Top 5 Online Calculators Almost Every Student Should Know

Online learning has long been availed by the students and has been a source of enhancement of knowledge for them. Online learning includes educational websites which have online lectures, quizzes, prerecorded lectures and so much more along with tools.
Online learning and educational websites have connected all the educational institutions along the globe. Now you can learn out of the box. Your knowledge does not remain confined to your textbooks. If you have any kind of query, you can easily get the answer to that question by different teachers not only from the one’s in your own country but the one’s around the world. This helps you get a broader vision of a specific topic and provides you with streams of knowledge.
One very significant development in the world of online education was online calculator development. These calculators are the tools we have mentioned above. The question is, are these calculators like the scientific calculator which you use for calculations? And the answer is NO. These calculators are so much more than that and have a bundle of different features. Let’s refer to the calculators below and look into their details for more information.
We have shortlisted some of the best calculators present online for you. Since there are a variety of different ones which you can find at the web, it’s actually hard to select ones which you can blindly rely on. So we have made things easier for you by selecting some of the available ones.


What kind of calculators do you need? A physics one? A chemistry one? A math one? The one to calculate income tax for you? You name it and they have it. From the calculations of maths to Quantum physics, these calculators do it all. These calculators have an in-built sheet of formulas in them. And so you can do the calculations and perform different math’s within a matter of seconds. 

The best part about this calculator is that they provide you with a proper formula sheet along with the methodology through which the final unit was derived (present in the answer). This is actually helpful since you can know the formula that has been used for your calculation. You also get to know how you obtained the final unit. There are bits of notes also available on the site which introduce you to the topic upon which the calculator is based. This helps you do a quick revision.

This calculator is not only used for the academic purposes but individual from other spheres can use it as well.
So it is your helpful guide which you can carry anywhere you want and also provides for you the most precise and accurate calculations within seconds.


This site also has an extensive list of available calculators. From the finance one, to the health ones (From which you can calculate BMR, BMI and so much more), they have everything you need at their site. These well-developed calculators are just what you need.

Each subject, for example the Health one or chemistry one, has further numerous subtopics in them upon which the calculators are based. Hence, you get almost everything in one side.
The well assembled and sorted out outlook of the calculator is another commendable thing. You can search for the calculator you want without looking for the required one from the list. Moreover, it is very simple and easy to use.

3- is another widely used site by the students and other officials. Want to know about your savings, investments, debt, loans, credit cards, mortgage and so much more? You can, through the use of these calculators available at this site. This site also works like a helpful guide. 

A guide which provides you with all the desired information that you might need regarding a certain topic. For example, if you want to buy a house or start up some sort of business and you need loan for it. You can use the loan calculator and with the calculator is present a guide. This guide makes you come in terms with the things you might need to consider before taking loan. Which is SUPER helpful.
So you get a calculator and informative website right at one place.


This site contains a number of calculators, convertors and so much more. Just like, this site also contains calculators based upon different topics. Which are not only helpful for the students but even the professional and practicing individuals. For example, you want to know something about finance? Such as the percent off? Then you should use their percent off calculator.
The prove to be the most helpful tools which can do your calculations and can solve the required question within seconds. 

The convertors are also extremely vital because you do not know that the entities present in your problem might be in some other unit and you can convert them according to your requirement.

5- Byju’s calculators

Have you encountered some sort of complicated problem which is related to math’s or some sort of numerical query regarding physics? Then, you definitely need this tool. This tool has a simplified solution of your calculators and hence you do not have to go through a very extensive methodology to get your answer.
It does all the needed calculations within a matter of seconds. You can even solve complex equations which you might be having difficulties working with. 

This calculator is all reliable and accurate but one thing that must be considered before it use is that this calculator is specifically built for academic purposes. You do not get the finance calculators or calculators related to health etc. at this website. But it is a perfect one for students. 

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