Best Investment Property Loans Providers [Top 6]

When you start investing in real estate, you may have to learn a lot, not the least of which is how to pay for investment properties. Even if you have been investing in real estate for a long time, knowing how you can pay for an investment property can be helpful.

Even though there are many financial options, only some are right for some investors. That’s why it’s essential to learn everything there is to know about every investment property loan. Learning how to use these financial tools well will help investors get the best return on their money over the long term.

How to Choose One of the Best Loan Providers

When looking for one of the best loans for an investment property, it’s essential to know what terms and factors to look for. These things are having a good credit score, a significant down payment, and knowing how to apply. Being ready could save time and make your request more likely to be accepted.

Coverage Area

Real estate investors should remember that the lender must cover the property’s location. Local banks may be best for investors if the rental property is in the same city or county. If the property is in a different state or city, you may need to seek financing from a local lender. Buyers should first question lenders, “Would you finance an investment property in [this area]?” Understanding this could save time if the lender won’t finance the home.

Loan Amount

Each investment loan’s amount is significant. Learn here various financing options can help you buy an investment property. In expensive real estate markets, investment loan limits may be greater than $647,200. Investors should also ask potential lenders about their maximum loan amount. If the lender must give the funds, don’t buy that home.

Interest Rate

Investment property mortgage rates vary like all property loans. Most lenders consider investment property loans riskier than primary home mortgages. The borrower’s credit score usually determines loan interest rates. In general, lower interest rates improve credit scores. How much the borrower puts down could affect the interest rate. More money may lower your interest rate.

Minimum Credit Score

As with any loan, the lender will check the borrower’s credit score to verify creditworthiness. Credit scores enhance loan chances. Lenders help with poor credit borrowers. Some lenders will lend to persons with 620 credit scores, but most want 640 or better. Borrowers can acquire loans and better terms by improving their credit scores. Before applying for an investment loan, persons who wish to borrow money should check their credit score.

Down Payment

Like home loans, investment property loans require a down payment. Most lenders need a 20% down payment of the property’s worth. A 3.5 percent down payment is possible with an FHA or VA loan. Higher down payments increase loan approval and interest rates. Nevertheless, non-FHA or VA investment loans cannot include family or friend gifts as down payments.


Investment homebuyers can get several loans. Conventional loans don’t need homeowners to reside in them. An FHA or VA loan can buy a four-unit property if the borrower lives in one of the apartments. A non-qualified mortgage uses predicted rental revenue to approve borrowers who don’t fulfil conventional, FHA, or VA income requirements. Owner financing is possible if the seller is also the lender.

Home equity loans, HELOCs, and cash-out refinances can help homeowners buy investment properties. If they repay these loans, people may keep their principal residence.

A hard-money fix-and-flip loan could help the borrower sell the investment property.

Loan Options

Loans for investment properties take longer since the borrower must provide more property information. Look for a lender who simplifies this process. Today, many lenders offer online and phone loan applications, so consumers can select whatever works best for them. Possessing the necessary papers can speed things up. Evidence of the borrower’s income and assets, such as W-2s and bank statements.

Application Process

Most lenders finalize investment property loans in 30 days, which can seem like an eternity. Borrowers may ask lenders about their normal closing times to estimate the loan’s funding time. If the vendor wants many buyers right away, this is vital. Everyone hopes their lender doesn’t delay finalising the deal and cost them a great investment property. v

Best Investment Property Loans

If you need a loan for an investment property and have less-than-perfect credit, look for a lender who will work with you.

1) PennyMac

Why to choose this: PennyMac serves a wide geographic area, provides a variety of rate-locking choices, provides an instant online estimate, and provides a variety of mortgage, affordability, and home valuation calculators.

PennyMac has many benefits, the most obvious of which is its extensive service region, which encompasses every state excluding New York and the District of Columbia. Another benefit of getting preapproved for a loan is a lower interest rate. To help people save money on their investment loan, the bank offers a reduction of 0.5% of the principal amount, up to a maximum of $5,000. More extended rate-lock periods protect borrowers from rising interest rates, which means they pay less interest over the life of the loan.

To get a loan from PennyMac, borrowers must have a good to excellent credit score (680 or higher) and enough cash in their bank accounts to cover six months. PennyMac only offers one type of loan: a conventional loan. But for people who meet these requirements and need this type of loan, PennyMac may offer the best rates and terms.

On the company’s website, borrowers can use mortgage calculators, affordability calculators, home valuation tools, and an online quote tool, making it easier to understand loans and apply for them. The quote process doesn’t include a credit check, so the quote won’t show up on the applicant’s credit report or affect their credit score. Borrowers can better understand their total financing costs by comparing the interest rates, monthly payments, and APR of each loan option.


  • Coverage area: 50 States 
  • Minimum credit score: 680
  • Loan options: Conventional fixed rate
  • Application process: Online and also on phone.
  • Closing time frame: More then 21 days


  • Preapproval can save you up to $5,000 on your loan.
  • Extended rate-lock period choices (often between 60 and 90 days)
  • Easy-to-use quotation generator for the web
  • Easy-to-use resources for estimating the value of a home or other property


  • Standards for receiving a loan are relatively stringent
  • Options for obtaining funding are, at best, limited.


2) Lima One Capital

Why to choose this: Lima One Capital offers a wide range of financing options, an easy-to-use dashboard for managing loans, and an analysis of the real estate market. It also has a large coverage area and a simple application process.

Lima One gives customers many ways to pay for the purchase of investment properties, such as loans for rental, fix-and-flip, new construction, and multifamily properties. Borrowers may be better able to find the right loan to fund their real estate investment if they have more options.

