15 Best Pokémon Games for Android in 2024

Pokemon is the epitome of love for all the kids of the 1990s. When the show debuted in April 1997, kids instantly became enamoured with Pikachu and other Pokemon creatures. Even if those kids are now older, the majority of us are still very much like those creatures. Gaming firms, therefore, created the most excellent Pokemon g, games for Android, and they were based on the same Pokemon tales. The majority of the games gained popularity instantly due to the show’s enormous popularity. But if you also adore Pokemon monsters, then you’re in the correct place.

The augmented reality game Pokémon Go swept the mobile gaming community in late 2016. It was the game that first made location-based augmented reality (AR) famous and encouraged players to get outside and explore their surroundings in order to find and catch various Pokémon. Gamers caught up in the Pokémon Go craze used to be everywhere.

List of Best Pokémon Games for Android

Pokemon is a prominent gaming franchise consisting of a series of video games. You may enjoy playing games if you enjoy watching Pokemon episodes. Since smartphones are video game devices, you will only be playing a few games on them. However, there aren’t many Android Pokemon games accessible.

Here are the top Pokemon games for Android devices; while some may require in-app purchases, all can be downloaded for free.

1. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GOPokémon GO is one of the most played games ever, regardless of genre. People used to get very into this game merely to gather the virtual monsters back in the day. Additionally, you can now engage in combat with other Pokemon creatures. You can become trained by going to any of the trainers located throughout the world. You can join the battle and explore the new world of Pokemon monsters once you are powerful enough and eligible to do so.

2. Dynamons World

Android apps like Pokemon and Dynamons WorldI have to promote Dynamons World after Pokemon Go, but first, I hope you enjoy this game’s fantastic battle arena. In this game, the best group of Dynamons is waiting for you. After removing them from their location, you must adequately train them. Ensure that their strength surpasses that of other teams. Eventually, you’ll be able to test your friends’ strength with your Dynamons by challenging them to battle with your team.

3. Dynamons 2

The graphically stunning Pokemon game Dynamons 2Dynamons Two was created for Android by KeyGames Network B.V. With sporadic in-game advertisements, it is free to play. The developers of this game often update it and make technical improvements. The gameplay will be enjoyable since you will encounter several Dynamons and opposing teams frequently. To unleash your Dynamons’ potential and bring out the best in them, you must train them. Victorious fights yield points, prizes, and goods that can be utilised to enhance the Dynamons. Prepare to go on an incredible journey with the Dynamon world.

4. Drakomon

Dragon Monster Battle & Capture RPG With the help of GameDrakomon, you can explore the realm of dark-type dragon monsters found in the Pokemon anime. The goal of the game is to explore a fantastic three-dimensional virtual universe. Throughout the entire adventure, you will need to explore many cities in quest of monsters, finish a variety of tasks, and evolve them with unique abilities. In addition, you’ll be transported to the battlefield in these Pokemon Games for Android, where you’ll engage in fierce combat.

5. Pokémon Snap

One of the earliest Pokémon spin-off games to be released on consoles was Pokémon Snap. Todd Snap, the protagonist of this first-person simulation game, travels down a train. His goal is to take pictures or snaps of any Pokémon he comes across; the higher the quality of the photos, the higher the scores will be at the conclusion of each round.

Despite being launched in 1999, the game is still quite charming. When Pokémon Snap debuted in Japan in March 1999, it quickly rose to the position of fourth best-selling game. The game sold over 151,000 copies in just three days after it was released in the US.

6. Pokémon Generation II

Pokémon game enthusiasts adore the second generation of games more than anything else because of its intensity and the way it began to reveal the full scope of the franchise. It’s not that the first generation of games wasn’t excellent enough. With the addition of roughly 100 new Pokémon species in the second generation, including Celebi and Chikorita, there are now 251 Pokémon to find and train.

7. Pokemon Masters EX

In Pokemon Masters EX, take on Pokemon trainers from different Pokemon games. To advance in the game and level up their Pokemon, players can take on a variety of iconic characters from the franchise. While exploring the island of Pasio, these Pokemon trainers and their allies in Pokemon Masters EX are challenging to overcome.

With the Pokemon Masters League event taking place on Pasio, players can compete for individual glory. In Pokemon Masters Ex, take pleasure in 3v3 bouts against legendary characters like Red, Blue, Misty, and Brock. Over the previous few years, Pokemon Masters Ex has focused heavily on training events and regular rewards.

