10 Best Mental Health Apps – Manage Your Mental Health Problems

Mental health is an essential part of your overall body health.  Lots of people are taking the steps to find the help they need to overcome anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders.

If you want any help related to managing your brain health, but can’t find a good therapist, there are many apps that you can use for guidance. Here you can get everything that guides you in a better way.

Research shows that about 90% of these apps users find increased confidence, motivation, and intention, about their mental health.

When you’re searching for the best apps, don’t use those apps that make outrageous claims. It’s ideal to utilize trustworthy sources of Apps. 

Additionally, ensure that the Apps depend on proof-based strategies, for example, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). It’s ideal to avoid unproven methods based Apps.

Calm Harm

The desire to self-hurt is a side effect that can happen across an assortment of mental issues, and it’s something numerous individuals try to discuss. Calm Harm furnishes clients an approach to adapt to these inclinations without judgment. 

The apps utilize the idea of “riding the wave”, giving you exercises or activities until the urge passes. These have recommendations for how to release the nervousness or disappointment causing the inclinations, giving comfort, and many other approaches to cope the pressure. 

Calm Harm doesn’t treat the basic reason for the inclinations, yet furnishes an approach to adapt to the overwhelming feelings that lead to self-hurt. 


In case you’re simply beginning your journey of coping with depression, Moodpath is a useful app that offers knowledge and self-observing ways. The app asks you inquiries about your mind-set and thought and provides you an assessment after two weeks. 

Your doctor or therapist would then be able to utilize these assessments to assist you with choosing the correct course of treatment. The following can likewise help you sort out possible triggers and understand pattern that arise over the long haul. 

The app likewise incorporates an assortment of free courses that assist you to understand depression, its causes, and how it influences your body and you thought pattern over time.


BetterHelp is a paid App that gives you answers of your mental necessities; the application will also connect you to a certified counselor. You can even determine inclinations for a counselor for example, gender or age so that you’re coordinated with somebody you’re alright with. 

A couple of advantages of the application incorporate the capacity to switch counselors in the event that you are discontent with your present one, just as determining the correspondence types you like, (for example, text, telephone, or video). 

The app requires a weekly membership expense, going from $40 to $70. The specific cost is controlled by various components, for example, whether you get low pay or if you have a disability.


NOCD is a free app for those people that want to connect with a community or best therapists.

A great benefit of the app is that it doesn’t only focus on the disorder, but its subtypes, its means that it gives you advice or suggestions according to symptoms that you are struggling with.

The app has a community feed, assisting you to know that you’re not alone in dealing with the mental issue. Moreover, you can also make a free call with a therapist to talk related to your exercises and treatment.


Therapeer is an emotional support app that allows you to connect with other peoples who have same mental disorders. You can get support or give support to other people.

This app has rooms in which you can offer advice to others on problems they’re facing. You can also make your own room to get support. Therapeer gives support for many mental disorders or it also matches you with peers who experiencing same mental health disorders.

However, the app does not connect you with therapists. Rather, it gives you a point to talk about your challenges or get support from peers.

MindShift CBT

MindShift CBT is an Anxiety Canada Association app that is totally free; to cope with anxiety symptoms it uses a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) method.

The app has lots of tools or the ability to check your progress over certain period of time. These tools are belief experiments, mood tracking, coping cards, and so more.

You can make tasks for yourself, like increasing your comfort zone or tackling a challenge.

Clear Fear

Clear Fear is a free app that assists you copes with anxiety or phobias. It is best for those people who are between 11 to 19 ages; anyone can use it who wants to know more about her anxiety.

The app has a lot of resources, like information of anxiety types or self-monitoring tools. You can even make a “Grit Box,” which consists on sets of affirmations or reminders to assist you when you feel defeated.

Its safety net tool gives you a list of activities that you set it for yourself when your anxiety is overwhelming, as well as people you can contact when distressed.


Rootd is an excellent app that assists you deals with symptom of anxiety. It’s not only focusing on anxiety but it also focuses on short-term or long-term relief from panic attacks or coping with panic disorder.

The app gives you important information on panic attacks or gives you the reason why they happen. It also has the Rootr tool, which you can use when you feel the start of a panic attack.

It has many other tools like breathing or meditation exercises to assist you to cope with the anxiety that leads to panic attacks. The app has its basic tools or information without any cost, but you need a subscription for further lessons.


Sanvello is a comprehensive app that assists clients cope with depression or nervousness by utilizing different tools to destroy thought traps and deceptions. The app has an assortment of approaches to bring to the table assistance, including guided contemplation, mood tracking, health propensity tracking, and CBT-based activities. 

The app basic version is free, with a premium membership accessible. 


Headspace is a care or meditation Apps pointed toward assisting clients with managing pressure, sleep deprivation, and uneasiness. It isn’t mainly focused on individuals managing mental problems. Or maybe, it’s about mental health. 

Its guided meditation can be helpful in managing certain indications of anxiety or depression, for example, sleep deprivation. 

If meditation assists you with your side effects, then this Headspace can be helpful for you. The application gives a specific number of free meditations, with extra choices accessible with membership.

Final thoughts

Above mentioned apps are great tools that can be used through your smartphone or mobile device that focus on improving various aspects of your mental problems. Such tools may assist in a great range of areas related to mental including relaxation, sleep or stress. They may also provide self-monitoring tools, therapeutic exercises, and access to treatment by the best mental health professionals.

These are not only meant to give therapy, but these also provide supplements. If you or your loved one is suffering mental issues, you can talk with your doctor.

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