Also, Lima One’s online dashboard is easy to use and lets borrowers check the status of their loan applications, apply for new loans, make payments on existing loans, and ask for services like loan extensions. This one-stop-shop makes it easy for borrowers to keep track of their loans, especially if they want to use the same lender to buy more than one investment property.

Even though Lima One’s interest rates start at 12% for first-time borrowers, experienced borrowers may be able to find much lower rates for investment property loans. Borrowers can also use Lima One’s market analysis to make better decisions about their real estate investments and decide if it makes financial sense to buy property in certain areas.


  • Coverage area: 47 states
  • Minimum credit score: 660
  • Loan options: Rental, fix, and flip
  • Application process: Online and also on phone
  • Closing time frame: 30 days


  • Many financing options are available
  • Straightforward loan management via an online dashboard
  • Insightful real estate market analysis available


  • Somewhat high-interest rates for first-time investors


3) Kiavi

Why to choose this: Kiavi has flexible eligibility requirements, like the ability to get a loan without a proof of income, and it doesn’t have a strict debt-to-income (DTI) ratio requirement.

Because Kiavi has flexible requirements for who can get a loan, people who are just learning how to invest in real estate without money may be able to get the money they need. To get a loan, borrowers do not have to show proof of income, like W-2 forms or tax returns, to the lender. This can make it easier for borrowers with inconsistent income to get the money they need to invest in real estate.

In addition, although most loan providers necessitate that borrowers satisfy specific DTI thresholds before approval, Kiavi still needs to. This makes it possible for more people to get an investment property loan which might have had trouble getting money before. As Kiavi is only available in some borrowers will have to go elsewhere for financial assistance if Kiavi doesn’t service their area.

Fix-and-flip loans don’t need appraisals, so investors can get money without paying for and going through a home appraisal. They also don’t have to worry that their loan won’t go through if there are problems with the home appraisal, which could happen with a lender who needs an appraisal.


  • Coverage area: 33 states.
  • Minimum credit score: 640
  • Loan options: Rental, Flip and fix
  • Application process: Online and also Phone
  • Closing time frame: More then 10 business days


  • An appraisal is not required for fix-and-flip loans
  • Income documentation is not required
  • No required minimum ratio of debt to income


  • A limited number of 32 states and the District of Columbia are covered by their service.


4) LendingOne

Why to choose this: LendingOne focuses on loans for real estate investments and has a quick closing time of 10 to 14 days and a wide range of financing options for borrowers.

LendingOne’s business is all about investment property loans, so the loan officers and support staff have the specialized knowledge to answer any questions or address any borrower’s concerns. LendingOne has many different types of loans for investment properties, such as new construction loans and fixing-up properties to rent. No matter what kind of rental property a borrower wants to pay for, LendingOne has a loan option that will work for them. The company also has a short closing time of 10 to 14 days, which means that borrowers can get their financing quickly, finish their purchase, and start making money from their new rental property as soon as possible.

LendingOne only works with investors who have bought at least one investment property before. This means that first-time investors who need a loan will have to look elsewhere. Also, read Best Memory Foam Mattresses.


  • Coverage area: 47 States
  • Minimum credit score: 680
  • Loan options: Rental, fix and flip
  • Application process: Online and also on phone
  • Closing time frame: 10 – 14 days


  • Specialty in real estate investment loans
  • Many financing options are available
  • Quick 10- to 14-day closing time frame


  • Previous investment experience required
  • Relatively high 680 minimum credit score requirement


5) Veterans United

Why to choose this: Veterans United is an organization that focuses solely on VA loans. As such, it may assist veterans who are qualified for such loans and wish to use them to purchase a primary residence.

Veterans United only works with eligible service members who want to invest in homes they will live in. Since this is the case, borrowers can only use this method if they buy a vacation rental property. With this lender, borrowers would only be able to buy a small number of types of investment properties.

Because Veterans United focuses on VA loans, it can better help borrowers figure out if they meet the requirements and get the right loan for their purchase. And because the company’s credit score requirements aren’t too high, more people can get a loan as long as they meet the other requirements for a VA loan.


  • Coverage area: 51 states
  • Minimum credit score: 620
  • Loan options: VA loans
  • Application process: Online and also on the phone
  • Closing time frame: 30 – 45 days


  • Specialty in VA loans
  • Large service area covering in 51 states.
  • 620 minimum credit score requirement


  • Eligibility is restricted to service members
  • Loan availability is limited to owner-occupied properties


6) CoreVest Finance

Why to choose this: CoreVest Finance has a large coverage area, focuses on real estate investment loans, and has a lot of financing options for people who have done a lot of real estate investing before.

CoreVest Finance is an expert in real estate investment loans, so it knows what financing is needed to buy investment properties and how this type of real estate transaction works. Since the lender mainly handles loans for real estate investments, borrowers can feel more confident that there won’t be any surprises when they try to get financing. To be eligible for a loan, borrowers must have made at least three real estate investments in the past two years. This can be a problem for investors who are just starting.

CoreVest Finance offers several types of investment property loans to people who qualify. These include loans for rental, fix-and-flip, new construction, and multifamily properties. Because of this, borrowers are more likely to be able to find the right kind of financing to buy the investment property they want.


  • Coverage area: 49 states
  • Minimum credit score: 660
  • Loan options: Rental, fix and flip
  • Application process: Online and also on the phone
  • Closing time frame: 3 – 6 weeks


  • Specialty in real estate investment loans
  • Many financing options are available


  • Significant previous investment experience required


Our Verdict

We chose PennyMac as the Best Overall because it gives borrowers fast and easy-to-use tools and helps them in all states except New York. Lima One Capital was chosen as Runner-Up because it has a lot of financing options and a simple dashboard for managing loans.

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