Best Free Dictionary Apps for Android 

In your whole life, you can learn constantly a language. Learning about new languages is a very difficult task. Exactly when you imagine that you’ve learned everything, you’ll run over several expectations you never knew. There is consistently space to improve your grammar or vocabulary too. Well, there are many words that suggest different meanings when utilized in various contexts.

Fortunately, your cell phone that is mostly is in your hand can take care of you if you ever run over such vocabulary. Whether you want to improve your vocabulary or want to learn a new language, dictionary apps can be a helpful tool to have on your cell phone. 

There are a lot of, apps that you can download on your smartphone. While some apps are tremendously famous among cell phone users, there are likewise some lesser-known apps in the Google Play Store. The following is our list of 9 most loved apps for you.

9 Best free Dictionary Apps for Android

What are the best free apps for Android? What you think, for most people it’s going to be Google because it utilizes all accessible assets online to give you the meaning of your desired word.

Thus, other than Google, here are the best dictionary apps for Android on the Google Play store.

Google Search

Actually, this is not an official dictionary app; but it can give you the meaning of your desired word. You can also take the help of voice command or text search to search for the meaning of any desired word. This free app is useful for individuals who don’t want to have a full-fledged dictionary app on their cell phones. You can use this app for different purposes as it has different highlights that can assist you with your everyday activities.

Keep in your mind this app isn’t a app for dictionary use but it can help you look into words. Most Android has Google apps as one of their default apps. If you don’t have it yet, get it on Google Play!

  • Search or browse anything you need to find on the web 
  • Customized updates in Discover

We install this offline dictionary app to study the words that are not on our vocabulary list. The app has a very easy interface. At the point when you need to search for a word, however, you don’t have any idea how to spell it, you can use its audio word search function. Amazing, right? The app permits you to use it offline too. In addition, you can make a list of the words you have newfound. Additionally, it gives you the word of the day and articles about words to keep you intrigued. There are great deals of words you can find on 

If you want to read for your ACT or SAT preparation, at that point is ideal for you! 

  • Audio pronunciations
  • A translator for more than 30 languages

Advanced English Dictionary

Its simple user interface app gives 1.4 million words that incorporate synonyms, hypernyms, meronymy, and antonyms that will assist you with your speech or writing. In addition, the app has a newly translated highlight. 

You can use the app for FREE or for $1.99. Its premium version enables priority support and disables all irritating ads. Increase your vocabulary with this Advanced English Dictionary.

  • Boasts more than 1.4 million words
  • Offline support 

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Without any doubt, Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a famous app accessible in the market. You would truly enjoy increasing your vocabulary with this app. It is packed with helpful highlights and even word games, including a word of the day highlight. Nonetheless, Merriam-Webster Dictionary has ventured up their game. You can gain significantly more from its incorporated thesaurus, audio pronunciation, or example sentences.

The free form is loaded with apps while the $2.99 version isn’t. Besides its ads, the app is good generally speaking.

  • Vocabulary Quizzes
  • Integrated Thesaurus
  • Example Sentences
  • Audio Pronunciations
  • Search History

Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary is another famous name with regards to android dictionary apps. With more than 350,000 words, phrases, and 75,000 audio pronunciations, this app has a great catalog of words that can improve your vocabulary. It likewise gives you highlight designed to additional help you in your efforts. 

Its “Tap to Translate” highlight allows you to search up for meanings of words from other apps. You can likewise have a floating icon for the app so you can rapidly visit your dictionary at whatever point you need it. The app allows you to choose a font size or mark words as top picks too. You can also make a group of your favorite words or definitions in a folder.

  • Voice search 
  • Camera search 
  • Word of the day
  • Keyword lookup
  • Fuzzy filter
  • Wild card


With features of 285,000 words, phrases or, derived words, 225,000 definitions, 70,000 examples, Word Web is one of the biggest dictionary apps for Android. You can also filter your searches as indicated by Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, and others. 

It shows you definitions and equivalents as well as similar and related words. You can even choose regions to show synonyms, pronunciations, and related words, to that region. WordWeb likewise offers many other basic highlights, for example, word correction, word suggestion, font size, and so more. You can bookmark your searches for further reference.

  • Word correction
  • Words suggestions
  • Fast pattern-matching search
  • Filter search

Pocket Thesaurus

The Pocket Thesaurus isn’t only a basic app. It is a specific app that gives a more understanding of English words. As it gives 90,000 words, its great thesaurus includes a great number of synonyms of the word, as well. The app is best when utilized with another app; you can’t turn out badly with a dictionary and thesaurus app together! The app’s free version has ads but paid version does not. Overall, the two apps are great.

  • It covers 90,000 common words
  • Floating Thesaurus
  • Bookmark words
  • Search history
  • Pronunciation

English Dictionary

The English Dictionary is an excellent app for dictionary use that you can install from Google Play for nothing. It gives 239,000 words and that is more than you’ll most likely need. There is a shuffle highlight that offers you random words so you can increase your vocabulary. You can use the app without in-app highlights to buy and irritating ads. 

  • Text to speech 
  • Crossword help
  • Customize font size
  • Backup and restore configuration
  • Compatible with Moon+ Reader or FBReader

Hi Dictionary

Hi Dictionary is a language translator that allows you rapidly to translate your social media messages or some other content you’re mobile. Just drag its floating icon over the content and the app translates it to your required language. This app supports 108 languages with offline translation for 58 languages. 

This app is ideal for chatting in a language you can’t write, read, or speak. You can type your content in a language you know and Hi Dictionary translates it to your required language. It supports all famous social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger. You can, obviously, search up for word meaning on the app too. It sources the outcomes from Google Translate.

  • Supports 108 languages
  • Work with all major social media platforms

Last thoughts

When we read an article or study or even talk with peoples, we use different words or languages that are not familiar to us. Increase proficiency in any language or vocabulary is a time taking or demanding task. But our smart apps have easier it. Hope our above list helped you in searching for the right app and sure you’ll find these apps really useful to download, and you can use them at any time or anywhere.

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