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What is Snapdragon and What is change From Qualcomm 865

As technology advances, the living style of human being changed. Mobile phones revolutionized our life. Now whole world information is on our palm, which knows as mobile. The world is moving towards 5G technology and in this era, 5G supported mobiles are necessary of life. Recently Qualcomm announced its next year flagship chipset. In the coming year,2021, Qualcomm will introduce its latest chipset named Snapdragon 888 with the collaboration of the Xiaomi Mi11 series. So Xiaomi will be the first smartphone empowered with a snapdragon 888 chipset.

What is Qualcomm: A Brief Introduction

Today, our foundational technologies allow the mobile phone community and are located in every 3G, 4G, and 5G smartphone. We take the perks of mobile to brand-new sectors, including vehicles, the web of things, and computers. We are leading the means to a world where everything and everybody may communicate and connect flawlessly.

What’s New in Snapdragon 888

There are several modern technologies that will be introduced in Snapdragon 888. The most highlighted are as follows


The key change in the upcoming modern snapdragon is its modem. The Qualcomm denoted as a third-generation  X60 5G modem. it will fully support 5G carrier aggregation between sub-six as well as millimeter wave bands. and do a better performance for T-Mobile which executes several of mid-band 2.5Ghz combined spectrum and X60 will speed up its performance by holding high-band millimeter waves. This facility was not available in previous X50, X55 modems. This chipset will enhance the connectivity of global multi-sim, powerful spectrum sharing. Furthermore, the X60 modem incorporated with millimeter Wave connectivity and global sub-six.

Multitask Chipset

5G technology is the demand of the current time. The cellular operators carries 5G in different types of bands with the 4G. The older chipsetX55 are specifically better for single-channel but unable to perform well in multi-channel functions.

Voice Call Quality

In a contrast to older versions like X55, the X60 modems will be more suitable and supporting 5G that will enhance voice call performance.

Elite Gaming Experience

Apple is always on top for games as compare to android but now the snapdragon 888 is updated for gaming optimizations. It displays support 144gigahertz which is quicker and more clear in image resolution. These Qualcomm chipsets equipped with 26TOPS (Tera operations per second) which is definitely the most significant update in  GPU performance. The height of the best gaming experience. It will be a big challenge for Apple because its chipset maxed out at 15tops.

The 5G modem will improve the graphics, network quality. The latest artificial technology further used in different aspects just like developing better graphics or smart NPCs.

Latest Graphics Experience

Snapdragon 888 will be revolutionize the graphical and photography experience. It will gear up more than 30% as compared to the previous X50 and X55 model

Which Cellular Companies Empowered With Snapdragon 888

In the recent announcement by Qualcomm, they empowered 14 manufacturing companies to hold snapdragon 888. These companies are

  1. ASUS
  2. Oppo
  3. Realme Mobiles
  4. Lenovo Smartphones
  5. Motorola
  6. LG
  7. Meizu
  8. ZTE
  9. Vivo
  10. Black Shark Mobile
  11. Nubia
  12. One+
  13. Xiaomi
  14. Sharp

You are surprised that Samsung is missing from it. One reason might be that Qualcomm considers Korean technology a competitor. But these are the not last words. Samsung is going to launch its S21 series in the coming January and after a couple of months will introduce the Oneplus 9 series.Perhaps things will clear soon or later.


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