Common IoT Implementation Mistakes And How To Tackle Them

Although IoT is one of the fastest growing sectors on the global scale, business owners still have many concerns and questions regarding this particular type of technology.

One of the many questions that business owners have is whether their business is big enough for this tech or not. According to the stats, IoT has helped both the small and large scale businesses to grow in the recent years. That is a good indication of the usefulness of IoT for all types of businesses.

While using IoT the right way can help your business grow rapidly, making mistakes in it implementation can however prove to be a costly mistake. Here are some of the most common mistakes businesses make while implementing IoT and how your can actually tackle them.

Security Concerns

Almost all of the business sectors across the globe agree that IoT can actually help them grow faster, but security concerns are also on a rise due to the ever increasing amount of data that is being collected. Networks with large amounts of crucial data being exchanged through them require data access restrictions in order to keep everything safe from unwanted hands.

Security flaws like privacy issues, firmware issues, less physical security, and flaws in web interface can take a toll on the business if not treated accordingly. If you don’t have any type of end to end security measures, your data might become prone to cyber attacks.

One of the best ways to address this type of security concerns is to run an external security audit of the IoT devices. Making sure that the devices are safe will enable you to install more of them whenever needed.


Many businesses are implementing IoT services just to improve the efficiency of their operations and save some money in the process. That is what makes the cost of implementation an important thing to consider. But don’t be fooled, as there are various things that influence the overall costs.

For example, hardware is a big factor that affects the end cost of IoT implementation, that is why the number of devices you use in your IoT framework will directly affect the prices. Some other things might also affect the cost of implementation, so, take any steps only after careful consideration and analysis of the costs.

Poor Data Forecasts

A lot of data is already being collected by business around the globe. The amount of data being collected is increasing on an exponential rate. Businesses need to make good data forecasts to set their IoT implementation and spending goals. Failing to do so can cause the data storage to swell beyond the scope of your business.

Although more data collection sounds like an effective way of optimizing the products, it can prove to be counterproductive for the business.

The solution is making good data collection and usage policy with better data forecasts to avoid overspending. You can save a lot by accessing your exact needs rather than maxing out on everything.

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