5 Ways to Engage with Your Target Audience through Digital Signage

Customer engagement is theoretically simple. Furthermore, digital signage can help you enhance it practically if you leverage it properly. In a digital age where customers spend their time on digital gadgets, you shouldn’t overlook digital signage solutions. Sadly, digital signage marketing is a brilliant strategy that many business owners are yet to embrace.

A well-thought-out strategy takes digital signage display from average to exciting. Moreover, it helps actualize business goals like upselling or building internal communities.

With this in mind, read along for tips on how to engage with the target audience through digital signage.

Understand Your Target Audience

You can’t effectively curate digital signage content if you don’t know whom to target with the message. So, you need first to determine who your ideal target is. Collect the audience’s demographic information, including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Marital status
  • Education level
  • Interest
  • Occupation

These are the most common details you need about your audience. They’ll help you curate the right message to boost brand awareness. This data also informs you how to speak to your audience’s interests.

One way to collect information about your audience is to conduct periodic surveys. The more frequent they are, the better because people’s interests change over time. For more engagement with your audience, keep your questions short.

Then, promote the surveys on your digital signs with a URL to the online survey. Further, consider gamifying the survey process to attract more people to participate. For example, offer rewards to the person with the most exciting suggestion or something of the sort.

Create Targeted Content

Targeted content speaks directly to the sensibilities and preferences of your audience. Additionally, targeted content is about strategically placing and scheduling information. Overall, proper targeting ensuring the right people see the content at the right time. In creating targeted content, consider these factors:

  • Learning factor: Only present factual content on your digital display to appear as a leader in your industry.
  • Connection factor: Your content should have a personal connection with your audience. For example, appreciation, event listings, and social media updates can help.
  • Creative factor: If you want to effectively connect with the target audience through digital signage, be creative. Use eye-catching designs and incorporate animation, color, audio, and different templates.
  • Affinity factor: Your digital signage content should make your audience feel that they belong.
  • Business factor: Keep your audience informed about your achievements and allow them to connect with you. Blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds, and intranet information can do the trick.

Digital signage allows you to change your branding messaging to create interactive communication. Owing to this flexibility, you can tailor communication to your audience’s specific preferences.

Choose a Strategic Location for Your Digital Signage

The positioning and screen placement of digital signage is a factor many businesses overlook. Yet, good positioning is crucial to the success of your digital signage marketing strategy.

Outstanding locations for digital screens include places where customers have natural waiting times. Examples include vending kiosks, check-out lines, and customer service desks. Similarly, places with heavy traffic like entryways and escalators are also ideal.

In retail stores, digital display screens positioned near new products on promotion is an effective strategy. Digital signage on store windows can also attract potential customers into the store.

Uphold Transparency in Communication

Another way to engage with the target audience through digital signage is to be open with them. In essence, let them know what is happening in your organization. Companies that play things too close to the chest often come across as untrustworthy.

Granted, some things like financials and progress on projects are best shared internally. But, others are appropriate for public consumption. Sharing your company’s values and community social responsibility projects can boost engagement.

Having visibility into your organization will make the audience feel like they belong. You’ll eventually promote a sense of investment and inclusion.

Aim for Continuous Improvement

A well-crafted and engaging digital signage strategy create an atmosphere of ongoing communication throughout your business premises. However, good content is not enough to boost customer experience and engagement. 

It requires that you make regular adjustments to ensure you keep up with people’s interests and appeal to their senses. Moreover, technology keeps changing, and you must keep up with the latest advancements.  

As such, you should constantly measure your success metrics and examine failures. Doing so will help you adjust your digital signage offering. Continually analyze your ROI and responses to call-to-action. They’ll enable you to determine the engaging messages and those that don’t convert.

A/B testing can provide insights into the formats that get the most response. With this information, adjust your messages for maximum impact and audience engagement.

In Conclusion

If your digital signage displays and content don’t look good, customers won’t look at them. Worse still, you’ll lose an opportunity to engage with them. The five ways above can help you engage with your target audience through digital signage if you employ them the right way. 

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