10 Practical Reasons How Girls Education Will Impact Society

Today the world is fast changing. Faithfully keeping pace with the times. Technology advancements, currently exert a significant influence over everything. Education as well is catching up with the pace, with radical transformations that are now hugely reflected in modern society’s perspective and standards. Education today has come so far when it is now possible to make everything connected to you acquiring your education can now be all done online via e-commerce, e-business, and e-learning. All these possibilities make education highly accessible to everyone.

Through technology advancement educational opportunities are highly accessible today. With more emphasis for girls to avail of the opportunity to achieve the highest form of education they possibly can. Girls are no longer left at home keeping everyone in the family healthy, happy and thriving but also get degrees in their spare time. A good cause championed by many celebrities and world-renowned individuals gathering more support as more positive results is shown.

Here are 10 reasons by experts from Do My Homework Now how girls education will impact society:

  1. Empower a robust economy 

When a nation ensures its populace is educated, according to studies, it could expect robust economic growth in return. The World Bank in connection with this study released a global statistic result of about 1% GDP.  The result could be more when girls are educated. They could be gainfully employed, provide services and produce goods to earn money.

  1. Enhance women’s social status 

A UNESCO study conducted in 58 countries, found that educating girls make them more likely to wait to marry at the right age. This reduces the chances of teen pregnancy, removing risks of high infant mortality. Educated girls are less likely also to have time to get involved in early sexual encounters resulting in unsafe pregnancy leading to infant deaths.

The greater the number of days they stay in school the lesser the number of chances they would fall to juvenile delinquency.

  1. Provide society capacity to sustain healthy families and stable inter social relationships

Some studies came up with more specific results highlighting the role highly educated women play in keeping up the high standard of family economic and social status. The higher the level of education a woman gets, she tends to keep the number of family members at a manageable level. Keeping the family at better living standards. The more the level of education she gets the higher is the compensation package she could get.

  1. Reduced recurrence and occurrence of highly contagious infectious diseases

When girls are educated, they are better at comprehending the emphasis of vaccination and disease prevention. As mothers, sisters, and aunts they know the importance of government programs geared towards the eradication of diseases. In third world countries where they have a high number of educated girls, there are fewer cases of HIV infections. Malaria and TB infections are continually becoming non-existent. Epidemics are also less and in shorter periods and some countries even have zero.

  1. Enhance women empowerment

Society will benefit more when there are more educated women in its populace. World Bank and Plan international published a study result that highlights the number of advantageous benefits a certain community with more numbers of girls with a high level of education compared to a community where their numbers are low.

More women in the police force, health and medical sectors and in law and justice invites more women suffering from domestic and workplace abuse to come out and report criminal acts committed against them. Making society safer and secure for the children and other less fortunate like the elderly and mentally challenged.

  1. Reduce leadership equality gaps

More women to speak up against leadership disparity. As the number of women who get high levels of education increase the number of women leaders increases. Providing balance in leadership positions. Narrowing the gap between patriarchal and maternal governance. Delivering a much-needed balance inequality and equity. Women are naturally more caring and tender towards injustices and social ails thus able to provide a more compassionate and thoughtful authority.

  1. Boost the number of intelligent discourses from women on nature and environmental causes 

Highly educated women have more mental and psychological resources to voice intelligent discourse on environmental matters. Today these highly educated women are increasing and their points are being heard and investigated. Today most causes have both sides being defended as more men listen to the intelligent women speaking up against or in favor of their points. One such woman is the Nobel Laureate Wangari Mathai, an environmentalist from Kenya.

  1. More individuals to advocate for the injustices of child brides

The sorest topic of today’s discourse is against the proliferation of child marriages. As today it has spread out to western countries from third world countries. To the extent that some unscrupulous individuals make western children submit to this oppressive and abusive practice. In India and Africa, more and more highly educated women lobby and lawfully fight this practice.

  1. More opportunity for propitious employment and high salary

The higher the education a woman has the more opportunities for propitious employment prospects she can have. Especially when a girl consistently gets good grades throughout the education levels she goes through. The more opportunity for her to give her family a better life and improve their social status within the community.

  1. Improve the level of literacy of the global populace

Girls in the past decades outnumbered boys by a significant ratio. And the practice of many third world countries of sending boys to school while girls stay at home to keep house and bear children made the gap between educated boys and girls very significant indeed. To the extent of alarming global thinkers and made to take initiatives to end this inequality. Slowly this social problem is now being addressed. Many third world countries are now making moves to provide equal opportunities to boys and girls to get education encouraged by the results achieved by the pioneers who took action many years ago.

As an integral part of society, we must be enablers of what is just and fair. We all know the importance of education and the benefits it can contribute towards the fulfillment of our plans. Help spread awareness about this good cause. Tell every child you know, especially little girls, how they need to get an education as their ultimate life goals.

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