7 Tips and Tricks to Crack JEE With Ease

The JEE, also known as the Joint Entrance Examination, is India’s most prestigious engineering entrance examination. It is a competitive exam that tests students on their knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry. The test consists of two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. To help you prepare for this challenging exam, we have put together some study tips and strategies for you!

1: Read NCERT books for mathematics, physics and chemistry:

It’s the best resource to learn topics that you might be tested on in the JEE exam. Please read it thoroughly from cover to cover! It is an important step in JEE preparation. NCERT books are the holy grails for JEE aspirants; you can rely on these source of study material for clearing your basics and having a strong foundation. The Extramarks app provides you with a collection of NCERT books that are ideal for your subjects. You can download the app and get all your NCERT books at one place and prepare with ease for exams.

2: Practice complex problems:

Choose a topic, say mathematics, pick out several questions from your NCERT book or past yearbooks and solve them without looking at any of their answers. This will help you get an idea of how hard these questions are to solve and which ones you may need to work on.

3: Read through previous years’ question papers:

Read the questions, look for their answers, see how they are solved by experts and think about why each answer is correct. You can also try solving these problems using your techniques!

4: Follow your study plan:

Make a daily study plan, set your daily goals and try to achieve them. In starting, don’t aim high. Just try to give your mind a pattern to follow. Stick to your study plan, don’t procrastinate if you want to achieve success. Time management is key to your success.

5: Try to understand concepts instead of just memorizing them:

It’s not a memorizing competition. Also, it’s not the fourth grade. Try to go deep into your topics. Have a curious mind. Don’t memorize concepts cause your memorization will fade, but once you go in-depth with an image, it will stick to you.

6: Solve mocks:

Solving mock tests or exams is a great way to gauge your level of preparation. It helps you know what topics may be more difficult for you and where you need to put in the extra effort! The more time you give to solving mocks, the better and confident you will feel about the examination. Extramarks JEE Prep App is a wonderful app for solving question papers. It has a large set of practice papers curated by experts that will help you in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses.

7: Focus on hard work, not the results:

Focus on your goal and work towards it. Focus means giving 100% attention to a task or activity, with few distractions. There are many ways of staying motivated – one is by setting short term achievable targets which will lead you to your big goal. Focus on challenges and not the outcomes of them.

8: Practice Daily:

Nothing cam beat the efficiency of consistency, the more consistent you are with your practicing, the better will be your results. It is essential to practice your subjects and questions every day in order to prepare thoroughly for the exam. Extramarks App will help you in providing you with all sorts of resources that you require to keep your pace consistent. 

9: Seek Expert Guidance:

It is always beneficial to seek assistance from a mentor who can better guide you regarding the preparation. You can also seek help from a study app like Extramarks to clear your doubts and learn all the concepts. Connect with your friends and create a strategy that will best work for your preparations. It is all about using the hit and trial method to finally find the perfect rhythm of studying. 

10: Never Leave Anything For Tomorrow:

The first and foremost thing you need to learn about preparing for JEE is to create a schedule of your study. You need to have a study schedule that you must follow diligently. When you start following a routine, make it a habit to never leave anything for tomorrow. What you have added in your schedule for a day must be finished within the day. This is a sure short way to make sure that you are all-covered regarding your subjects.  


You are not your score. It is essential to understand how the JEE has shaped you as a person and what you have learnt from it- good or bad. It is important to give your best performance in the exam and hope for a great result. 

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