Apps That Will Help You to Write Essays in 2020

Modern days come with new technologies and new apps to use in different fields. The internet is full of opportunities that can help you to write your paper. Writing an essay can be a hard job for you to do, but with several apps, you can make it easier. After you complete your essay, you may want to check it, find out whether it is written well, and doesn’t contain any mistakes. For this purpose, you can use one of the essay writing services that have editing options.

Whether you use sources without in-text citations, in this kind of situation, you can use

In this way, you can see possible errors in your essay; you can also use it to check your essay’s plagiarism level. If you are having a hard time writing your essay, you can consider other options, such as online essay and paper writing services. These services can help you to write the paper, or you can even give specific details about your essay and get it ready for its deadline. In order to find the best one, you should read an essay writing service review; in this way, you can learn whether the website is suitable for you or not. On the other hand, you can also write your essay by using several apps, such as Grammarly, Google Docs, iA Writer, and Evernote. Here’s a list of apps that can help you while writing an essay.


Checking your grammar errors can be challenging after you finish your essay, but Grammarly can do it for you both with its desktop app and online version. Without getting a membership, you can still use a couple of its features, such as comma splice, comma usage, integration with Gmail and social media, missing articles, misspelled words, outdated spelling, and repetitive words. If you write your essay or article on its online version, it can also check your work in different ways; you check the tone of it, whether it is formal, friendly or not, it can show you synonyms if you click on a specific word. In this way, you can improve your work in a short amount of time. Moreover, by using Grammarly, you can also learn new words, adjectives, adverbs, and phrases. While writing your essay, you can use Grammarly to get rid of your common grammar mistakes and spelling errors.

Google Docs

If you want to write an essay or paper online, Google Docs can be the perfect website and app for you. You can reach your documents regardless of where you are, and you can also edit it in different ways through a PC or mobile. It also offers you several features; you can check your grammar mistakes with its tools, highlight your document, and through its editing mode, you can edit and suggest different words to your writing. While writing an essay, using Google Docs can be a great experience, because you can share it with whoever you want with a link, and they can edit your essay or suggest different ideas on your essay without changing it.

iA Writer

Regarding other apps, iA Writer can be the easiest one to use, because it is simple and distraction-free. You can use it both in iOS and Android, and you can share your document through different devices. Its main point is to give you free space to write whatever you want, for example, an essay, paper, or a speech. It also does not follow any specific file format or database; in this way, you can share it with almost any device.

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