How Facial Recognition Apps Have Disrupted Various Business Industries

Mobile application security is a top-notch priority of every development agency. There have been several instances of data breaches due to which business organizations have to incur huge losses. Thus, they are looking to implement the latest trends in mobile app security to migrate data leakage.

One popular mobile security trends that have hit the headlines is facial recognition. It is a next-generation technology that authenticates, authorizes, and verifies a person’s identity through their face. We can say that facial recognition is the advanced version of the biometric system. The current market value of facial recognition technology stands at $3.2 billion. It will reach up to $7 billion by 2024. 

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been the two most significant players that have surged the growth of facial recognition. The Internet of Things (IoT) has also played a key role in this prospect. The US and Canada are leading the market of facial recognition apps with Europe holding the second position.

Facial Recognition Apps Fueling Various Industries

The facial recognition apps have become a good asset for the companies to bolster their app data security. This is why top-notch companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are heavily investing in facial recognition technology.

Let’s sneak through how the facial recognition app is disrupting the various industries.

The Automobile Industry

Automobile manufacturers are quick to integrate facial recognition facilities. The companies are embedding the technology in vehicles. It helps to improve automobile security by authenticating drivers. Thus, they can reduce car theft through real-time access to the vehicle location.

The Internet of Things has propelled the growth of keyless features in combination with facial recognition. Moreover, you can also create driver profiles and store valuable information such as distance traveled, and the condition of the car. We can cite the example of Ford and Intel, which has created an innovative product that helps to start the car.

Healthcare Sector

Facial recognition has allowed the healthcare industry to put a giant stride forward. One of the unique examples is the diagnosis of DiGeorge, a rare genetic disease. People suffering from this particular problem have a peculiar facial abnormality giving specific expressions. The facial recognition app software can detect such expressions.

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in the US has developed this unique software with 96.6% accuracy. 

The facial recognition app has proved more than handly for blind people. A particular app Listerine helps them identify the condition when somebody is smiling at them. If the facial recognition app detects a smile, it will send vibrations to a blind person helping him to respond better. It also improves their quality of life.

According to Christopher Nellakar, Medical Research Fellow at Oxford University, “A facial recognition mobile application will assist a doctor to stay in the future. He will be able to take a smart picture of the patient to find out the type of genetic disease the patient is suffering from.” 

Retail Industry

Retailers have already started using innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality to boost customer experience. The addition of facial recognition in this platform has given another impetus to enhance their business prospects.

The introduction of retail giant Sephora allows retailers to add live 3D facial recognition to their virtual assistant app. This, in turn, allows them to conduct accurate facial tracking and rendering. Thus, customers can try out Sephora’s products in real-time. The goal of introducing Sephora is to increase conversions and make product search more interactive and fun-filed.

The facial recognition app helps you to identify a customer’s gender, age, etc. It also plays a supportive role in boosting ad campaigns so that you can target your potential customers in a more specific way. 

Banking and Finance Sector

Do you know what prominent banks such as HSBC, Bank of America, Chase, and Apple Pay have in common? All these financial institutions make use of a facial recognition app to authenticate and verify customers.

This means that you can log into the mobile banking app using facial recognition to perform any transaction. In fact, MasterCard has also experimented with this technology, allowing customers to perform the transaction using the phone’s camera. Countries like Spain have gone a step further where a user has to undergo facial recognition for withdrawing cash at the ATMs. It has eliminated the use of PINs providing more security.

The Aviation Industry

The aviation sector is not lacking behind in leveraging the benefit of facial recognition apps. It helps them streamline the customer experience wherein they can provide accelerated check-ins and baggage claims. We can highlight of JetBlue that makes use of facial recognition for authenticating passengers instead of issuing a boarding pass


Hoteliers are using facial detection to personalize the customer experience. They can scan the guest’s face to authenticate them, providing access to rooms and certain areas.


Several transforming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things have contributed to the growth of facial recognition. Facial detection plays a key role in defining the future security of mobile applications. As a matter of fact, several governments are also using facial recognition technology to authenticate the identity of its citizens.

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