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9 Excellent Office Gadgets to Enhance Your Office Life

Getting bored with your mundane office life and want to make it more interesting? Then, you have reached the right place as we have brought for you 9 amazing office gadgets that you can use to enhance your office life.

Some of the gadgets will make your work easy and effective and some will help you to work stress-free. Just try any of them which you feel that you need it at the moment and feel the difference that you have in your office life. Let’s move ahead.

1: AirBar

Looking for a touchscreen laptop but don’t want to spend too much money? Then, get this device which will turn your regular laptop into a touchscreen instantly.

AirBar is widely used all over the world as people prefer touchscreen laptops these days rather than regular ones. You have to just attach the bar to the bottom of the laptop using magnets and connect it to the laptop via USB and start using the touchscreen panel.

Also, you don’t need to permanently connect the bar with your laptop. You can take it out and operate it normally with your mouse or touchpad.

This bar is compatible with Mac and Windows 10 laptops. The price is generally around $60 so just get this device for your laptop and operate it freely and seamlessly with your fingers.

2: VoIP Phones

The VoIP phones are designed to send and receive calls over an IP network. They are different from the landline phones which send and receive calls over metallic wire or optical fiber telephone lines. Their price is less as compared to the landline phones and with this, you can make calls from your desktop, mobile, phone and integrate with other business software as well.

3: Flippable Platform Electric Standing Desk

These flippable electric standing desks are getting very much popular and many people are ordering them to work comfortably. The purpose of this standing desks is to make you feel comfortable while working on your laptop. You can work on your laptop with this standing desk in sitting and standing modes easily.

Many people suffer from back pain as they work continuously for long hours in sitting mode. This device is very good for them as they can take some break from sitting and can still continue working in a standing position. After taking a heavy lunch, it is advisable not to sit but take a walk. Suppose, you are having an urgent deadline and need to submit your work just after lunch then you can do it with this standing desk effectively.

The price of this standing desk is variable as different companies sell them for different rates. So, you should do some internet search and get the best desk for yourself with the finest features.

4: Label writers

Label writers are used by businesses to print different labels. For example, people use them to print the barcode, warehouse labels, shipping labels, bulk mailing labels, custom labels and more.

These devices are generally compatible with a wide range of online selling platforms and shipping carriers so no need to worry about anything. Just check out the features of these devices when you buy them as different label writers have different features and functionalities. You can get these writers around $100.

5: USB Coffee maker

This device is a must for coffee lovers. In offices, people tend to get bored with work and they need tea or coffee to charge themselves.

This USB powered coffee maker can be a great device for you and you can get your hot coffee in no time. Just plug the USB cable to your laptop and it will get the power. Your office colleagues will also get happy seeing this device and appreciate your techy nature.

6: Desktop Punching ball

This punching ball is good for those who feel much stress at the workplace. They can punch the ball whenever they want and feel stress-free. If your boss is putting too much pressure on you and you can’t handle it, punch the ball as many times you want and get back to work.

This exercise is really good for those who are very sensitive and can’t handle peer pressure in the work environment. They will have a relax mind after they follow this exercise and will be able to work peacefully. But, before putting at your workplace, don’t forget to ask your boss about this. (Hahaha)

7: Stationery holder

In this digital world, stationery still plays a very important role in corporate companies and offices. People use pens, pencils, diaries and other stationery stuff in their day-to-day life. Apart from this, business cards and other stuff lies on the desk. All this stuff is kept in a very unorganized manner on the desk.

For this, the stationery holder is a good thing to use for keeping your stationery stuff organized. It is not much expensive so you should think to buy it.

8: Silent mouse

Does your mouse clicks make noise and harass your colleagues? then better you should get a silent mouse to work peacefully. After getting this, you won’t be having any complaints from your colleagues and you will be able to work silently. If your neighbor makes too much noise with his/her mouse then better plan to gif him/her this silent mouse.

9: Fidget spinner

Another very popular instrument that people generally love to play freely is the fidget spinner. The main motive of this device is to make anxious people calm down their anxiety by focusing on spinning it for some time.

If you are having stress, fear or anxiety at your workplace then you can start using this device and you will feel the result. You will be much less anxious after spinning it for sure.

Many people have experienced it during their office time and gave positive feedback about it. It is quite cheap and available anywhere in the market so just get it today if you want to get rid of your anxiety.

So, here was a brief overview of the 9 amazing office gadgets. Just get these gadgets that suit your needs and enhance your office life with them. Keep following Architecture Ideas to get more such informative posts regularly!

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