad

#5) Apple GarageBand

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

This is the best Musical Workstation for Mac.

People who work with music know GarageBand best as a powerful musical workstation, but it can also be used to record speech. That’s mainly because it comes with full-featured music software that lets you make beats using Voices that sound like real instruments and a lot of different musical effects.

The software has a lot of presets for Guitar, Piano, Drums, and other instruments. These can be used to make your songs without using real instruments. The tool comes with a bunch of great amps and effects that you can use on recorded audio to make great music.

With this tool, you can show off your unique musical skills and make catchy songs in a lot of different styles, like Hip Hop, EDM, Indie, and more.


  • Shape-shifting buttons power powerful synths.
  • Make music without using an instrument.
  • There are many amps and effects to choose from.
  • Modern and easy-to-use UI.

Verdict: After careful consideration, we suggest GarageBand to people who are creative and want to make great music but need the right tools.

GarageBand is free, looks excellent, and has a lot of great features that you can use to change and play around with recorded sound and make beautiful music.

Price: Free

Website: Apple GarageBand

#6) Ardour

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

Best for musicians to record sound.

This is yet another excellent tool for recording sound that is great for artists. Ardour is more focused on improving recorded voice than GarageBand, which is a complete musical tool that can edit both voice and music.

The program is free and works with almost all operating systems on the market today. It has a clean interface and a lot of easy-to-use tools that help improve the quality of audio recordings. It’s easy to cut, stretch, or split the audio you’ve taped here.

You can also record and edit music on multiple tracks with Ardour. You can also bring in MIDI files and audio from your hard drive or the free sound database to mix sounds and have fun with your records.


  • A lot of plug-ins and extras.
  • Recording on multiple tracks
  • Editing sound
  • To change the music file, drag and drop it.

Verdict: For artists who want to change their recorded sound, Ardour is the best choice. It has a modern interface and many advanced features. It’s free, and it comes with a lot of plug-ins and add-ons that make it better for users.

Price: Free

Website: Ardour

#7) Ocenaudio

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10


The best for recording and editing sound.

When it comes to intelligent editing software, Ocenaudio does all the work of recording and editing audio. Because of this, it is a tool that users who want their writing tools to act much more automatically should pay attention to.

Even though Ocenaudio is a great audio player, its main job is as a delicate and robust editor. The tool has a great-looking user interface that is easy to use. It has a lot of complicated features. The tool lets users add a considerable number of sound effects and hear what they’ll sound like in real-time while they’re editing.

You can also choose different parts of the same music to edit, listen to, or add effects to at the same time. It is one of the best audio apps that works on multiple platforms and is widely used right now. It works wonderfully on Windows, Mac, and Linux with no problems.


  • Very quick and straightforward to use.
  • You can listen to, change, and add effects to recordings.
  • Multiple files can be chosen at once for processing.
  • Preview in real-time

Verdict: Ocenaudio is the tool you need if you want one that is smart, quick, and full of features that make recording and changing audio very easy. You can get this tool for free on either a Windows or a Mac computer and start processing music right away.

Price: Free

Website: Ocenaudio

#8) QuickTime

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

The best for recording and editing audio and video on a Mac.

If you have a Mac, QuickTime is a video editing program that also lets you record music and video on the fly for added convenience. You can start recording by going to the “files” tab on your screen and choosing “new audio recording.”

The tool also does a great job of recording video or sound on iOS devices. Once you’re done recording, QuickTime’s powerful editing tools make it easy to change, trim, or split the audio you’ve taped.


  • Recording video and sound
  • Editing video and sound
  • Clean and up-to-date UI
  • When you record sound, you can switch between high and medium quality.

Verdict: The bottom line is that QuickTime is best used as a tool for changing videos. The tool is more important than the recording. This tool can help you edit videos and record the sound from your Mac or iOS screen at the same time.

Price: Free

Website: QuickTime

#9) Adobe Audition

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

The best for mixing and fixing audio.

Adobe Audition might be one of the best audio tools on the market right now. Professional sound artists often say that you should use this tool. It is possible to record, edit, mix, and recover audio with these tools, which are full of valuable features.

The program is well-known for its powerful waveform and multi-track display. Not only that, but the tool also lets users combine several audio clips into one file, fix audio breaks, and make audio files in different forms.

This is an excellent tool for mixing music for podcasts. One way to describe Adobe Audition’s audio workstation is that it was made to make expert podcasts.


  • Multiple types of audio files can be played.
  • Put together music clips in a single file.
  • Change, cut, and mix sound.
  • Multiple track showing

Verdict: When it comes to finding an audio studio tool that has all the features you need to make a great podcast, Adobe Audition is the clear winner. Without question, it’s one of the best workstations out there.

Price: Free, $20.99/month.

Website: Adobe Audition

#10) Avid Pro Tools

Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2023 - Top 10

The best for recording sound and writing music.

Like Apple’s GarageBand, Avid Pro Tools is an excellent audio workstation that lets aspiring musicians make their songs without having to spend a lot of money on instruments. The quality is fantastic when recording sound and making songs that you can send around the world.

There is a complete user interface for this tool, which makes both recording and writing much more accessible. This feature lets you work with other artists in the cloud, so you can now make songs with other artists online.

Along with these features, you can also use MIDI editing, a considerable number of musical presets, loop recording, and extra tracks to play around and make great music.


  • Editor for MIDI
  • A lot of preset musical instruments.
  • Cloud working together
  • You can share your songs right from the app.

Verdict: Avid Pro Tools is a sound audio recorder and music creator, though it could be smoother than Apple’s GarageBand. It helps new musicians make and share good songs even when they have little money or time.

Price: Pro Tools Basic: $29.99 & Pro Tools Ultimate: $79.99

Website: Avid Pro Tools


Voice recording is now effortless thanks to a lot of powerful software and the ease of use that comes with mobile devices.

People record sound for many reasons, such as making podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. It’s essential to get the sound right when recording. The above tools are more than enough to get the job done.

Audacity is the best choice if you want a simple voice recorder with a lot of advanced features. Apple’s GarageBand or Ardour are the best options for musicians who need a full-featured audio studio that can also record.

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