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How To Increase Traffic On My Tech Blog

Today, blogging is the latest trend and one of the significant sources of earning income. But not everyone knows how to run a blog or make it successful. Getting traffic on a blog is quite challenging, but don’t get frustrated by low blog traffic. Traffic isn’t rocket science, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This guide introduces some tips that can help you increase traffic on your blog traffic.

What is blog traffic? 

We’re going to dive into the blog traffic and traffic case strategy in just a minute. Before we move further, let’s have a brief look at the basics of traffic generation. Once you understand this simple truth, you won’t be intimidated by large blogs with lots of traffic. Instead, you know to take advantage of the traffic itself.

Only two types of traffic on the blog. That is organic traffic and paid traffic.

1. Organic traffic

The traffic that you get come naturally, not to “force it.” The most significant source of organic traffic is search traffic: the traffic you get when someone posts a question or keyword on Google, your blog post shows up in the results, and they click on it. However, organic traffic can also include referral traffic (when someone clicks a link to your blog from another website) or direct traffic (when someone types your URL directly into their browser or clicks a link in an email). Nevertheless, organic traffic is an essential part of a long-term content marketing strategy. So please don’t ignore it.

2. Paid traffic

The traffic that you “force” your ad to. One of our preferred ad types is Facebook ads. However, paid traffic can also include Google AdWords, banner ads, Twitter ads, and more. Since both types of traffic exist, you can never have a real “problem” with traffic. This means you can pay for traffic whenever you need it, especially at the start.

How To Increase Traffic On My Tech Blog

1. Find Your Target Audience

If you want to promote your blog or make it a high-traffic blog, you must have a strategy about where you spend your time. While it is good to build your presence on several social networks, and as you are running a tech blog, you must use the latest tools to reach out to them. Consider their queries and answer them. You will tire quickly and outperform at any platform. To increase blog traffic, you need to go where your target audience gathers. Know where to find your feather bird. Understanding your target audience is also the key to building strong links to relevant websites.

For this purpose, always use Google Analytics to see which websites are generating the most referral traffic. Find forums and websites your target audience visits and take action. Participate in discussions and, if necessary, post links or comments on blogs. This is great; you can’t come out as spam. It would be best if you were seen as a valued member of the community who shares something you deserve.

2. Content: What You Should Share and What Should Not?

Everyone wants to go viral, but most people fail. This ratio becomes more important in the case of the tech blog. This is because they ignore the latest happening and fail to manage to make posts viral day after day. In this case, they will learn two secrets of creating viral content to increase blog traffic.

  1. The principal secret that isn’t a secret is to write a great title with keywords. 80% of traffic will click to read your content if the title is correct and as per their need. To find out the exact keyword is a perfect example of grabbing the reader’s attention with a little storytelling. He connected with the audience; they were there. You know what anger feels like. You think this person.

  2. However, the right keyword that catches and encourages readers to click should be followed by credible, high-quality content. The title, of course, can tease you.

  3. The Content length must be accurate. Published the content which has more than 1000 words. Longer content attracts more compared to short content posts. This simply means that more words mean more SEO opportunities and a higher conversion rate. Mostly, people have short attention spans, you say. Trust me. Your post should be 3,000 words north.

3. Promotion Of Your Blog

The first suggestion to promote your tech blog is to prioritize your email list. This is a great way to turn organic traffic into engaging readers who keep seeing the up-to-date tech-related stuff you post and keep coming back to your blog. We focus on converting our traffic to email subscribers as they are more likely to become casual traffic. There are some great tools that you must use to build email lists. The SumoMe plugin, list builder, scroll box OptinMonster and LeadPages are the best tools for prioritizing email listing. Each should work well to build your first email list and provide you with an audience to read your posts and share with their network.

The second core thing in this regard is when sending the email. You must want to know the best days and times to send an email when there are many presents in the recipient’s inbox. 10 a.m. is the ideal time to send an email as per your time zone. The peak here was less than 7% of total mailboxes. Therefore, when people check their email, there are many variations. Depending on the business, it becomes more diverse. Some busy times are before 10 a.m. So, make sure to check the table above and send your email at the best time for your niche.

4. Built The Backlinks

Backlinks are an essential factor for SEO ranking on Google. This is because Google considers how many links you have (and how authoritative they are) when determining the importance of your articles. Backlinks are harder to come by than links (obviously), but they are gold for your search rankings. Backlinking works when you post excellent content with the perfect keyword. That users want to refer to as a credible source of information. So when you publish your blog post, you can promote it to help others find it and ask for help via feedback to give your content the attention it deserves.

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