Quizizz: Best Online Quiz Platform For Students

Quizizz imitates an online testing site, The format of popular game shows. This necessitates the development of a FAQ system that functions on desktop clients, Chrome, iOS, and Android mobile browsers. The student believes that studying is more enjoyable because they can take an exam on their own devices and because the interactions are game-like. With the resources available, teachers can use pre-made tests or design their own from scratch. Students do not need to create individual accounts because each user is given a different passcode. Additionally, their confidentiality and sensitive data can be protected.

Because it provides a variety of easily-created quizzes, this website is a valuable tool for teachers. However, they can offer students and classes a more in-depth and individualized service because these may be altered.

What purpose does Quizizz fulfill?

For usage in the classroom, Quizizz requires registration. In addition to the necessary primary data, you may also utilize a Google or Microsoft account linked to your school. The main reason why this product is useful is that it integrates easily with other web-based services like Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Remind.

Teachers can search and organize the database of quiz possibilities to make it simple to select the appropriate quiz. A pre-existing questionnaire can provide you with the exact information you require. You have the option of going back and changing the last draught.

One option is a new test that includes both single- and multiple-selection multiple-choice alternatives for each question. If manual typing saves more time, teachers can select it over rich media choices. Include illustrations in your questions and answer choices, and provide each pupil with individualized feedback. For instance, a viral internet joke might be started using the students’ answers. There are numerous options, and teachers can even create their own.

Quizziz’s Characteristics

Users can create and take quizzes using the Quizziz internet platform. Quizziz’s key characteristics include the following:

1. I created a test using Quizziz, which makes it simple to make quizzes. True-false, multiple-choice, and free-form questions are all acceptable. The platform’s quiz creation tool is simple and lets you change the question’s scheduling, options, and appearance.

2. Database for Research: You can explore and choose questions from a large selection of previously prepared questions using Quizziz’s question bank. This time-saving tool offers a database of questions on different subjects.

3. Interactive Live Quizzes: Quizziz specializes in multi-participant, real-time quizzes. All that participants need to attend a quiz session is the entry of a game code. The platform allows for real-time multiplayer interactions, making it appropriate for use in training settings, schools, and casual competitions.

4. The Fun of Gamification: Quizziz uses game design features to make taking quizzes entertaining and engaging. To encourage healthy competition and recognize top performers, each player’s speed and accuracy are monitored and recorded on a scoreboard.


  • The lesson plan or website encourages students to think critically and creatively. I mainly use it to assess content.
  • Quizizz makes me feel right at home. I can rapidly determine my students’ knowledge gaps and how they are progressing.
  • They appreciate that it highlights their expertise and competence, boosting their self-esteem even if they don’t rank in the top five.
  • They discover that using powerups and other entertaining features while taking a quiz more than once is more fascinating than taking a standard test.


  • I haven’t yet found anything I dislike about it. However, my kids find the power-ups to be annoying.
  • However, the software has a significant fault in that quizzes occasionally contain mistakes and must be double-checked.
  • “The ONLY problem I’ve had with this programme is that, when I give live courses, I only receive a few genuine names,” the customer claimed.
  • If a student forgets to turn in an assignment, I must start again because it costs money to “reactivate” a quiz.


Reports and Analysis with Great Detail

Users on Quizziz receive in-depth feedback and analysis after completing a quiz. You can find out how much time each person spent on the question, how accurately they responded, and their final score. These records assist in monitoring participant growth and identifying areas for improvement.

Integration of systems for learning management

Popular LMSs like Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom can be integrated with Quizziz. This enables adding quizzes to the pedagogical practices of teachers and trainers simple. Quizziz is a website for sharing and collaborating on quizzes. If you provide each participant with a unique quiz code, you can distribute quizzes to complete at their convenience. By exchanging and modifying quizzes, teachers can work together.

There are several distinct kinds of questions: You can post questions on Quizziz in various styles, such as multiple-choice, true/false, and free-form text. The presentation of questions can be made more interesting by using visual aids like pictures, movies, and mathematics.

