Best Download Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

Without any doubt, Google Chrome is definitely the best browser which is available today. As compared to other browsers it is very simple and easy in use. The Good thing about Google Chrome is that its extension support. On the Google Chrome store, you will find extensions for every different purpose. 

If you are a regular user of Google Chrome then you must know the native downloader manager of Chrome does not has many important features such as pausing, scheduling, download acceleration and so more. Furthermore, the downloading speed is very slow and the option to schedule downloads is missing there. Fortunately, we have a collection of many download manager extensions accessible in the Google Chrome web store.

List of Best Download Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

All these things can be solved very easily by installing chrome download manager extensions. So, here we are going to discuss some of the best chrome download manager extensions that you would like to have. These extensions have all the important features that you are searching for

Online Download Manager

Online Download Manager is a very simple Chrome extension that has many features to download and manages your downloads. After installation of Online Download Manager, it sits automatically on the toolbar and lets you manage the downloads.

Everything is very well organized in this extension. You don’t require to leave your current tab or Window to manage the downloads. It works very well from the Chrome toolbar and it has many options to download media from well-known websites.

The only downside is its lanes. Sometimes the icon is not working to open the download manager.

 The downloading speed is very good in Online Download Manager. It has also filtering features, and different sections for downloading video, images, and other file types. Overall, it is a best extension to try.

Turbo Download Manager 

Turbo Download Manager is a great and minimalistic download manager for Chrome. It has every option for you which justifies the download manager name. It is also a multi-thread download manager which lets you downloads many downloads parlay without breaking the download connection.

After installation, it works from the toolbar. After clicking on the icon button, it shows you a list of tabs such as clear completed, clear failed, detach, and add jobs.

Furthermore, Turbo Download Manager has the ability to increase the download speed along with the ability to improve the download speed of unstable networks.

Download Accelerator and Manager

Download Accelerator and Manager is another great extension for Google Chrome users to manage and accelerate your downloads.  It supports multi-threaded download system to download large files without breaking any connection.

It is also available from the Google Chrome toolbar and opens up when you click on the icon. The interface is very simple to understand and there is also a big URL bar is present on the window to download the files from links.

The context menu option is also present to download the files directly from a webpage. It is one of the best download manager extensions present for Google Chrome users.


Flox is a well known name among Mac users and it is also called as Internet Download Manager of macOS. It is a strong grabber of online content and it can easily download almost all file types from the Internet.

You just have to download and install Flox from the Google Chrome Web Store to start using it. Like the other extensions, it starts working from the toolbar and speeds up the downloading speed of all types of downloads.

Another good feature of the Flox is proxy server support which lets you very easily download the files anonymously from the internet. It has many features to manage the downloads within the UI. You can also pause; resume downloads along with advanced features. Flox is present in both free and premium versions.


FlareGet has all features which we usually see in an ideal download manager. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux distribution such as Arch Linux, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Fedora and so more.

For browsers, it has integration support to download files from the internet you visit in a browser. FlareGet lets you download all kinds of files from the internet and let you download with enhanced speeds. Like some of other download managers, it also uses dynamic file segmentation technology to increase the download process even in slow network connections.

For proxy users, it has different protocols support and lets you download files anonymously. It works greatly on almost all the browsers and particularly clipboard feature which copies the URL’s and instantly adds it to the downloads list.


EagleGet has a really very simple interface, which is very helpful to manage downloads. It has many features which enhance your overall downloading experience when compared to the native Chrome downloader.

Performance of the EagleGet is great and it uses IDM to improve the download speeds at faster rates. It also finds various types of media content on a web page you visit and permits the user to download them easily.

Furthermore it has many features such as clipboard capture, support of HTTP and SOCKET proxy, downloading various file types to separate folders, Chrome, Firefox and Opera extensions support.

iDownload Manager

iDownload Manager is a great download manager present in the Microsoft store. It lets you download almost all types of files with just one click. It has all the great features such as pause, resume, etc.

The company state that you will get up to 10x faster download speeds than the native downloader. iDM has comprehensive error recovery while downloading a file to provide a complete file without any downloading error even in slow network conditions.

The user-interface of the iDownload Manager suports Metro-style looks which suit the Windows 10 design. It is one of the best download managers present for Windows users.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a extension with the help of a dedicated application. It is a paid program with a 30 days free trial.. It is the best extension to download files with unimaginable accelerated speeds.

When you download the dedicated Windows IDM client on the PC it asks you to add Google Chrome extension. This extension will assist you to download the files automatically or with the help of any hint.

The IDM extension can catches almost all types of downloadable files present on the visited web page. It uses the Dynamic Segmentation technology to increase the download speed of the files. It also has many features which makes this stand out from the crowd. You can also schedule, pause, and prioritize the downloads. IDM also supports many proxy servers to download the files anonymously. It is a great package of IDM combo with the integration of the Google Chrome extension. 

Flash Video Downloader

Most video are downloaded by your desktop browser. Many users are facing many problems while downloading media files present on the Internet. This extension is for those peoples who are searching for a best video downloader for their browser.

Flash Video Downloader is a highly lightweight extension that permits users to easily grab videos present on a visited website. It works very well. It supports almost all video formats and platforms such as MP4, MOV, Fly Video, Facebook, and so more. It is totally free extension for Google Chrome users to enjoy the downloading experience without any problem.

Download Master 

Another great Chrome extension to increase your download speed. After installing this extension, it starts working in the background and asks you the question which files you are need to download. You will also see options such as “Download link and “Download all links” is added to the context menu of Chrome.

It is a great downloading extension especially when you want to download video files from a website. Click on the “Download Video” button if you need to download a special video file available on the browser window.

Download Master can prove to be a great option if you need to easily manage your downloads from Chrome without trusting on an external download manager.


Download managers are big winners when connections are not strong. They help us to download the files without any breaking issues. It is absolutely a great option if you need to manage your download then at your fingertip.

In reality, the Internet has abundant source of resources including the download managers. In this article the above ones extensions are most suitable for every one regular use.

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