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How To Download Your Data From Facebook Account For Social Backup

With the expansion of Facebook, nearly one and all World Health Organization has access to the web uses or needs to use this nice social networking web site.

With over two.2 billion users, Facebook has created it an area wherever lots of sharing happens – photos, personal information, etc. With the hacking attacks increasing day by day, your account and your details is also at risk.

Every day thousands of Facebook account are hacked or compromised. Losing your complete Facebook timeline may be a nightmare for anyone World Health Organization is smitten by Facebook.

Therefore, I’m sharing a whole orient a way to backup Facebook account utterly.

These days most of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ supply information export settings.

This means, whether or not your account is deleted otherwise you lose your account access for one reason or the opposite, you’ve got the entire backup of your social networking profile. some months back, Facebook side the Account Archive feature that permits you to transfer a backup copy of all vital Facebook information.

When you use the Facebook backup feature, you’d be able to take the backup of:
  • All your Facebook profile photos and Videos
  • Your wall posts, messages, and Facebook chat history
  • Your friend’s name and emails (email export depends upon their privacy settings)

If you’ve got not nonetheless taken a backup of your Facebook profile, browse on and transfer a duplicate of your Facebook account.

Also, if you’re a daily Facebook user, you’ll add it to your monthly stir list and take backup at the tip of each month.

Tutorial on How to backup Facebook Account:

  1. Log on to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the arrow on the top right and click on “Account Settings”.
  3. Now scroll to the end of the page and click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

  • Click on “Start My Archive”.

  • Now, you will have to give some time to Facebook to create your archive. After the archive is completed, you may be informed on Facebook or you can directly visit the page again.
  • If your archive has been created, enter the password and download the archive.

Backing up your Facebook information offers you all the photos and videos you’ve got uploaded within the past. Your wall posts, chat messages and different messages are enclosed. The name of all of your friends with their email addresses (if allowed by them in their privacy settings) is additionally enclosed.

In my case, it took nearly half-hour to form the backup of all my Facebook information. the dimensions of the downloaded file was concerning 0.5 GB and it had been within the .zip format.

Here is what the downloaded information from Facebook appearance like?

The fascinating factor is although you would possibly have updated your relationship and different details, you may notice all the small print in your profile. i used to be shocked to work out all my past relationships were additionally listed on Facebook downloaded information.

Along with this, after I browsed the contact page, I may see the contact information of all the buddies World Health Organization are not any a lot of on my friend list any longer.

Data export may be a terribly helpful feature offered by Facebook, particularly with the Facebook timeline profile nearing the worldwide launch.

Have you ever saved your Facebook account? however usually does one take a backup of your information on favorite social networking site?

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