Best Google Lens Alternatives for Android in 2021

Google Lens is the name of an AI-powered innovation that utilizes your phone camera and deep machine learning to not just identify an object in front of your camera, however, get this and offer actions, for example, translation, scanning, shopping, and so more.

It was probably the greatest declaration way back in 2017, yet it was a Google Pixel exclusive element when that phone dispatched. From that point, it has come to most Android gadgets, if you don’t have it; at that point, the app is accessible to download on Google Play.

What is Google Lens?

Its lets you point at something, for example, a specific plant, and afterward, ask Google Assistant what an object you’re pointing at is. You’ll not exclusively be told the appropriate response; however, you’ll get suggestions based on that object.

Different instances of what it can do incorporate having the option to take a photo of the SSID sticker on the back of a Wi-Fi router, after which your phone will consequently associate with the Wi-Fi network without you expecting to do whatever else. That’s right, no additionally crawling under the cabinet to read out the password while composing it in your phone. Now, with Google Lens, you can point anything or shoot.

 Well, there are many other apps that can assist you to do the same tasks on your Android. While some apps focus on only one object, others offer a lot more.


CamFind gives you many features that will make your searches more fun and gainful. 

In the first place, you can begin your search by picking a photograph from your Files or by snapping a picture with your camera. You can switch between a normal and a private search simply by swiping the camera screen to flip between modes. 

Furthermore, the app has a QR code scanning highlight that you can use according to your need. At the point when turned on, the app automatically finds QR codes and reports them as a URL. You may decide to visit the URL in-app or copy it. Also, you can empower barcode detection if you need it.

There are various features, the greater part of which you can only access by making an account. The app works like a social platform only for images. You can improve your search by survey others’ images which they had searched, you can posting your images on your profile. Additionally, you can also follow others follows and get your own followers,

What’s more, the apps show you pages according to your interest. The app permits you to bookmark search pictures you like, save them offline, and set visual updates. 

There’s additionally an adjustable Text-Reading highlight. In spite of the fact that you can’t choose the voice type, you can change the reading speed. At long last, the Buy-Similar element makes it simple to begin your shopping and find items easily across the web.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is a helpful app when you need to know the source of WhatsApp, Instagram, screenshots and so more. It is one more alternative that you can use in case you’re looking to get more data about a picture or want to confirm the source of photos, WhatsApp pictures, Instagram photographs, screenshots, and memes. Furthermore, this app utilizes Google’s features, so you can use all the accessible functions, including SafeSearch. 

According to your needs, you can also turn on its Safe Search Filter. You can also upload your image or drag and drop an image to search.  Furthermore; you can add an image URL to do a reverse image search.

The app also has a camera interface that allows you to click a picture prior to uploading it, making the cycle somewhat more consistent and instinctive. You can likewise share the pictures or your searched lists on social media, by means of messaging apps or through Bluetooth. Generally, it’s a very decent app that does what it promises and is definitely worth a try in case you’re searching for a Google Lens alternative on your Android.


By utilizing this app, you can search similar photos to ones you upload for. On the app’s home screen, you can use its search bar for snappy queries. It additionally has a filter highlight that allows you to limit search results or block unwanted substances. 

PictPicks likewise has a feature of Search by Image. This allows you to begin a search by either snapping a picture with your phone camera or choosing a picture from your gallery. The search results are generally pictures as well. Well, its search result page likewise permits you to visit picture sources, share, save, and use pictures in other apps. 

PictPicks has a high rating with more than 100,000 installs on the Play Store, and once you’ve used it for a while, it’s not difficult to know why. It has all the features you’d expect from Google Image Search, which means you can easily filter your images by type, size, color, time, and also turn on its SafeSearch if you don’t need to be bombarded with NSFW visuals.

In addition, it permits you to utilize the app incognito without keeping your activity log. It’s a great way when you need to remain under the radar. 

But the app shows ads, they don’t actually disturb you what you’re doing.

Search By Image

It is another best alternative for android. The interface of this app makes it the best point to start your product search. In this app, you have options on how to start to search your image. You can start it by picking up your photo from your gallery or taking a photo from your mobile camera, or sharing a photo from other different apps.

It has also an image editing tool you may find handy. Furthermore, from the settings, you can choose where to view your search results: using the in-app browser or in your phone’s browser. Also, you can customize a search engine.

If you like, with its Multi-Search feature you can get search results from various search engines. But, when this feature is on, you can only see results in-app.

This app has three content filtering levels and is set to the highest by default. However, it doesn’t have a quick word search feature.


This alternative is for plant lovers; however, the innovation the same as other apps. If you love your garden or simply have a couple of plants, you may find this Pictures app very helpful. 

By using this app, you can find plants by taking snappy photographs of them with your camera or by choosing plant pictures from your gallery. It has a brisk instructional exercise on the most proficient method to take photographs that meet the prerequisites. Also, the pictures you take are automatically saved to the My Collection page of the app. 

Something other than find plants, you can likewise deal with your plants when they’re sick by running analyses with photographs of them. Additionally, with its location turned on, you can easily find out plants close by. Plants you find are stuck to your area for different users to see, also. 

The app additionally has a gamified cycle for gifting its users. You can earn free plant distinguishing proof perks in the Feeling Lucky part of the app. 

If you paid for its premium version, you’ll get many apps features. Likewise, the app highlights significant substance on the best way to grow and support plants. You may think that it’s an extraordinary asset for planting tips or just when searching for a decent read. 


So, finally, we arrived at our conclusion. Google Lens has many great features, but it’s not the only app for you for the job. By using these best alternatives, you can focus on its features that you use most. They’re best for every person who needs to rely on Google tools less often. We have given you the best possible alternatives . Hope this will helps you according to your requirements. 

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