Things To Consider Before Studying In Sydney

Moving to a beautiful city like Sydney looks pretty much like a walk in the park for any student. Most of them think that life is going to be as same in Sydney as it is in their native town. However, you should be ready to face the music of ending up in a city that is full of surprises. This is why immigration and overseas education consultants and experts always advise young students to do their homework about their education destination. This prior study allows them to be prepared for the coming challenges. 

Especially if you are in Australia to pursue any of the business courses in Sydney, you must make peace with the living standards and requirements of this amazing city. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Australia. It is Australia’s oldest and largest city with a population of around 4 million. It has a world-famous opera house where we all get to see the New Year fireworks. It is not only all about the fun life and beauty of the Capital City of Australia. Over the past decade or so, the city has become a popular haven for foreign students. Foreign students make up for around 43% of the total population of immigrants in Melbourne and Sydney. They have reputational educational institutes with outstanding opportunities for students.

If you have your heart set on studying in Sydney, Australia. Here we have compiled a list of a few essential things to keep in mind so that you can work, study, and have fun during your stay in Australia.


Most of the students, who choose Australia as their destination for higher education, represent a different culture and lifestyle. Naturally, you face many challenges when you travel around the world to earn your degree. Many students find it difficult to cope up with the change as their previous schooling didn’t prepare them for a global challenge. By now, you should have done all your studies, agreed on the right institution and course for you and made an application. If you haven’t done this, then it is not too late, but you must act quickly.


One of the most amazing things about Sydney is that it continues to feature among the world’s best 10 as well as the most expensive cities in the world. You may need extra cash to survive in this city because you will need those extra bucks to make sure you have enough left for grocery, housing, etc. The rental values are not sky-high in Sydney, and you can easily arrange a decent living. Consider saving some extra money before you land on the Aussie soil because even if you don’t have to pay for your university fee, you still don’t get additional funds from your university back home.


Jet Lag is a temporary disorder that causes insomnia, fatigue, and other similar symptoms due to long air travel across multiple time zones. The time difference between Australia and the Americas is seriously big enough. Therefore, it is always suggested to get acclimatized to your new time zone in Australia as soon as possible. If you are set to land in Australia in the morning, you should keep yourself awake as much as you can to explore the new place and get accustomed to its life. 

On the other hand, if you are going to land in the night, you should not waste the chance to enjoy a full night’s sleep. The sooner you are plunging into your new time zone, the better it is. However, as soon as you are done with jet lag, you will have your work cut out in the new place. This is when you will be able to allocate time to stay in touch with your family members and friends back home through Skype or any other means. So if you are giving a specific time to your family for skype calling sessions, then consider giving date and time both.


There is one and magnificent Sydney Opera House, and Melbourne has many more attractions. Anyone would love to visit such amazing places, but before you plan any such thing, you should make sure that you have enough time and money up your sleeves. 


The University of Australia is organized quite differently, and far less time is consumed to contact lecturers. There is also a lot of flexibility about module choices and retaking exams. Most of the Aussie educational institutes use a grading system to evaluate the academic merit of a student, such as distinction (D), High Distinction (HD), Pass (P), Credit (C) and Fail (F) as per their grading system. Always make sure to inquire about the Aussie education grading system with your consultants.


You can earn it back all the amount you spent on traveling or studying. The general study visa in Australia allows you to do some kind of job for certain hours per week. It would also be a perfect opportunity to showcase yourself and meet new people. One of the major drawbacks of pursuing your education on foreign soil is that it becomes hard to make people understand that you are actually going there to study and not to have a vacation. It is crucial for the students to maintain a nice balance between your studies and job so that you are always on top of your game. There is no dearth of jobs in Australia for foreign students who look to work full-time or part-time. However, you must keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to do any job until your classes commence. You also might find it difficult to balance your work and education. 


Before you go to any place, you should be familiar with its rules and regulations. Especially, road rules are very important in any new country or city. At some point during your stay in Australia, you may get your hands on a driving wheel, even if on rent. First, you should be aware of the fact that Aussies drive on the left side of the road, unlike in the Americas.


This should be one of the top priority tasks on your list when you land in Sydney. You should immediately open a bank account in any of this city’s banks. You should focus more on different strategies to save every single cent that you can because at some stage you are going to need them. However, there are many other banks that offer to open your bank account at nominal interest charges. This bank account will also come handy if you want to try your luck with some job.


If you are going to Sydney on an abroad study program, your health report might be include. However, if you are studying directly with the university, then chances are that you will be required to get health insurance in Australia. You need health insurance, that is also an important criterion for your student visa. 


The seasons of Sydney are always flipping. At one time, it is cold, and only in few days it is time for hitting up the beaches and surfing so if you are going to, for instance, Australia in the summer of the northern hemisphere, you will find winter season there. So make sure to pack accordingly.


Sydney is a country with the capacity to become home to a number of cultures. You will soon be interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. You will explore more and find a good exposure. You will make friends from all cultures and religions. Amazing restaurants, galleries, and museums, picturesque parks, and many more attractions make Australia a remarkable place to explore and pursue your higher education. Don’t be afraid to ask for support or advice when you have to come in terms of Australian life and culture. You will never be short of help and support in such a multi-cultural society.


Time flies, and it is not specific to Sydney, but you would wish to go back and relive the moments as soon as you are back. You will miss every second that you have spent there whether it was filled with happiness or sorrow. But you get comfortable in moving to one country to another, and you would get fond of traveling and exploring and experiencing new adventures every day.

The Final Words

After reading all these amazing Sydney facts, it would be easy to do your own research and prepare yourself in a better and organized way so that you can avoid the upcoming hardships. Apart from the challenges, Sydney is a beautiful place to be and pursue your educational dreams. This city presents everything that a foreigner would love to explore.

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