8. Pokemon Quest

Tumblecube Island is the setting for the action role-playing game Pokemon Quest. Players find the game visually striking because of the cube-shaped Pokemon that appear all over the area. People will discover how enticing these endearing Pokemon are.

Pokemon Quest expeditions yield a diverse range of things. You can use these to prepare delicious meals at the base. A group of Pokemon can eat food items cooked through the app to draw wild Pokemon in the game. Pokemon can only use two moves in combat, which reduces the amount of attacks they can use to take out opponents.

9. Pokemon HOME

A smartphone software called Pokemon HOME makes it simple to trade and store Pokemon from different games. Pokemon Trainers can access Pokemon HOME to see every Pokemon they’ve caught and trained over the years. Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are just a few of the games that it supports.

With Pokemon HOME, players can exchange their Pokemon whenever they want. Trading Pokemon can be done quickly and easily using the app by setting different parameters. On Pokemon HOME, research tasks focused on particular locations, such as Kanto and Johto, can be finished. Users of Pokemon Home Premium can store up to 6,000 Pokemon.

10. DataDex

The portable Pokedex and DataDex are for people of all ages. The digital Pokedex contains updated data on Pokemon, including those of the Scarlet and Violet generations. It supports multiple languages and offers information about Pokemon to native speakers of English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Hebrew.

Pokemon Trainers can locate dozens of Pokemon by searching the data. It offers a number of filters to quickly get information on various Pokemon types by narrowing down searches. To assist individuals in building their ideal Pokemon team, DataDex offers a Team Builder. The data lists Pokemon from seven generations, making it possible for users to locate any Pokemon with only one app. Additionally, it shows Trainers which Pokemon are most likely to win.

11. Magikarp Jump

Magikarp Jump is another well-liked, straightforward game. Gathering stuff, training your Magikarp (by yourself) and seeing how far they can fall are the player’s tasks. You can win more tournaments, and the higher the jump. The artwork is charming, but the game mechanics are simple and a bit repetitive.

12. Pokemon Playhouse

For lovers of Pokemon, it’s a kid’s game. Pokemon Playhouse allows kids of all ages to engage with adorable Pokemon and explore various areas, including outdoor playgrounds, lounges, and towers.

For younger fans, each location offers a separate set of activities. For example, the Search the Star activity asks players to identify Pokemon in the night sky. The game may be downloaded for free and has no in-app purchases or adverts.

13. Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay is essentially a cross between an old-school Pokémon game and Stardew Valley. Sadly, the island doesn’t extend a warm welcome to you; instead, you must decide how you wish to live on the island. Will you build an island of bliss or transform your island adventure into a wilderness survival trip?

Your level of labour determines everything, including the materials you gather, the bases you construct, and the farmlands you look after. Without the opportunity to battle, capture, and trade critters with your pals, Pokémon wouldn’t feel quite the same. Overall, Beastie Bay does a respectable job of including all of our beloved Pokémon essential elements.

14. Evertale

It won’t occur to new gamers that Evertale is a Pokémon clone. After the release of Evertale 2.0, which revamped the entire game’s gacha system to incorporate characters, this is somewhat accurate. Even yet, the core gameplay element remains the monster-catching experience as you progress through the story campaign. You’ll need to knock down the monster’s health in order to boost your chances of capturing it, and some of the designs have a vicious to charming quality, much like Pokémon.

For a more genuine Pokémon experience, you can put character collecting on hold and concentrate on building a team of monsters, even if your main goal is to capture monsters. However, Evertale also has no problem convincing you to “catch ’em all,” which is excellent for driven collectors like us.

15. Clash Royale

Perhaps you’ve grown weary of the standard monster-catching and collection gaming cycle and would rather play Pokémon’s trading card game (TCG), which has a different flavour. The way you gather monster cards, outwit rivals in real-time tactical battles, and improve your lineup to create the most incredible deck possible in Clash Royale is similar to Pokémon TCG.

Of course, some of the greatest card games available for Android sometimes require you to play cards differently. However, the reason we went with Clash Royale is that it’s very similar to how you would play any typical Pokémon Trading Card Game in terms of how easy it is to construct your deck and fight it out.

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