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How to Search Email in AIM Mail or AOL Mail

The hunt highlight in AIM Mail and AOL Mail makes it easy to discover email messages you have gotten previously. A couple of alternatives let you tight down your query items too, for example, to specific senders or subjects.

Instructions for Email Searches in AIM or AOL Mail

To find mail in AIM Mail or AOL Mail:

  1. Log in to your AIM or AOL email account.

  2. Click on the mail search field right above the folder list.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow and choose Mail of you want to search the body of email messages. Choose Subject to search for words or phrases in the subject line, or choose From/To to search for specific senders or recipients.

  4. Type the word, phrase, or email address for which you want to search and click the search button to look for relevant messages in all of your email folders. Any matching results will appear in the email window. You can sort the search results by clicking From, Subject, Date, or other headings.


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