6 Ways to Make Your Instagram Profile Attractive

Instagram is the perfect platform for digital marketing. Instagram has the great potential for the online business. You should have a beautiful and attractive profile on Instagram. Uploading the good looking images and high quality videos is not enough to make your profile beautiful. For impressing the visitor you need to make your profile colourful. For getting instant engagement on the profile either you need to buy Instagram story views fast, or make the content beautiful to attract the visitor and force him to view your post. In this article I have published six ways that will really be helpful for you. 

1. Follow Your Ideal Profile

First of all you need to find some profiles related to your profile’s niche. Analyse the profile in depth, and get to know how they have prepared their profile. For making your profile more beautiful you can check the fashionable wife and adobe on Instagram. You will get lots of ideas to make your profile beautiful and amazing for the users. Go through how they are editing their profiles, which effects they have used in the posts. For example The adobe is publishing the images of their followers, similarly the AirBnB is offering the rental services. They are uploading the clients that are traveling. These techniques create the curiosity inside the user to take interest in your profile.

2. Use Same Color in Profile

This is one of the best ways to make the profile stylish. Try to use the same color scheme in the profile. You have heard this tip many times on many platforms. This is because this tip is really working. If you use the same color in different ways I.e. in the filter, as a background or color of the object. For example if you visit the profile of i have this thing with pink everything posted in this profile is pink. In the case of the same color scheme you can take an example of fursty they are not publishing the post in the same color, but it is very clear they are using the green color scheme. 

3. Use Chess board Effect on Post

This is somehow a risky tip, but most of the effective tips are. The chessboard effect is not looking much spectacular, but it forces the user to engage with the image. In chessboard effect you can use two different colors, and you can also put your text. The chessboard effect is much effective on the videos. It is the best technique to get free Instagram video views. You can also use this effect for the products if you have an online store on Instagram. It makes everything on Instagram informative and attractive.

4. Try Different Boundaries

The instagram allow you to upload the image in rectangular shape. This is now becoming bore for the users on Instagram. What do you think about the square boundary or other shapes? Let me make tell you an amazing tip. Take an image and set the upper and lower field white, and make the boundary square. Literally that image will seem more professional and classic. The white color or other colors in the background give the extra and attractive look to the image. Visit the the.avantguardian they always use the color in the background. This technique highlight the profile instantly.

5. Create a Strategic Profile

In this technique you absorb the interest of the audience. You will analyse your customers or viewers and identify what they are looking for nowadays. For example if you have a fashion blog on Instagram then you should try white color in the backdrop, it makes the image more elegant and beautiful. For fashion blogs the pink and rose gold colors are very popular. You can use the dark tones if you are the photographer or artist. You should work according to the mind of the user. If you are a fashionista then dont be minimalistic. 

6. Use Filters on Post

Sticking on the same color and strategy is not easy. In this situation you can use the filters on the post. Instagram offers hundreds of filters. It makes the post more beautiful and gives an attractive look to catch the concentration of the user. Remember one filter is not suitable for all images. You need to try different filters. For getting an idea of using the filters you can visit Pinterest. You can also create your own theme or layout for the images. This will save time for the future.

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