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How Can I Get Back My Lost Mobile Data

Have you ever realized which is the most used operating system? Yes, it is none other than Android OS. Being one of the most popular OS, it is considered to be most susceptible in case of data loss. Loss of data is one of the serious problems and further may cause a major threat for the big businesses, in case the work operations are carried out through Android systems.

Take a look at some of the most common reasons for data loss.



Every one of us has undergone this phase, where the data was lost because of ‘factory reset’. This may happen may be because your kid was innocent enough to know about the further consequences or may be due to own carelessness. Though this is one of the common reasons for you losing your data, you can recover everything that you have lost.


  • Accidental Deletion 


Most of the times, you might have landed up in a situation where, while deleting unwanted messages, you tend to say goodbye to some of your much wanted photos, videos and the important documents that make you fall in the dreary events.

Much to your surprise, you will see that 30% of your data is lost because of deleting the files accidentally.


  • Broken Phone 


Has your phone ever showed you a black screen? Has it ever happened that your phone keeps on switching on and off consistently? At this stage, you are standing at a very serious point where you have high chances of losing your data completely. Not only this, but something small like just a water spill may lead to corrupting all your files.

But, with the enhancements in the field of technology, you now don’t need to panic. There are many free data recovery options that are going to help you get back your deleted or lost files.

The files that you have lost unintentionally may still be present on your hard drives or USB drive, smartphone or the memory cards, etc. and can be restored with the use of various data recovery options.

Let us discuss some of the free data restoring software to help you get back your lost data.


  • Disk Drill 


Disk Drill is considered to be one of the best free data recovery option. This is not because of its exciting features but because of the very simple and easy design that doesn’t confuse the user. But, in this case, you can recover your files that are only up to 500MB from any of the virtual storage devices i.e. USB, iPods, storage cards, etc.

Why Use It? 

  • Manages the deleted data category wise for easy understanding.
  • Helps in filtering according to size and date.
  • Performs a quick and deep scan.
  • Capable of working on various file systems.

Why Avoid It?

  • Recovers Data Only Up to 500MB.
  • You won’t have the liberty of seeing how recoverable data is before its restoration.


  • Glary Undelete 


Another superb recovery program in existence is Glary Undelete. This is very easy to use software and is considered to have one of the best User interfaces. This software is capable of recovering the files from the hard drives and from any kind of ejectable media. These include memory cards, USB drives, etc.

Why Use It? 

  • Clearly explains if a particular file can be recovered fully.
  • Helps the user view the list of the files deleted is very easy.

Why Avoid It? 

  • The program doesn’t have the portability option thus it needs to be installed first.
  • The software hasn’t been updated in the long run.


  • Soft Perfect File Recovery


To get your deleted data, Soft Perfect File Recovery is a reliable program. This system is very easy to use and finds out various files that can be recovered fully. This program can be used by anyone of you with very fewer efforts.

You can feel the ease of recovering the data files from the hard drives, memory cards, etc.

The Soft Perfect File Recovery is a 500KB small file that makes the program portable. You can run it from either a floppy disk or USB drive.

Why Use It?
  • This is very easy to use especially for the students who study using mobile phones as availing essay help and studying online is very prevalent.
  • You can very easily search for the files deleted by the using the name of the file.
  • You can restore multiple files simultaneously.
Why Avoid It? 
  • The program supports only two file systems.
  • You don’t have the advantage of previewing the image file before actually recovering.


  • Recuva 


Recuva is another most used data recovery tool that is available for you. This is again very easy to use but it has many enhanced features that may sometimes confuse the user.

Recuva helps in restoring the files lost from the hard drives and the external drives. Many people who have already used this program, highly suggest you to try it once.

Why Use It?
  • In this program, you have the portability option.
  • There are a good number of enhanced features.
  • Operates on almost all the Windows Operating Systems.
Why Avoid It?
  • It has complex download page.

Author Bio: Holding an experience of 8 years in content writing, I, Elizaa Beth, am a professional writer who loves to read and write on various technological updates. I am capable of providing essay writing service to the USA students as well.

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