Adaptive features: Text-to-speech, color contrast settings, and keyboard access are just a few of Quizziz’s accessible features. With the help of these characteristics, the platform will be usable by a wide range of users, including those with movement or sensory limitations.

Quizziz is devoted to safeguarding the privacy of its users’ personal information. It respects your privacy and offers choices for limiting who can take your quizzes. Quizziz users are not required to divulge any personal information to utilize the service, protecting their privacy.

What is the price of Quizizz?

Despite providing a free trial, Quizizz’s homepage needs to be more active on pricing, aside from business-related possibilities. The $10/month plan costs $96 annually versus $0 for the free option. You can use any question from the Quizizz Super database to create as many tests and lessons as you want. There are no ads when playing games, watching interactive movies, or reading answer explanations.

Top Quizizz Tips for Use

Spend time looking: Instead of creating your quiz, searching the database will save you time in the long run. Additionally, as you use the platform more frequently, your proficiency increases.

Spot early and act: Give pupils an exam to gauge their knowledge of the content before starting a new class or semester. Using this knowledge, you can better personalize your courses to the needs of the entire class and specific students.

Parent involvement: Have kids evaluate their work and email the results to their parents, possibly once a month, to give them the benefit of a second set of eyes.

What standards should I use to locate a specific test or lesson?

Thousands of pre-made tests and lessons that other professors and educators have prepared are available in the Quizizz library. Icebreakers and bell ringers, mathematics, English and Language Arts, social studies, international languages, physics, computer science abilities, and many more are just a few of the several categories these resources are divided into. The website has a search feature that users can use to find examinations and courses. The steps are as follows:

  • Log into Quizizz to enter.
  • Click on Explore in the left-hand menu.
  • By utilizing the search box or exploring the featured sections, you can easily find what you’re looking for.
  • You can focus your search results by choosing a particular Level (Elementary to University), Content Area, Language, Question Count, etc.
  • Hovering over search results will show you a preview of the questions and courses.
  • Click Play to start a live quiz, set it as homework, or read a preview after finding the quiz or lesson you want to see.

How can I set up a Quizizz quiz?

Compared to live quizzes, assigned quizzes give students more autonomy. In the Quizizz library, you may assign quizzes that you created yourself or publish them for public use. It’s simple to find a suitable quiz for your class by selecting the Assign Homework tab and, if required, setting a due date. Click the Assign button after making any necessary adjustments to the settings.

Making a Quizizz lesson of your own

To share games and quizzes with your students, create a class on Quizizz. Alternatively, you can import students and content from Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas into a new class. Create a new class by doing the following:

  • Log into Quizizz to enter.
  • On the left pane, select Classes to create a new category.
  • The name of your course should be entered here.
  • Please select “Create class.”
  • Provide the URL or code you generated to the pupils.
  • To sign in, students go to and input the class code.

Styles used by Qiuzziz

The main workflows in this software are two. You can use these variables to build ideal tests for you, whether you’re a teacher or a student. Materials for evaluation are not only created by teachers. It can be fun to take a quiz with your friends or coworkers. A list of all the various quiz creation options in Qiuzziz is provided below.

The real-time quiz option allows users to check their scores as soon as they submit their responses. You must give people a unique code to access the quiz in this way. To begin, they will require that code and their names. After the test has started, they will receive the usual quiz results. You can monitor the screen as a designer to see how the users are faring.

How might it aid one in learning new information?

The pupils will learn new terms related to their field of study thanks to Qiuzziz. Nobody is too dim to pick up new terms. However, it can be applied to exams in all fields of study. It will make it easier for you to understand the nuances of your subject. An AI-based system will generate questions about your subject. Additionally, the portal offers a pre-paid, time-saving quiz alternative.


Another option for giving quizzes in advance is to toggle Default. You must design a test and designate it as homework in this situation. The quiz’s completion time may be limited for participants. This is the standard practice for appraising employees in many businesses. Each participant must complete the test and submit it by the deadline. They must enter their email addresses to sign up and access this account. The results will be made public once the quiz has been submitted. After the cutoff, you can review the participants’ overall scores in your account.

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