3 Reasons To Start Using Temporary Phone Numbers For SMS

Completing tasks on the internet is getting easier and easier every day. The reason is the appearance of new technological solutions. Such things as a VPN and others are no longer counted as something extraordinary. So do temporary numbers. Over the few past years, this feature has become very popular and keeps getting more and more demanded among internet users. However, there are still a lot of those who hesitate to use it or even don’t know about it. Here are 3 of the most significant reasons to use a temporary phone number app to receive SMS.

Unnecessary To Go Anywhere

This is the main advantage of temporary numbers. Unlike real SIM cards from cellular carriers, they are operated completely online. You don’t have to go anywhere in order to get and activate one or a few of them. They are available on specific online services which makes it possible to take advantage of those numbers with an internet connection only.

This peculiarity allows using temporary phone numbers from any country around the world so they are a really good tool for travelers as well. Everything that is necessary is a gadget like a mobile phone or personal computer along with an internet connection. In addition, due to this, there is nothing wrong with operating temporary numbers issued in other countries. For example, users can utilize numbers from Germany when located in Pakistan and vice versa. It is difficult to imagine doing this with real SIM cards.

Ease of use

Temporary phone numbers belong to modern technological solutions. But it doesn’t mean that those who are going to use them should have some computing or any other tech-related degree. They were designed to be an easy-to-use solution and they are really so at the moment. Everyone can take advantage of temporary numbers without having some special skills intuitively.

Cheap price

Even though temporary phone numbers are available for use online which is quick and convenient, it doesn’t make them cost much. On the contrary, since there is no need for SIM cards and other plastic, their price is way lower than the price of a basic mobile phone number that comes from a cellular carrier. Basically, it depends on two factors. Those are:

  • Country of issue;
  • Online service that a temporary number is set up to work with.

Both these factors greatly affect the price. For example, a temporary phone number issued by a provider in Sweden costs around $2 while a number for the same purpose issued by a provider in India will cost about $0.20. It works in the same way when it comes to online services from which temporary numbers are set up to receive SMS.

Overall, on average one temporary number costs only $0.35 as there are not that many expensive countries around the world as Sweden. This is the price that users should expect to get in most cases. Even though everyone has different financial capabilities, it would be fair to say that this price is affordable and is less likely to stop someone from using temporary phone numbers.

Opportunity to create unlimited accounts

You can easily use temporary numbers to sign up for one or another service once. But they are not a one-time solution. In fact, there are never limitations on how many of them each person may use. This means that there is literally an opportunity to sign up for an infinite number of accounts on any website or app.

This option is useful in a lot of cases like doing mass-mailing or using additional accounts on social networks to attract more attention from potential customers. Having numerous accounts is great, and temporary phone numbers provide an opportunity to do so.

Complete privacy

In the end, such mobile numbers are a great feature for those who want to increase their privacy on a global internet network. These things are essential nowadays as there are getting more and more online fraudsters. Temporary numbers don’t require providing personal data when getting and using them and thereby don’t disclose it when getting leaked or stolen. They are also completely untraceable and cannot be texted or called by strangers. So, there is no reason to worry about your online privacy when using them.


Temporary numbers are not very popular among regular internet users yet. But it doesn’t prevent them from being a great feature that has multiple advantages. It is the best solution for those who want to sign up for online services with mandatory mobile phone number verification but for some reason have no option to use their own mobile number for this purpose.

This is also a useful tool for users that need to register numerous accounts on online services. There is no longer need to purchase and use comparatively expensive SIM cards that harm our environment.

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